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  1. Watch football and play soccer is common
  2. Title explains all I prefer football myself since im a American (and its like our national sport) but i do enjoy some soccer and hockey
  3. Add skills up and everything and gp i would approx 300mish -400
  4. Selling account is rule breaking and itll end up to some scam/bot prod But on topic ill sell for a couple grand It has some solomons items all comp cape reqs but 99/120 dung (in 80 atleast) Old holiday items (i) rings chaotic good house and bank and lotta other trimmed comp cape stuff/items Probs for a couple grand
  5. Used mt darts on a qbd 2 double jad wave and final wave of fight kiln Them comp cape reqs > small chance for nex items
  6. Someone who doesnt cheat gamble scam And enjoys the game
  7. do all easy then meds and work your way up
  8. Need help deciding should i get a pc or mac for school work, filming, and maybe gaming RS on my Desktop in case your wondering.
  9. official Rs thinks 80+ is elite/high whatever but personally about 90 for me is high. thats half of 99 xp wise
  10. 1m xp like a mad may necklace compensates for bonus xp in my eyes spins and costumes are meh in my eyes but the powerful item is what concerns everyone
  11. Best - Dungeoneering :P Worst - Lyetta/Wilderness
  12. Remove BUYABLE SoF and it will be great. Buyign cosmetics is not a big problem
  13. Best one is the Gol Gloves Lowers stats randomly and best DPS At your level maul/gloves dont seem possible (not judging) So i recomend Sara sword or Godsword on crush Preferring BGS
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