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  1. If you want to level crafting to get to blue dragon hides (skip greens if hardcore), then you are going to be doing clay, glass, and yakhide stuff. All of that can be done with minimal levels in other skills and the raws can be gotten relatively fast next to a crafting spot which is key on a new account.
  2. Does any summon put out better damage than a steel titan? I never used this crap except for the fruitbat and the occasional yak when I really needed inventory space and could stomach the huge pain in the ass of clicking around it.
  3. Just look at their runefest line-up. Specifically, the first major item "a new runescape product". Jagex is wholly committed to nickel and dime-ing people until they go belly up. I wouldn't be surprised if they had gutted invention for treasure hunter and that crap. But, by all means enjoy Spockville. I'm sure Mod Dingleberry there is the lead in the copy, paste, reskin department.
  4. I got all the DLC for dark souls 2. I maxed my levels. I ran all the DLC on Ng+8. Best game of the year, although I hated it for the first few weeks I had it. Definitely, the toughest game of the bunch.
  5. I thought they weren't releasing it until November. Not that I really care. I was only going to play LFR and since I'm not considered a legitimate player by Blizzard and it's community then they don't have to worry about me being a paying customer.
  6. Off weapons are only like 25% of the damage in legacy mode. Shields are good if you can't use a two-hander. I only use my drygore mace on quest bosses. I'm going to by a divine shield once the prices stabilize a bit. Definitely better than dual wielding against anything tough.
  7. Why even try for completionist cape? Like every week some BS is added and you loose the cape for god knows how long. Just look in spock central. There is another friggen 32 week balogna statue piece together thing. It's never ending bs and life is too short to piss it away fretting over a fleeting thing like the completionist cape. The only thing amazing about having the completionist cape is that don't you roll over and die from living solely in front of your computer while chasing the damn thing.
  8. Video games aren't football. Your hand-eye coordination and reflexes don't take much of hit unless you become ill or are approaching 100. The owner of my company raced stock cars until his mid 60's. I think the age limit for the average video gamer could be in the 70s or 80s depending on eyesight and health factors.
  9. I think you might just be crazy.I see no difference between both modes... If anything, you are playing on separate worlds, it may be a ping issue No it's runescape server, net code, game engine problem. My internet and computer can play any other game with no problems.
  10. When I mean no lag, no dead clicks, I mean everywhere doing anything. Opening you bank in EOC worlds and trying to grab items is like a guessing game. Will I get that item on the first click, the second click, the third, maybe the fourth? Legacy only worlds are 1 click 1 action. Just like old times.
  11. No lag. No dead clicks. All you have to do is play on legacy only worlds. Not sure why anybody would want to touch EOC even if spamming buttons hundreds of times and waiting for desynced animation to eventually occur is somehow faster...
  12. Painfully dull copy and paste job, Jagex. When is invention coming out?
  13. What exactly are you blowing out of your computer other than dust? I think you are just at the limitations of your CPU/GPU. (Probably you are overclocking a homemade system). Just move your computer out into an open area not next to anything that obstructs air flow and try to lower the air temperature in your room 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit. If that doesn't work then give up on maximum settings/draw distance/etc. until you get a new PC. Solid state heat conduction is far greater than convection cooling. Therefore, you need the latest CPU/heat sink designs to make a real difference.
  14. PC ports are usually better, but mass effect 1 is some retarded shit. PC exclusives are the same old dull ass shit. LOL, MMOS, minecraft, Garys' MOD.... Consoles are getting to be attractive again. At least to me since I haven't touched one since like I started on this game 9 years ago. Sony really needs to make PS4 backwards compatible. Xbox's hardware is garbage. I saw it on CNN. (50% DOA rate, no shit) Which makes it slightly less reliable than PCs Ninetendo, well, they screwed me over with N64, $100 memory card upgrade to play that legend of zelda game after ocarina of time.... maybe they still make decent games, no idea since they hold all theirs exclusive and still refuse to go belly up. Man, if I have to replace another graphics card, hard drive, memory stick, or motherboard because of onboard video card nonsense then I'm done with PC's, period....
  15. Ghetto month in anticipation of Spock Slums Part I.
  16. Do yourself a favor and play on legacy only worlds... less you wanna be lagging and dead clicking away.
  17. So can you kill it in Legacy mode? If so then I may bother seeing it if not then screw it. QBD is like the only decent one-off creature they have but out since like Kalphite Queen. (Haven't bothered with the Neon Jesuses because the keys are too valuable). As for the entry cost, it looks retarded. Maybe if they clipped a zero or two off you might go there more than once.
  18. Not sure how you are making bills on level 90 gear drops since most of it vanishes with use and that which doesn't costs millions is repairs from junk materials dropped right in front of the instance. Add in the fact that level 90 gear is so marginally better than level 80 gear that you couldn't tell at all except on the hardest of the hard content and you have to wonder if this crap is worth the development time. New thing to kill... cool. Level 90 gear... pretty fricken worthless for 99% of runescapers who don't want a new cosmetic skin.
  19. Easier to nerf legacy than fix EOC's glaring problems. LOL jagex. Double double clicking for every action is so for the win.
  20. Legacy mode is not just good, it's great. It has a mature interface, none of this nonsensical transparent facebook/twitter looking crap where it takes hours of customization to be legible. It works with RS3's shoddy net code. Yes, even though it randomly takes me 1 to 4 clicks to register an action, it isn't that big of deal, since autoattacking is back in. Now instead of throwing in the towel with revolutions, Jagex can move both feet forward delete EOC and garbage code updates that turned the game into a dead click-a-thon. Dharoking is back on the map. I can 1 hit abyssal demons again. They have a responsible and mature hp value 850. (although I would prefer 85, I can live with another 0, not 000000 cause it looks cool for the kids who can't even count that high anyway. Also, I love that zeros have made a comeback. Now we miss, the enermy misses, it's great. Armour has value again. The game actually feels like runescape not WOW-lite. Unfortunately, EOC is still around, but hey it's for those with ADD or have a twitch or something where they have to spam buttons all the time or they can't think straight.
  21. Beta and taking cash. No for me, somebody else can throw money at unfinished junk. I already learned my lesson with "Towns".
  22. I went to buy Tomb Raider (2013 Version) for $4, because I thought you know I might like to play that sometime but not now. Then when I got to the cart page it told me I already owned it. Then I looked in my library and saw that I did but never even downloaded. And I was like, "Son of [bleep]! I gotta stop buying crap from steam on a whim.".
  23. For christ's sake can't Jagex just admit defeat and replace EOC with this. EOC's implementation was garbage and the playerbase isn't the same as WOW. We don't want WOW-lite. This legacy mode, revolution mode, normal mode all in one game combat system is nonsensical and retarded. Why would I want to play a mode where I have to press 7 buttons to do the same as a mode that presses one button when equally balanced? This type of retarded thinking is WOW-esque where different classes require far more button pressing and complexity for the sake of complexity so some elitist reject can run around telling everybody how special he is because he has mastered the "hard" DPS class.
  24. I have one of their desktops. It's pretty good. It's already lasted two years without repairs. The computer I put together just before that went through 1 hard drive, 2 graphics cards, and 1 memory stick in that time and I tossed it when the on-board video device went to pot on year 3. Screw the whole building your own crap. Most modular/free standing computer parts on the market are cheap garbage from SE Asia.
  25. Squaresoft released Final Fantasy 3 on steam the other day. I bought it then realized it wasn't final fantasy 3 and Squaresoft wasn't called Squaresoft anymore. :/
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