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  1. Run laws or snape grass. For snape grass just start fremmy trials (no reqs needed) and use peer the seer to bank. Drop cash when using peer the seer to bank so you can keep going to waterbirth and repeat. Should get you 500+ grass/hr. both methods are 100k+/hr with no reqs
  2. Donnie

    MBTI Thread

    INTP here. Seems INTJs are common here
  3. I was assuming you cooked your food
  4. Bolts were from slayer points so doubt any are craftable yet
  5. Afkers will probably max out first and most people dont care. I know I dont.
  6. Thank you for volunteering Jebrim :lol:
  7. Go to nardah an id 1 of each stack and determine if youd make more selling the good ones at market value or selling as unids
  8. Theres at least lava battlestaves and yes shilo gem mines
  9. They shouldve made it so you can CHOOSE which emote options you wanted but good update all around
  10. Thanks for the vid but people have already posted vids here about this. Also this method gets bad very quickly unless you have a way of lowering your agility level
  11. late 04 or early 05 from a friend
  12. The normies all sit on facebook for 6+ hours a day. If you limited your playtime to just 3 hours a day you would be even more social then the average joe, let alone the average scaper
  13. I want an authentic 07 server. No change no matter how small no matter how beneficial. The only differences being the player base, which is 90% how it was back in the day
  14. No across the board as well. Judging by the results it seems im a minority
  15. varrock shop and mage guild to my knowledge. But yes they are annoying to get in bulk
  16. karamja gloves are out in this version so it may not be so bad
  17. Even if 07scape was to die off I would play till it died off and quit RS. Nothing will bring me back to eocscape, I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  18. Maybe its just me but it feels the same as 07. I loved 07, bots, scammers, lurers and [wagon] included. The gameplay is what i missed, and the community is what I missed too. I'm not sure what people imagined it would be, but to me it is 100% the same as I remembered.
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