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  1. There is no god. Sounds dumb. Nothing more annoying that insta-gib / cheapo bosses.
  2. All this hype about 6th age quests and yet how many quests have we had in runescape this year or even last year? What used to be the strength of game was shoveled under the rug for the WOWscape experience (big bosses, big graphics, big lootshop). I'm definitely getting less for my $5/month in runescape and I can point right to that.
  3. lol Finaly Blow is banned as well... (dungeoneering leech FC) Love the way HLF is jumping on this. *eats popcorn* Haha I'm not really surprised that more and more members for dg selling fcs are banned Also, DGS... Luol Deng is like the 5th person to get banned from there. The first 4 came from the ban on christmas day. 200m dg xp wiped out, just like that. Pretty bad rep for a clan like DGS But, it's all about the efficiency. I'm really shocked here... :razz:
  4. You can't keep track of peoples names anymore in RS or if the person you are talking to is the one you are thinking of especially when dealing across websites. Which makes these topics almost pointless other than the classic letters of "I was bored of RS so I cheated or sold my stuff for $$$ and I'm out and better for it. Later noobs."
  5. And then find out that she's quite the weak champion and that most attack speed runes are a waste of ip. But if you're having fun with it I guess that's all that matters. I just play the ones I like not what the "pros" like. I.e. supports suck, junglers will get you banned because you can't get out of the jungle fast enough for the general tard populace, and tanks in this game look under-defensed like dota 2 (bristleback being the exception if you manage to turn your back to the enemy in time). So, I'm only interested in carrys and gankers. I probably go more for carrys because I usually like to play well at the end, nothing as annoying as you doing well and then starting to suck balls because the damage on your spells is fixed while everybody's hp rises.
  6. Well, I tried this again, after my 10th ban on HON. (HON only has the worst community in multiplayer video gaming, the game is dying because of it, and S2's only solution was to hire mods who don't do anything about the raging shitfests in chat and instead ban people that don't play at their level or some bs even when you are in casual mode or unranked midwars...) As luck would have it, I found this fiora chick. First, decent hero I have run across on this game. Maybe I'll make it to level 30 or something with her and fill out my runes with attack speed. 8-)
  7. I don't think you could get anymore ass backwords even if you figured out how to walk with your head between your legs. Nobody is going to play a game where they are verbally assaulted. In fact, nobody gives two shits that you think you have the right to run around calling everybody [racist term] [bleep] fat [bleep]ers whatever. Get over yourself.
  8. What exactly are they getting banned for? Probably, circumventing the filter system so those that have it on still have to suffer the indignity of morons.
  9. I like the buff to warbands. I'll have to check it out since it will be impossible for the clan clowns to plug up all the worlds at once.
  10. Playing 2 billion castle wars games isn't possible. That's like 80,000 years of work.
  11. Blame the catholics, they kept the old language alive as part of their tradition. Eventually english is going to be a dead language, because young adults actually say LOL, gg, omg, wtf instead of what it stands for not to mention all the baby speak and verb to noun flipping.
  12. Would it surprise you that TDs aren't that piled like other mobs normally are when introduced/bung back from the dead? I had to hop 5 worlds but that at most. Which is odd, limbs drop are more common than claws. I got 2 today for 60m total. The only that surprised me was how you tried to argue with me by proving my point. You went to the TDs, you had to hop 5 times to find a spot because it was crowded, and then you camped for two cross bows which sold for far less than 80mil.
  13. I like the fact that you have to use the dragon crossbow. I'd like to see older weapons get revitalized. The 80 mil price tag is only temporary because people are going to be piling into tds again. I hope they do the same with this dragonstone stuff we have been hearing about and make it use full dragon stuff.
  14. Well, I wanted to mess around with the new arrows. Sad part is nothing really good to shoot them with. Despite what the wiki says they are level 60. So you can use a dark bow or a starfury bow. They do no damage when using specials so you can only autoattack with them. Which makes them crap for dbow and starfury is like barely passable. They might have been decent for seercull since that spews out arrows at fastest speed, but whatever some more useless crap...
  15. Maybe its time to stand up cause you it looks like you have been siting on a stick. Oh and by the way that long winded diatribe so far off base you'd need the space shuttle to connect your post to what he wrote or reality for that matter (level 95 slayer not high level...lol). If you're gonna troll, do it right, watch the pros. 8-)
  16. I joined chief Wahoo. He better not let me down like the baseball team. We also need a new banner. Urinal yellow isn't my thing. I don't see why they had to reinvent the wheel here, I mean we could of just used the old guthix banner. Hell, we could even erected some wigwam tents right under Guthix's chin.
  17. What's the deal with the godless emissary? Am I joining the godless or the Sioux Nation? You would have thought he would have been one of the druids or a gnome or a dwarf, or even a nordic barbarain, but not a native american. When did they get into runescape?
  18. Sorry but I have to ask, why did you "give it up"? I accepted pmodship when there were no strings attached and we were players first. I simply highlighted the obvious rule breakers and muted rwt bots on my daily runescape play (not going out of my way). Then they started adding strings and I wasn't interested. So when they told me we had to log in and read something, I didn't, and they took it away.
  19. Why don't you try cleaning up world 77 around dungeoneering. About the only time I wished I was still a pmod is when I was there. (of course you probably can't now since jagex keeps changing the rules) Way too many spam bots sellling fc ranks and floors not to mention the undesirable people cursing everybody out and trolling floors. (in middle start cussing everybody out for no reason and rage quiting) Alot these people need to find a new game (not runescape) to play.
  20. I wonder if you don't choose then you default to the godless faction.
  21. You have to keep playing to get good. You are letting the monotony of the way you train kill you. Just try a bunch of different things, explore ways even. The only important thing is that you are gaining xp even if it isn't the fastest rate. Baby steps is the key, not everybody is a robotic grinder.
  22. I didn't think it had any to begin with other than being a novelty. Dark bow is best shield bow and with abilities you don't have to worry about going through too many dragon arrows.
  23. I always wondered what would become of this thread once somebody did the impossible. Now I know. People just pick names off old highscores and make shit up about them or debate whether they were really that good. Pretty pathetic end to the longest running thread on this forum.
  24. I only see people on w77. Be warned, It's a real cesspool full of elitists tards who don't know jack and will ruin your experience in their quest to minimize the little number at the upper left hand corner of the score screen.
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