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  1. Those buttons on your laptop generally require you to install some piece of software, so installing that should solve your problem. To manually enable your network adapter: Start menu > type 'view network connections' and press enter. This will open a screen which lists all of your network adapters. Simply right click the wireless adapter and click enable.
  2. WC Ftw :thumbsup: the HK3 is the best 1366 block around atm, so good choice there. microres, cheap, doesnt look like much, but it gets the job done ^^ For fans, I can suggest Gentle Typhoons, they seem to be the best silent fans around at the moment. If you intend to get multiple graphics cards and OC+WC them aswell, you should realise thats probably not going to work all that well on a single MRC320. Atleast use push-pull fans if you are going to hook up multiple graphics cards.
  3. Looks like a great build. The only thing I might change is the motherboard. If you upgrade to tri-sli 295's your going to have only 4 lanes for the last card, which is a bit low. Oh and if your going to go insane on the tri-sli, go for tri-sli Asus Mars instead xD Heavily OC'ed tri-sli 295's and i7? I dont think 1000w is overkill at all. Mind you, PSU's run most efficiently at around 80% of their maximum. I'm currently running my i7 920 at 4.0ghz (211x19). Compared to stock my computer now uses ~150 watts extra, you can expect similar increases on the 295 OC'ing. I think if anything, the 1000w is too low. RAID0 is great for performance, and hes using non-raid hard drives for storage. No problem there either. I do agree with the no DVI on the monitor, that sucks. (assuming its true, I havent checked)
  4. I think your out of luck then. I meant switch to the fixed window since that turns off most of the new graphics.
  5. Are you using high or low detail RS? If your using high, switching to low should help. If your using low, turn off the new graphics in the graphics window.
  6. Every program you use will return the same thing, as ATI/AMD simply doesnt specify.
  7. The only difference between the two is the connections. The 3450 has a VGA/DSUB connector (blue, three rows of five holes) and the 3470 has a DVI connector (white, three rows of eight holes, and a cross shaped hole next to them.)
  8. It works, the only requirement for RS is sun java. So just make sure you have SUN java installed, and not another version. (my opensuse installed another java by default, which doesnt work with RS)
  9. You'd be surprised how often people use others' wifi. Usually for shady purposes. But its your choice, glad you got it working again.
  10. You probably reset it instead of just restarting, or the router doesnt remember its settings when it restarts. Either way, you need to go to your routers control panel and set up the security again. By the way: Dont use WEP since it takes about 5 minutes to crack.
  11. I dont know about that program, but I use sharepod. Also moves music from your ipod to the computer, and it imports it into your itunes list aswell. And (virus)free. http://www.getsharepod.com/download/
  12. My normal computer I shut down every night. My file/download server currently has an uptime of 152 days.
  13. Looks good yeah. I would change the SSD though. Get the second generation one instead. Its slightly faster, and cheaper. Also, BR is a waste of money imo. Most people (including me) would never use it anyways. I would switch out the bluray drive, and get a bigger monitor instead.
  14. MX518 and G5 are both good mouses, theres not much difference (yes i've used both). The most important thing your going to want to look at is what kind of shape you like. The MX518 and G5 are both big and wide. If you want something slim, you could look at a razer diamondback or something similar.
  15. Supreme commander is VERY taxing to your CPU, and memory. Especially in single player mode. (my 4GB ram is 100% full in no time). Graphics card, not really needed if you turn the graphics options down a few notches. I havent played world in conflict, but its an RTS aswell. Those generally benefit more from a strong CPU than a graphics card. So unlike most people here have said, theres a good chance you WILL benefit from the extra ram. That being said, a 9400 GT does suck, so you would probably benefit from that aswell. I would recommend a GTX260, or a radeon 4870. What screen resolution do you play on? If its higher than 1680x1050 I recommend a graphics card with 1GB memory on it, otherwise 512MB will be enough. What CPU and PSU do you have?
  16. A portable hard disk is a good idea too. Though you may want to be careful when you have reinstalled the computer. If you simply connect the portable disk you risk infecting your computer again. As for the DVD drives disappearing, you say you had a virus that deleted some critical system files. That may well be the cause. Either way, format your hard drive, reinstall windows. Your DVD drive should work again after that. If it does not, your looking at a hardware problem.
  17. Where are the files your trying to backup located? Are they on the same partition as windows? If this is the case, and you have another partition simply move them there and reinstall windows. If you dont have another partition, you could look into making one. There are plenty of programs that can make your current partition smaller, and add a second one. Once your files are on a secondary partition you dont have to worry about losing them when you reinstall windows. Alternatively, if you have another computer, you can simple hook up the hard drive from the 'broken' computer to the other one, and backup the files from there.
  18. So you tested the PSU, and its working correctly. Sounds like your motherboard is toast. Ifso, theres not much you can do. Do you still have warranty on it? (assuming no, since 20 pin motherboard lead has been replaced by 24 for quite a while now). I think your going to have to look at getting a new motherboard.
  19. So your getting a motherboard with onboard graphics? I dont exactly know what motherboard it is, but onboard graphics are generally worthless when it comes to games, so you might want to get a proper graphics card. For example, an ATI Radeon HD4870 is alot of bang for the buck. Also, an 860 watt PSU is major overkill in this system, even with a good graphics card 500 ish is plenty. The rest looks pretty good, though you could look into getting an AMD Phenom II system instead.
  20. First things first. Reboot your computer. This might sound stupid but people often forget. If that doesnt work, lets make sure its not just a broken CD. Do other CD's work? Does the oblivion disk work in another drive? (another computer or something) If the drive is really the problem, theres a few things you could do. 1) Buy a new one. They are dirt cheap, so this is what I would do. 2) Get your hands on a cleaning CD. This is basically a CD with a small brush on it, which will clean the optical sensor. 3) Try a firmware update. To do this you need to go to the manufacturers website, and see if they have firmware updates for your specific drive. They will also give you instructions on the exact procedure. This ocasionally solves problems.
  21. First off, 465GB being shown is completely normal. The reason is that hard drive manufacturers count 1GB as 1000MB, while windows counts 1GB as 1024MB. Also, an often overlooked hard disk space hogger is the page file. Its hidden, so you wont see it. Depending on your settings this can take up quite alot of space. You can check the page file size by doing this: (I'm using Windows 7, not vista but it should be pretty much the same) Right click Computer, Properties (you'll get a popup), Advanced System Settings (another popup), select the avanced tab, and click settings by 'performance' (yet another popup), then go to advanced, and it will show you the size of your page file. After that, I would go with Errdoth and use treesize to figure out what else is taking up alot of space.
  22. I've been using 100% 64bit os's for quite a while. I'm currently using the windows 7 RC, and Opensuse 11.1 on my server. I haven't had any problems with 64bit for the past year or so. (though for some reason the windows 7 beta (7000) was faster than the RC (7100) )
  23. I cant entirely agree with this. I've had 5+ 'broken' PSU's that were easily fixed by checking the contacts with a soldering iron. However, only do this when you know what your doing, and be careful. As for the television, I assume it was one of the old CRT ones. They have incredibly high currents (MUCH higher than your wall outlet) used for the screen. I usually use the dishwasher :P Works great. BUT dont do this with any keyboards with LCD screens on them (G15 etc). Also, for a normal keyboard letting it dry for several days is plenty, you wont need weeks.
  24. nice stealing my pic off irc nab but yeah wtf is it :\
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