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  1. This is a 2006 picture :) The only old one I have left.
  2. Nice! it's been a while since i've been there :)
  3. Beach party! :D Unlocked some rewards already.
  4. The only use I see for warpriest armours are DKs, basically.
  5. Because it takes too much factors on like: - Rooms opened (or not) - Deaths - Level
  6. Some people use wallpapers on forums, it's kinda weird. I'm yet to see one here on TI.
  7. Different! hahahah Nice job.
  8. Lure and kill the healers, they are easy to kill. Use full ganodermic and pray range. No problems.
  9. Level based gear, that's why.
  10. It's worth it, specially if you can't get Nex stuff.
  11. Agility is always a good pick, one of the slowest skills ever...
  12. what game is this Some day, someone will say the same thing about pre-EoC screenshots. Indeed, this screenshot was taken back in 2006 xD
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