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  1. Probably best to just stick with proselyte body instead of torso. Need all of the prayer bonus you can get, or else inventory space for potions begins to play a part on longer tasks. Especially when you use overhead prayers, like on spectres.
  2. There isn't a reason for people to gather in EoC. It's all but a single-player game. Plus, there are about half as many worlds. There are about 2.5-3x as many people on the live game than Old School. So, no, the number of people playing Old School is significantly lower. Maybe there'd be better luck in the number of people who prefer EoC to non-EoC, because some people put up with EoC just because they have to in order to play the live game.
  3. Has allowed people to shit in GP whilst doing AFKables (mostly Ivy), which takes the money making element of it all down a lot. There was also Alkan and possibly others who seem to have all but quit (well, Alkan appears to be on the return) which took a big toll on the ranks whilst also allowing people to gain a "lead" they would've otherwise been chasing. [naivety] How is '07 allowing people to make so much money? Multi-logging and selling 07gp for EOCgp while afking on their main? [/naivety] A primitive money-making method in Old School like killing dragons for 400k gp/hr or so would come out to be 7-8M/hr in EoC even at current exchange rates, so really it's the best money-making method that doesn't require a large amount of capital. As early as two months ago, making 1M/hr in Old School wasn't that difficult if you knew what to do (and did it differently than everyone else, AKA not Slayer). And yeah some people multi-log it, but they don't have to in order to be more productive than actually playing EoC. I don't know about people in the race for 200M all skills, but definitely among the top 1000 overall players there are a a number of people who do.
  4. I like things where there's almost "no limit" on how fast you can do them except the speed at which you can accurately click. There should have always existed a toggle for Do X.
  5. Fletching magic longbows? \:D/
  6. If you haven't done The Dig Site, Shades of Mort'ton, or Zogre Flesh Eaters, those are good quests to start with. Once you hit 25, you could do Heroes Quest for a little more XP. At lvl 31, you can do Eadgar's Ruse for 11k XP. If you have the Farming/jungle cleanup requirements, you could then do My Arm's Big Adventure for another 10k xp. If you need anything past that, prayer potions are very fluid to make and sell.
  7. There aren't really "new players to RS" though. Even with the EoC and before Old School, it's the people continually playing who even allow the live game to stay alive. And the biggest factor for keeping people playing is having friends who play.
  8. I'm glad you brought up the combat triangle. While before EoC there wasn't exactly a "triangle", that doesn't mean you didn't adapt to what your opponent was using at the given time. To have a good shot at downing your opponent, it was imperative that you bring at least two different styles or weapons. Your opponent is in ganodermic? Use ranged or a rapier. He puts on torag's instead? Use ice barrage, storm of armadyl, or what have you. Constantly switching between two styles. Even in F2P fights (what my clan does), a huge focus on switching styles and optimizing each style without forfeiting too much inventory space or defense. I.E. conscious decision: opponent is wearing green d'hide body, is it worth it to switch to melee? Should I use tome of frost and reduce my defense in robes from +100 to +50 in exchange for ~+15 more magic bonus, or will that get me KO'd before getting rune on? etc. Post-EoC, F2P fights were just "have X rangers, Y mages, and Z melee", now attack the enemy. Not necessarily Melee>Ranged>Mage>Melee, but a much more complex and interesting possibilities (I.E. what do you do if your opponent is wearing a ganodermic top and bandos tassets?). That's exactly the same as an EoC PvP fight if protection prayers are used. If overhead prayers aren't used in EoC, that doesn't exist (unless you count switching to melee for one hit to use Smash to knock down their protection prayer). You've probably heard at some point since the release of EoC that "hybriding is dead". And for people who fight without protection prayers, that is definitely true. I'd even argue that there's less of a balance in EoC PvP. The accuracy penalties of wearing the wrong body or legs is trivial, especially when everybody is using lvl 80-90 weapons and lvl 60-70 armor, due to cost, because you can protect item on weapon, but if you lose a nex piece of armor it's devastating. Add to that you can already boost your other defenses without any accuracy penalty with your gloves, boots, and helm. You can use whatever weapon you want, no matter what armor you're wearing. I've done it, many times. Add on to all of that the fact that the styles aren't completely balanced. Ranged with zaryte bow or royal crossbow is leaps and bounds ahead of any other style, because of Binding Shot and Rapid Fire used together. Melee primarily used for Smash if enemy is using protection prayers. Magic is only for teleblock if you can range and melee. And all you do to switch styles is switch your weapon and action bar. All styles have adequate "defense" against any other style by using Freedom and Anticipation. In a nutshell, you used to switch armor + weapons according to what your enemy was using. Now you switch weapon and action bar according to what your enemy is protecting against. It's still the same amount of concentration and engagement in the combat, but it's a completely new way of going about combat. That's what people don't like. And you're right in that Old School has problems, too. Old School reeks of melee-based combat. Pre-EoC was much better at delivering engaging combat, which is one of the millions of reasons I preferred it, but players would rather settle for slow-paced combat than completely new combat. Edit: I didn't touch on it, and I probably should have, but switching styles constantly in non-EoC requires many accurate clicks, where EoC abilities do not. Accurate and quick clicking indeed is "skill". Rather than having to go to the spellbook, click on Bind or Ice Barrage or whatever, and then click on the enemy all within a split second, you can instead just press a button your finger is already on to do the whole thing. I don't know if that's a good explanation, but I'm putting it out there as a dynamic.
  9. The birth of the Evolution of Combat was the death of RuneScape. I, along with many other players, won't return to the live version of the game upon "quitting" Old School.
  10. If you have Visual Studio or anything else that can run C++, here is code which simulates killing monsters with two different weapons. The stats of the weapons are entered at the top, the space after the MAX_HIT, WEAPON_SPEED, etc. For the max hits, just type their respective maximum hit afterwards For the speeds, give the speed in seconds (scimitar is 2.4, dharok's greataxe is 4.2) For the accuracy, if you know the defense value and armor value of the enemy, you can fill out this copy of my DPS spreadsheet and find the accuracy in cells K40 to K42. Enter it out of 100, so if it's 75% accuracy, put 75. If you have no idea, put 100. For the monster, life points is obviously its maximum life points. And NUM_MONSTERS is how many you want it to simulate killing. The higher number, the more accurate your result will be. It's currently set to 1 million, which takes about 10 seconds on my 2.4 GHz processor. [hide] #include <iostream> #include <random> #include <Windows.h> //Weapon 1 #define MAX_HIT_1 80 #define WEAPON_SPEED_1 4.2 #define ACCURACY_1 75 //Weapon 2 #define MAX_HIT_2 40 #define WEAPON_SPEED_2 2.4 #define ACCURACY_2 75 //Monster #define LIFE_POINTS 150 #define NUM_MONSTERS 1000000 using namespace std; long long kill_monster(long long max, long double accuracy) { long long damage = 0, numHits = 0; mt19937 twister(GetTickCount()); while (damage < LIFE_POINTS) { long double roll = twister() % 10000 + 1; if (roll <= accuracy * 100) damage += twister() % max + 1; numHits++; } return numHits; } int main(void) { long long hits_w1 = 0, hits_w2 = 0; long long speed_w1 = 5 * WEAPON_SPEED_1, speed_w2 = 5 * WEAPON_SPEED_2; for (long long i = 0; i < NUM_MONSTERS; i++) hits_w1 += kill_monster(MAX_HIT_1, ACCURACY_1); for (long long i = 0; i < NUM_MONSTERS; i++) hits_w2 += kill_monster(MAX_HIT_2, ACCURACY_2); cout << "Killed " << NUM_MONSTERS << " monsters in " << hits_w1 << " hits with Weapon 1." << endl << "It took " << (hits_w1 * speed_w1) / 5 << " seconds." << endl; cout << "That is " << (long double)hits_w1 / (long double)NUM_MONSTERS << " hits per kill or " << ((long double)(hits_w1 * speed_w1) / 5) / (long double)NUM_MONSTERS << " seconds per kill." << endl; cout << endl; cout << "Killed " << NUM_MONSTERS << " monsters in " << hits_w2 << " hits with Weapon 2." << endl << "It took " << (hits_w2 * speed_w2) / 5 << " seconds." << endl; cout << "That is " << (long double)hits_w2 / (long double)NUM_MONSTERS << " hits per kill or " << ((long double)(hits_w2 * speed_w2) / 5) / (long double)NUM_MONSTERS << " seconds per kill." << endl; cout << endl; cout << "Weapon " << ((hits_w1 * speed_w1) <= (hits_w2 * speed_w2) ? "1" : "2") << " was " << ((hits_w1 * speed_w1) <= (hits_w2 * speed_w2) ? (long double)(hits_w2 * speed_w2)/(long double)(hits_w1 * speed_w1) : (long double)(hits_w1 * speed_w1)/(long double)(hits_w2 * speed_w2)) << " times better or " << ((hits_w1 * speed_w1) <= (hits_w2 * speed_w2) ? 100 * ((long double)(hits_w2 * speed_w2)/(long double)(hits_w1 * speed_w1) - 1) : 100 * ((long double)(hits_w1 * speed_w1)/(long double)(hits_w2 * speed_w2) - 1)) << "\% better than Weapon " << ((hits_w1 * speed_w1) <= (hits_w2 * speed_w2) ? "2." : "1.") << endl; }[/hide] If you can't do that, you can use Thai Guy's code in C and post it into http://www.codepad.org : [hide] #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int GetRand(int min, int max); int main(void) { int hit, hits=0, kills, numberkills, life; numberkills=1000000; for (kills = 0; kills < numberkills; kills++) { life=710; /*monster's life points*/ while(life>0){ hit = GetRand(161, 484); /*Min and max hits*/ hits++; life= life-hit;} } printf("total hits %d for %d kills\n", hits, numberkills); return(0); } int GetRand(int min, int max) { static int Init = 0; int rc; if (Init == 0) { /* * As Init is static, it will remember it's value between * function calls. We only want srand() run once, so this * is a simple way to ensure that happens. */ srand(time(NULL)); Init = 1; } /* * Formula: * rand() % N <- To get a number between 0 - N-1 * Then add the result to min, giving you * a random number between min - max. */ rc = (rand() % (max - min + 1) + min); return (rc); }[/hide] His only (in its current form) allows you to do one weapon at a time, doesn't adjust for speed, is less "random", etc. But it still works. JUST AS A NOTE: Since the values are incredibly random, there is a large deviation. You'll probably want to run it several times.
  11. The theory is that the cannon simply has the maximum accuracy roll as the style you are currently using. So, when meleeing, it would supposedly use EA * (1 + Style/64) where EA = effective attack level and Style = your stab, slash, or crush bonus (whatever is currently in use). The same idea would apply for ranged. It sounds like she ranged while cannoning, so that would be the expected result. I haven't personally done any extensive testing, and it would be hard to without being able to get -64 Ranged attack bonus (guarantees 0% accuracy from anything roll based on ranged bonus).
  12. Doesn't cannon accuracy use the same formula for attack roll as your current style/weapon? So ranged level wouldn't effect it?
  13. Rach stopped updating her virtual high scores thread about 5 months ago. So if that is what you're talking about, it's not even possible with access. :P This site doesn't sort by virtual level, but it does display virtual levels if you look at someone's stats. Otherwise, I'm not sure what you're looking for exists. http://www.indecentcode.com/hs/
  14. We didn't get 500k votes, but they did add BotWatch. BotWatch doesn't just start banning bots. It isn't a system which simply "has" a profile for what to look for in a bot. It gets built through a heatmap of player reports. If a ton of bots get reported at East Varrock mining essence, it can build a profile from that and ban accounts with that same exact behavior.
  15. Ha, it's hard for me to imagine a new player to RuneScape at all 8-)
  16. If we're talking about efficiency of PKing (assuming the goal is making money), Edgeville is irrelevant. That sort of "one item rushing after a death match" really only exists in Edgeville. The efficient thing to do would be luring single to multi with a team, probably at east dragons. One successful kill and you'll have already matched whatever DDS kills you might have been able to get in Edgeville. I mean, people don't even teleblock in Edgeville. You could teletab to house, use glory back to Edgeville, fill up with food and go loot before it appears for anyone else. It really should not be an issue.
  17. To answer the fire runes issue, it sells for 1gp for the first rune (maybe first 10) and then it goes to 0gp. This is with wearing the gloves.
  18. Not even true because if you were doing that you'd rely on spec weapons (that are better in every way with strength gear) or range anyway. Not necessarily, since in W6 bandos, you had time for 1 hit...that's it. That's all you had. Accuracy was much more important as a result. No one ranging got any bandos kills in w6 However, Dragon Claws special was the single most accurate attack in the entire game :P
  19. All it does is remove 20% of the blank slots in the Rare Drop Table.
  20. Ah, I see. I didn't know what values it should be exactly so I didn't bother playing around much. :P
  21. Void should be better, especially on low level enemies To answer your question, Void is calculated at a different time than Salve Amulet (e). Void is used in the calculation of your effective level, whereas Salve Amulet or Black Mask is used as a multiplier when calculating your accuracy roll. If you want to check for yourself and play around with values, here's a copy of a prototype DPS spreadsheet I made https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aoh7dk208QArdGNEeUtfMEpUdEozbkFLU2NxdTRFWnc#gid=0
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