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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2y8Sx4B2Sk noun, plural hypocrisies. 1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess. 2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude. 3. an act or instance of hypocrisy. Please tell me how balancing a combat triangle when there was a notable lack of power pre-surge spells to all corners of combat is somehow a falsely superior position to not wanting to imbalance the economy by artificially pumping the value of items up in the current climate of how drops are structured and have been structured for all of Runescape's lifetime. If you have an actual argument to make for the concept then make it. If you can't even bother to debate your idea without resorting to points completely unrelated to your original premise, then you likely don't have a good idea to begin with. And guess what? This is not a good idea.
  2. Huh. You can get prawn balls even if you don't have a aquarium. That's weird.
  3. It grabs me as basic shit that should've been in the main release. Seriously how badly did the development for this content go that they had to cut this feature to meet the release schedule deadline? I refuse to believe that it never occured to them to include it in the beginning. They're overworked for their budgeted hours, not moronic. And I do recognize the difference. C'monnnnn. One or two show up at a time at fishing spots, but there are so many 'legit' offers that they're pushed out pretty quickly.
  4. God forbid a cape representing game completion has requirements for completing every aspect of the game. I completely agree that the balance of RNG elements versus reliable game content is the ugly and archaic problem of MMOs in a modern gaming landscape. Jagex does need to address how they balance this, and Runescape's direction as a whole, in order to ensure Runescape's profitable existence down the road. ...But it makes very little sense to complain about completionist requirements being in every aspect of new content (AKA NEW THINGS TO COMPLETE HERP) given the nature of the achievement. Well, in that case I should have stuck to my original decision on not reading the first post. If you're not even going to bother reading the thread then feel free to extend that attitude to not posting as well because you're not contributing anything meaningful to the discussion.
  5. No it wouldn't, how can it bypass your radar that I suggested that a difficult quest would be required for that spell? If you do not understand how a basic economy functions I'd simply skip trying to prove/disprove the effect it would have and simply go with pushing the concept instead. That said we really do not need another version of the alchemy spell.
  6. A player votes, a bot kills blue dragons. *punches in the face* A PLAYER VOTES *punches* A BOT KILLS BLUE DRAGONS
  7. They do not do the same thing. And understanding why they are different is critical in understanding the situation as a whole.
  8. Because making a post legible is such a gross abuse of power. Right. This week doesn't interest me, but I'm not bothered. We'll soon hit the "summer" month range which is when they'll push out the good stuff. E: Wait I just remembered that I am bothered about how absolutely stupid the exp cashin penalties are, the fact that vic's function was gimped when it was already gimped to begin with, the fact that they have the temerity to act like "oh we're putting shbs on minigame months we're so invested in our players" while other TH rewards would be "too damaging" in an uncontrolled market what, and many other things. Bite me, Jagex. I want to love your game. I want to put funds towards your game. Yet you consistently make piece of shit after piece of shit decision with a smile on your face.
  9. I used skype nearly the entire time I was on staff. I had no issues. I took my security seriously, took the necessary precautions, and never had an issue with being compromised via skype. Instant communication is vital to the training process and work schedule of a team like this. Provided you are smart with your security, using skype will not be the make-or-break of your overall well-being. I can assure you there are educated team members on the crew who can clear up your misconceptions & set you on the right path. :)
  10. Sometimes the chains they merge into will still honor the warranties offered by the old store. Aside from that, if you recently purchased it there's like a limited manufacturer warranty still in play. Explore those avenues first and see what it will cost you to go through these channels before dropping it off at a repair shop. Be a smart consumer.
  11. That's all right. I'm not looking for balls-to-the-wall cheesing anyway. >_> Just a small 3-5 group of people who want to give it a shot. Frankly, I'd rather play with new players anyway! I'm not exactly the most experienced GM yet. >_>
  12. This is a smart move. More importantly, it's a critical step in working with the researchers and explorers of today's community who may not want to bother with such tedious book-work. Both steps are vital, but the experts always seem to be in short supply versus those willing to do grunt work! Good luck to all those who apply. Your help is vital to keeping a vibrant Runescape community, no matter where you publish it...but Tip.it has the coders and the talented behind-the-scenes players to give your specialized work that edge it needs to reach people. Definitely consider it.
  13. I'll be the GM unless someone else REALLY REALLY wants to. A friend has generously allowed me to use his teamspeak server too. We can use roll20 to coordinate. Thoughts?
  14. To be brief, a change to a longer update schedule has the best chance of benefiting players. As it is now, we are stuck in a situation that can't be remedied.
  15. He simply equipped a new plate that changed his type. :) Good job Arceus. Good luck in your position. Structure helps a lot and you have the persistence to pull it off.
  16. You need more testing before your claims have any validity. The only thing shocking about your results is that you feel they're conclusive. >_> Sorry to be so harsh but it feels like you only did this for click-bait value on your youtube channel rather than actually helping the community at large.
  17. i like how you've streamlined the overall process. Im surprised he's not more irate. I guess he's learned how to properly titrate his feelings when irate I will kill you
  18. That's something I completely failed to consider and is far more likely. Very good point.
  19. The idea of doing a quest speedrun is okay, but the fact that the rhetoric used to explain it is that it's supposed to be a competition for everyone doesn't make sense when not everyone can participate. It doesn't mean there'd be no complaining if they simply explained it as a newbie account quest speed run challenge, but it hardly incentivizes people to do quests like they're claiming nor is it a fair challenge. plus then it'd be crystal clear that they're just using it as a way to make people create new accounts to get another month's worth of membership from them and boy, can't have that
  20. This is a project you can perhaps ask the staff if they want to do for the upcoming runefest. There's usually at least 1-3 tip.iters who go to runefest, staff included. Have a site contest to write a short script. Ask the community who is attending if they'll re-enact it (poorly). Record using a potato phone or camera. Edit crappily in Windows Movie Maker. Submit to Jmods post-runefest. Enjoy the karma fame groans and eye-rolls.
  21. Jesus christ no, there does not need to be a live-action film.
  22. Really? People mostly complain because they cannot handle change, let it sink in for a few weeks and ask them again :P Better to allow a toggle than force low-detail players to play with construction paper capes, which is still quite a large portion due to how poorly the game can run on mid-level models.
  23. No and i don't plan on it!... Until now. Yep... Guess you win them throughout the year. I guess whinescape won over IVP. If you think this wasn't a calculated cash grab driven by IVP, the MTX Kings, then I admire your naivety.
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