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  1. You can make up to 2k normal potions in an hour. If you use a yak I'd guess those loads can be done in 45 min. Load the yak with torstols and withdraw them as needed. This allows for an extra overload per inventory
  2. One of the main reasons why this topic was posted was to clarify whether or not the bonuses stack. This is the help and advice forum and the OP came here to get help. The rest of us should be here to give useful advice to the OP and promote a helpful community environment, not make him feel stupid. The sticky may actually be a good idea, jagex has this posted on their site but what does and does not work with bonus exp weekend is on a separate link. I think the frequency of the question asked stems from this. OT: train herblore until you have a 1.1 multiplier, use up all of charms, then go back to herblore until the weekend is over. Either the best possible or the most cost efficient. You can check grimys spreadsheets for which potion is most cost efficient. The xp multiplier from BXPW will not change the most efficient way to train as all methods will gain the same boost. I personally used anti fires to 81, saradomin brews through 95, and have then prepared 1k extreme sets + 1k torstols to use over the BXPW. make sure that you have bought the dungeoneering reward scroll for herblore. I always bought unfinished potions instead of WFV and herbs.
  3. manage thy kingdom, flip some popular items every time you pass through the grand exchange. If pvm is your method of choice (it's mine as well), and one boss is becoming frustrating then swap bosses. When I was taking breaks from gwd I'd usually go to revenants. easy, no kill count, low risk, up to 40m drops. I'd always make 2m within an hour or two of going, and usually get a drop worth upwards of 2m. give it a shot (:
  4. therefore use a uni scroll or drink brew/ eat rocktail at the same time as you do damage so attack speed is unimpeded and/or eat to full hp before beginning the kill.
  5. in an anticrash/crash situation you get about 2 hits on graar before he dies. 1 claw spec 1 maul hit. during that time the max damage the tank can take is 600 damage, from 2 max hit ranged attacks from graar. Even in the worst case scenario death is avoidable. Tanking doesnt impede dps.
  6. we recommend it because wearing full melee gear that is the main source of damage that you'll be taking. Bandos dhide top would allow you to get the extra strength boost from the dragon boots and at the same time protect vs the minion. you can get by with torags, and there's nothing wrong with it ( I wear full bandos when i go instead of tassies and a dhide top) but you will reduce damage taken with a dhide top. Also for a crashing situation remember void > barrows. without extremes/turmoil that extra damage from void will do you well.
  7. Neit helm D hide body veracs skirt dragon boots barrows gloves Fire cape > soul wars > skill cape Chaotic maul and rapier dragon defender amulet of fury > glory Neit helm gives a strength bonus. This is recommended over a barrows helm because you friend is tanking the melee damage and you are praying range. this means the only forms of damage you'll be taking are the magic and melee minion. The neitz provies 0 magical defence + a strength bonus, whereas veracs helm costs about 2m, gives -6 magic defence, and no strength bonus. both helms provide a +3 prayer bonus. Your body and legs are interchangable depending on costs. You may wish to buy karils legs and use a torags top; conversely you can use a karils top and torags legs ( I think karils top is 5m, so if you'd like to use karils as one piece use the skirt). If you do not wish to use any karils, dhide is acceptable. The magical defence provided by the dhide will help defend against the magical attacks from the minions, and the melee barrows piece provides defence against the melee minion. Dragon boots are really the only option for boots. Use the highest gloves you can, barrows being the best. The fire cape provides offensive bonuses and defensive bonuses superior to the soul wars cape. If you feel that prayer will be an issue while fighting then take the blue/red cape instead. Take both your chaotic maul and the rapier. The maul provides high accuracy vs the big guy, while the rapier is better suited for the lower defence of the minions. Obviously use claw specs only on graar. Your should bring a dragon defender to aid in killing the minions. The amulet of fury gives superior defensive, strength, and prayer bonus in comparison to the glory. Both give +10 to all attack stats. A glory is a suitable replacement for the fury. The above setup is optimal for an extended trip and focuses on defense. If you are going to be in a lootshare enabled world, chances are very likely that you will be crashed. With that in mind, it would be best to wear void to maximize your damage output. Death should not be a fear- if your friend is any good at tanking the trip will go smoothly and you will hardly be put in any sort of danger. Should you die your partner will bless you, and you will be able to return to your gravestone within 15 minutes.
  8. A cool concept but it makes the idea difficult to believe if you don't have any clips of this actually working.
  9. 1k extreme sets and torstols + 60k red china banked. 99 ranged / herb ftw :D
  10. Lol everybody has one. That seems a little self centered.
  11. Well if you don't plan your stats well the odds are out of your favor, but if you have stats more suitable for the kind of staking you are doing the odds are in your favor. It's not possible for two opponents to both have a less than 50% chance of winning.
  12. It's afk half the time. While burning the roots you can leave and come back a minute later. It's just like cooking. To gather the roots you need to be paying attention. Im finishing off 99 fm there now- it's free exp and less click intensive. I would've used yews anyways to 99 and this offers a comparable xp rate.
  13. I think about outdated sites like the wiki. Trust for the basics but there will be more as you advance. I admit I was wrong in this situation but a lot of work went into sals and I think that should be respected.
  14. I don't think that means the map of the safespots outdated. Just bc the guide doesn't list armadyl doesn't mean the dungeon has been redone by haves since the making of the guide. While sals is outdated it still contains alot of valuable information, especially for newer players.
  15. I would go construction>crafting>herblore>hunt>thiev This is because con is expensive and you are looking at the biggest level gain- get it done first so you make the most of the bonus experience. Do crafting next because it's also buyable and has a big level jump. (14 levels = 4x your current xp) herblore is next because it is buyable Hunter is next because of the 2 non buyables it's experience rate is the slowest theiving has a high xp rate and is non buyable. do this last. as for methods.... I'd use a higher level plank than oak. YOu want construction out of the way fast so you have a big multiplier for craft/herb Crafting- get 57 before the weekend (use bowstrings if you are tight on funds) and buy green dragonhide to craft. If you have excess cash buy blue dragonhide for 66-70. Super strengths will be fine. theyre you're highest level potion. Hunter- Falconry maybe...? I'm not entirely sure so I'd look that one up. Thieving- black jack for sure. You should be able to accomplish all of this with time to spare to work on extra skills. I'll try to answer any other questions you have.
  16. Why are the links youtu.be instead of youtube.com....? not clicking the links sorry.
  17. I think armoured zombies are going to be one of the fastest methods for melee xp (theyre at the chaos altar in the wilderness) Your third bind is fine atm. Do you not use a melee weapon...? the tip.it clan for dungeoneers reccommends a platebody bind over blood neck if you key more than 75% of the time. I'd get turmoil first, it's usable in virtually every situation and free to use.
  18. interesting (: was nice dungeoning with you and good luck in the future :D:D:D
  19. I disagree. Claws have been steadily declining ever since free trade came back. I've heard it attributed to new methods of killing them (woox16's lure and the handcannon, barraging in virtus) etc etc.
  20. Thanks. I'm using a rapier with defender which I obviosuly equip with darklight aswell. Spec weapon is claws. Luring is tricky indeed, I'm getting the hang of it though :). This is the lure that I use when I kill td's. Credit to woox16 for the guide. You will at some points have 3 demons on you at once, but it's easy to get them off if you don't panic (:
  21. If he's using Void on the second form why not use void on the first as well? Bandos plate and deflector or full elite void with a maul and swap to acp/deflector for second form. I'd probably go full elite void for the first form because you still get the melee bonuses for claw special+ added accuracy from the defender.
  22. Not very long. and along the way you'll gain some combat experience. My apologies for forgetting that the dfs requires 75 defence
  23. In terms of defence bonus you're looking to upgrade to a dragonfire shield, however most people don't use this. You'll find that for most tasks torags provides more than enough defence- so you're better off going to the warriors guild and stocking up on rune or dragon defenders. They have I believe a +19 slash attack bonus, which will increase your accuracy further. It also carries a strength bonus.
  24. 5 minutes of making fire runes is like 5000 essence crafted - you don't have enough csb charge to use them all up. As All is Great said, drops should provide most of your runes. As a keyer, you aren't around gds as much so emp fire might be worth it, but even water surge +30% damage maxes above fire surge +10% damage (312 vs 308). This is where I point and laugh. First of all, I have closer to the OP's stats than anyone else here and probably do more maging in-dungeon (though I haven't done dung in a while) than anyone else here. Second of all, anyone who says you can get through a dungeon mostly maging by picking up runes along the way simply doesn't know what they're talking about. All of the surge spells, sans air surge, require 10 elemental runes of some kind (either water, earth or fire). That means a mere five casts of any non-wind surge surge spell is going to cost you fifty elemental runes. Even assuming you kill everything in a mere five casts-- an absurd assumption-- and your party members give you every elemental rune drop-- a waste of time for them to do-- you're not going to find enough runes to cover the amount of runes you lose casting. Period. You WILL run out of elemental runes, and then you will either have to make more or you will be relegated to using wind surge, which brings me to my next point. 225 fire surges is 2,250 fire runes. Assuming you get three fire runes per essence (thirty fires per 10 essence), that's 750 essence you have to buy. At 50 coins each, that's 37.5K. Depending on the map, you can find that either within seconds of starting the dungeon via a gratuitous drop or a locked chest, or it can take you five minutes of searching or more. Now, assuming it takes you three minutes to find 37.5K, it'lll take you another one to two minutes to craft those essence into runes. That's time lost making runes that you could have spent being some kind of help to your team. You craft 10 essence per game tick. To use craft 750 essence into fire runes would take 75 game ticks or 45 seconds. Please stop making [cabbage] up. You are going to spend -at the very most- 45 seconds making fire runes. ahh logic how i love thee
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