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  1. 500K each for the thread, seriously? It will cost like millions to make this stuff on top of the you-know-its-rare drop rate. 60k damage is like what an hour with Jagex's "big numbers are fun" constitution system. More useless fodder like that tectonic armour. It will take them several years to figure out that nobody uses it because of the stupid shit constraints. I wish they would stop listening to the numbskulls in the community who [bleep] about needing money sinks. They are the ones that camp 24/7 at King and Vorago and lootshare inflate gp all to hell.
  2. Next Runescape poll is going to be: Do you want new content even if it offers faster methods to Divination xp? We need 75% to update RS. Poll Results 66% No with comments, %^% you Jagex you better not offer better stuff I grinded 24/7 divination the first month.
  3. Consider making a second account or subjecting yourself to the limitations that the prestige system would present. You aren't losing anything except for the possibility for a good rank in a hiscore table that very few people care about. If that is what you enjoy about the prestige system, consider competing in a seasonal hiscore. Have you seen the seasonal highscore? It's like kill imps, kill cows, widly pvp kills, solo kill god wars boss. Seasonal highscores is a joke. I just can't see what all the whining and [bleep]ing is about for this update. It's just a new highscore and a way for vets to get some cosmetics and some more replay value out of the game. It's an addition. Nothing is taken away, their even leaving the current high score so the no-lifers can still show off their merit badge. I think fanboys of the old high scores and their no-lifer heroes need to get over it.
  4. How is the game going to break and you get more xp than possible with all 99s? Sure, there will be exploits discovered that let you get xp fast at X level than a brand new account, but at the end of the day the fastest way to level is going to be giving Squeell some spins... so who cares?
  5. The incentive to train after 99 is xp after 99. The update wouldn't change the incentive, it just adds an optional limitation. Whats the point of getting xp after 99? Highscores? The high scores are jammed with people no life-ing for years, so who can really cares about that anymore? I'll take some cosmetics for giving some skills another go around. This update is good for players not youtube all stars.
  6. That wouldn't make any sense with what they are trying to do. I'm pretty sure that when you hit reset you are going back to 0 xp whether you had 13 or 130 mil. So once you max out a skill on the second go round you are going to want to prestige it immediately or you are going to be spinning your wheels and just padding your legacy highscore which will still be capped so the suomis of the world don't shoot themselves.
  7. I like the dark bow getting a boost. Its a unique weapon right now since it still launches two arrows and everything is pretty much cookie cutter level means everything crap. I'd rather it be level 75 or 80 though. We already have level 70 crystal bow. Are the elder trees worth chopping for wood to fletch and high alch? I wonder if they will let divination transmute your magics into elders...
  8. The game was on the rise. Alot of storylines were unfolding. The horizon looked bright. Little did we know how badly Jagex would drag ass and such a sea of crappy, forgettable updates since then.
  9. Maybe you need to school yourself on EOC. One, never put yourself into multiway mode. Two, wear an anti-fire shield and you have access to a move that eats 100% of an attack with no damage. Three, you have a move which makes you immune to stuns. Four, you have a move that removes stuns and provides invulnerability for a short period after. Five & Six, you still have all your protection prayers and food. So, I'm just not seeing how somebody that knows what they are doing can be pked going to the chaos tunnels. Hell, I've only seen clowns even try pking there on the 2400 total level world and you have to know what a joke that world is with all the elistest tards, youtuble allstars, and high level cry babies.
  10. Craftable high level gear that doesn't require beating WOW content misplaced into Runescape, holy shit. :shock:
  11. Somebody is paying $$ for bonds. It's not something for nothing, in fact I think jagex will make more money this way. Me giving you a free month of members for ~20mil, and Jagex $8 is win-win for everybody. I'd rather buyt 20mil than spend a month laboring for it, you'd rather get $8 than spend a month laboring for it, and Jagex get $8 which is probably a little more than what you were paying with membership discounts. This update could bring in more legitimate players from Iran/india/vietnam and other low wage 3rd world countries.
  12. I'm not going to buy bonds for a few months anyway. Some runescapers are pretty dense and I have to wait until they catch on. For instance, we have to wait for 24/7 PVM kings to figure out that they no longer need to drop $$ (of which they have little) on membership. Also, think about all the free to play players. If they got money in the bank for a bond then then why are they still there? Street credit, lol.... Prices for a lot of f2p resources aren't bad. They can make 6mil gold easy in a week or two based on their playtime.
  13. The fake testimonials by the slack jawed characters are almost priceless. As a wallet warrior, I fully support this. $$$ I will be able to play far less runescape and accomplish just as much as the youtube allstars.
  14. The minigame after this chaos dwarf quest was designed by one of Jagex's youtube all stars. I can't remember which one just look them up and compare their blabbering to what is actually in the game. It's unfortunate, but apparently trumping yourself up as King of PVM or something stupid and shooting videos of you killing 1000 nexs will get you heard and get you special rewards. Having meaningful criticism, will get you dismissed and mostly likely told you know jack shit. Go go Mod Mark machinations.
  15. He's only a few points away from 99. He's apparently not getting 99 so Jake can play make-believe and pretend he's rank #1 or something. :wink: Still, the number of players at 99 is quite a lot. Usually that takes a lot more time. It's good to see that he returned with all that nutty bitterness from when he left for LOL.
  16. It's inefficient to train divination without the use of bonus xp. Unless you play RS 20 hours a day, live with mom, and call Youtube your source of income.
  17. Your dumb for a reason, right? You're* If people are going to say gg then I petition your as the official spelling for the you are.
  18. When old school came out is was a pretty big hit on twitch for the first 2-3 months. No idea how this is going to fare well. Usually the chat on the side is spammed with trolls, so I can imagine the crap being said to a jmod. I think only Dardan gets any views on EOC twitch streams. No idea why, he is annoying.
  19. The gameplay may change as the tiers change, one can only hope. If there was more organized gameplay and the threat of actual death such as having to deal with incoming waves of aggressive troop lines then maybe this would have actually marked some kind of evolution in runescape.
  20. Good thing I caught that line about being teleported into combat upon login. I banked everything. That way when I die 10 times because I can't see the screen because it's loading, then it won't matter.
  21. Its a pointed joke. The game doesn't need item sinks. It just needs new content.
  22. It's nice to finally see runescape content for once instead of wowscape. I'll login for this as the last two months have been loyalty point months.
  23. 95 Slayer and Ganodermic Beasts are the only efficient way I know of to get them DIY style. I think they are overpriced at vine sweepers like most things, but you can have a look if you don't have the slayer levels.
  24. Is it time for the real quality testing to begin? Just think by 2014 it might actually work. I hope they don't break the Java version in the mean time...
  25. So what was the explanation on page 2 for 18 people being let go and a 100% turnaround in profit? Squeell's Deal and King Salomon's Warehouse?
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