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  1. Wasn't RS in 2007 actually that? There were a ton of them little bald bastards with green pants or shirt. God who has a picture of them? RS in 2007 was fun because people actually played around that and ignored it. The game wasn't focused on that shit or gp. Now everybody is all hyper elitists worrying about their legacy or bank value on a video game.
  2. From sinkholes to shitholes... 2 hrs really that's BS. It's even less convenient than evil tree. The only way it's going to work now is with an official friends chat like the meteor stuff and if they spawn at different times on different worlds.
  3. The long-term sustainability of ports rests mainly on the scrimshaws and the rocktail soup, not the meager xp rewards. I don't see the tradable armour having much demand in the long run.
  4. I don't meet new players in the game, so whats the point of talking about whats best for new players. Honesty, how many people have started this game in the last year? I think most of the new accounts are just second chances from the banned or do-overs for bored completionists. I think you are overstating the value of +76 damage from nex gear. The most valueable stat in runescape gear today is accuracy and that's solely assigned to weapons. The next most valuable is hp and then armour and then finally damage. It't not that damage isn't important it's just that much of the gear out there has about the same values from level 70-90.
  5. Sounds like nonsensical propaganda to keep nex gear up. I wouldn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes and besides if that is the case then expect the other gear to be nerfed. Afterall, 10 hours of combat is 10 hours of combat not 100...
  6. Sadly, this is true. The top floors of both castles are full of level 200s who afk. There are probably more people up there than actually playing the game. Runescape does feel like it has declined alot since the hayday.
  7. The "fun" community died. I think they moved on to stuff like minecraft or terraria. It's hard to get together a bunch of people that just want to have fun and maybe get a little bit of rewards that keep their progress going. This D&D does that, but oh well... would have been great 7 years ago like trouble brewing was. Also, sucks that you can't play it more than 2 times a day. Should have just called it a mini-game and removed the self-imposed BS limitations.
  8. I got a small lamp with 114 dung and got 50k. Next time I got 9800 tokens. Not bad, kinda fun. The cards are too overpowered though and make what you do before somewhat meaningless.
  9. Wands need fixing. I hope this planned accuracy update does something about them. My master wand can't hit jack, ahrim's is too new and hoarded, and virtus is well... RWT fodder. All being said, Jagex seems to be in the mood to nerf monster defense, up monster offense. I guess they want that image of the dude in torva with dual rune scimitars to be an effective setup.
  10. I don't know why jagex can't make separate colored books for each type of re-roll (voyage-red, captains- green, crew-yellow). Oh no wait, I know, cause it wasn't an issue until clown-xx abused it and Jagex does their usual super sloppy hot fixes. Think about it, in temple trekking you used to be able to get the same lumberjack item over and over. It was completely random. Then people [bleep]ed about sets being rare so they changed it. (no in game logic whatsoever). So here we have a certain person or group of persons abusing a single variable, voyage re-rolls. Instead of capping that variable or removing it entirely, they just slam dunk the entire thing with a reverse lumberjack drop.
  11. Scythe voyages will be at 100%. Whats a pincer with a merchant? I'll go with 60% since I read that somewhere here. How many trade voyages you get a day? I average around 1. If you figure in lost time for failure you get ~3 trade goods a day as opposed to 2 with scythe. Also, you may have to replace crew and other trade goods in the process of all those failures. So yeah it's a little better if you wanna work over the ports all day instead of just browsing through the voyages once or twice. What you need is 100% on 4. I'm not in pincers so I can't tell if that's possible or not.
  12. I am excited about this quest. As a die hard supporter of team Guthix, I hope we finally have an opportunity to meet him.
  13. *grammar It's pronounced 'grammer'. Gotta love english.
  14. They don't really need a set effect. They are cheap and easy to get. That already makes it better than Nex. +76 damage is junk unless your using the fastest speed attacks. If Nex sets fall below 50mil then the above assessment may change.
  15. I can guess it's because he gets everything nerfed to hell. This POP thing with randoms ruined a perfectly good end game strategy. I'm not to happy about or that he gets a 2 month head start because he abused the living piss out of it and made a show of it. Let's face it, the dude has friends on the developer's staff. I can't believe he can find all these exploits on his own. We know it's a team effort, and I bet a Jagex dev is on the team.
  16. I remember when he had a tantrum because Jagex didn't pay him for helping teach noobs and quit. Too bad he is back apparently.
  17. Not a clue based on that picture. Oh yea, and god save the queen and torva in case your forgot. So like goliath gloves and the glacor boots are going to be readjusted to level 75. Just it takes them a few tries to you know.
  18. That's probably just nostalgia for your childhood talking. My childhood nostalgia goes something like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MS_dGdqBOU
  19. Don't tell me, they have a combat triangle in the shape of 3 serpents eating each other.
  20. Dg isn't dead because the elitest community has moved on. I think EOC made DG more enjoyable. I hadn't bothed with it for a year until the bind bank/ solo xp fixes/ and EOC updates.
  21. I got my desert strykewyrm task lined up for this.
  22. Since when was Virtus the standard armour for anyone with over level 80 defence/mage? I really wish they'd explain how they arrived to the changes they made, because that blog post doesn't mention anything about the defence levels of things like waterfiends and metal dragons (etc.). They watch youtube, listen to their dicer friends on friends chat, and take photo ops with some of biggest RWTers @ Runefest.
  23. Dual welding melee isn't that bad it just doesn't do any AOE attacks like 2h. You do have an ability or two that does add both weapon damages together. (havoc and something else... name escapes me although it sucks because they both share the CD) You have destroy which is a vicious stun that doesn't share a CD with your other stuns like kick or backhanded. You should be using the DOT abilities like sever and slaughter (they have separate CDs) along with your autoattacks. You should use be using fast or fastest weapons and load critical chance boosters. (more attacks/min = more critical hits/min which helps off set the lower base damage) The damage adds from armor benefit most the fastest speed weapons with their low base damage attacks. Also poison works well with dual since you should be able to apply it sooner with your greater number of attacks.
  24. So did they rebalance gandodermic? It is level 75 gear and deserves to be 25% better than ahrims if virtus is 50% better. Also, I noticed that only the armour values are changed not the life bonus? If so, then this probably isn't that big of deal as I though it would. +76 damage is like next to nothing (you get a bigger boost with super strength pots or prayers) and I have no idea how accuracy and defense work so if people are still working over god wars in level 70 gear then it wasn't that bad. FYI I got on to check it out. Here is what I noticed. Oby armour not updated which means it has less stats than my infinity (real half ass and rushed... why do they do that?) Karil's set effect changed to lowering magic level. (LOL glad I kept it for looks) Gandodermic good stats no damage bonus. Beats the snot out of me what armour or armour rating means but we have alot more of it.
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