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  1. Trim reqs definitely revitalized castle wars on the high level world. Absolutely amazing how many sleepers and game fixers can be stacked in one game. Every update should have trim reqs, they only bring out the best in the community. As for these blessed training spots. Let me give you the real low down, not Jagex propaganda. Cooking: They will add a windmill and wheat field next door and maybe on the other side of town there will be an oven. Mmmm bread. Farming: I hear livid farms could be revitalized if it moved to Spock's neighborhood. Make it so. Fishing: Already there, look in the river. Hunter: Aready there, see grenwalls. Slayer: Already there, see elf tasks or as I fondly put them spock tasks. Oh I know, they said new. Well that's what a graphical makeover part is for. New face = New monster. See leprechauns. (You can choose any of the 3 times they remade them.) Combat Skills: These Spocks got combat evolved. I sure hope you got Revolutions.* (*-trademark of Jagex Limited Corp). Woodcutting: I think we all know that they are going to add A magic tree and one of those crystal things that I can't be assed to check out. Dungeoneering: Not in this realm pal. That minigame is only to be played at damonheim. Agility: Man I know there is going to be a stream or river in the middle of this city and you have to walk on a log to get across. I can feel it! Awesome xp incoming. Mining: Already there, see addy rocks Portals: A lodestone and a house portal. A house portal goes everywhere assuming you bothered to build the rooms and put them next to the entrance. *wink wink*. Hey, it's cheaper than tying to pick up house tablets. Big plus in my book. And if you are a big dreamer like me, then believe in the power of a fairy portal being moved nearby. Maybe you only have to traverse one of them stick trap things... Hey you know, I'm slowly beginning to change my mind on this elf city stuff the more I think about it. And hey I got 6 whole months to come around. (Actually probably more see jagex disclaimer at the bottom of every BTS) Awesome. Invention 2 years to this day. Mark the calender.
  2. New afk spots with fancy graphics are always the bomb. Let's hope they put an outlet for the grand exchange in there along with some more of those cave goblin town minigames. Nothing like making sweet coin (singular not plural) trading unstackable junk with the cave goblins. Maybe we can even run around fixing elf light bulbs with special elf filaments that can only be stolen from the pockets of a elf hermit who dwells in a cave on the ass end of the forest miles from a bank. Also, if the cave was surrounded by poisoned pit traps, then that would be just epic. P.S. You know you are going to be able to get sweet Spock outfits at Solomon's on release day. I promise.
  3. So glad you people voted for elf city. What a memorable 15 minutes of "oh look it's a new city" experience this is going to be. "Is this where Mr. and Ms. Spock lay their pointy eared heads?". Absolutely priceless. Definitely worth deep-sixing invention because you know divination works about as well as fishing without cooking or wood cutting without fletching.
  4. What illusion? That WOW was a game with great replay value. Yeah... I guess that was dispelled. I played LFR and I liked it enough to sub and stick around long enough to get a tier set. Since that's gone, then I see no reason to sub. I'll probably buy a month of playtime next year just to see WOD (if I remember). As for the loremaster goal, I just couldn't bring myself to do the all the zones in cataclysm. The storylines are just so boringly stupid... Such a horrible expansion. Glad I quit back in Wrath. WOW a 5 out of 10 star MMO with 7 million subscribers... I'll never get it.
  5. It's actually a fair bit easier than 1 (at worst, once you get past the lack of resources early on) and you can do just fine without ever having to grind. What are you having trouble with? Everything. Cheese spin moves of enemies that make them impossible to consistently sidestep. Almost every encounter involves 2 or more mobs. Plague town level design everywhere so you fall to your death at some point. The easiest part of the game seems to be the bosses. This game desperately wanted to be more "hard cool". It's a poor imitation of Ninja Gaiden level difficulty. It's Ghosts 'N Goblins all over again....
  6. I got dark souls 2. The game is a runescape quality grind fest. You really want to keep fighting till you clear an area. The mobs are so so cheap in this version. #1 wasn't this hard and alot fairer. Hell I even played #1 with a keyboard and mouse even when the controls where un-rebindable fubar.
  7. I knew it was only a matter or time before Blizzard removed my game mode (LFR) and told me go raid with the elistest. You can see over at wowhead that they are removing LFR at the start of the expansion and then bringing it back at some later undetermined date as a tourist mode with no gear. /unsub The only mistake I made was buying the WOD expansion so I could mess around with another 90 character. This is like the twink thing all over again. Twinks aren't legitimate PVP, LFR isn't legitimate raiding. Kiss my ass Blizzard. Your game gets boring fast and your community is nothing but elitist trash. I dare them to remove PUG PVP and tell them go play in premades with the "all-stars".
  8. Silly me. Here I thought that when they said, "A new way to train Divination", I actually thought they meant a new way. I didn't think they meant a new fishing hole in the ground that is only visible after a quest.
  9. 3 looks like 2 just with better graphics. I won't consider it. Origins is one of the best rpgs of all time. Shame they couldn't build on it.
  10. Skill capes was one of the few updates that truly changed the way runescapers played. There is no question that after skill capes more people went for 99s in things they wouldn't have otherwise gotten. Who can remember all the old, "Whats the rarest, hardest cape? (Because I need to achieve something to show off)" threads. Personally, after seeing the agility cape emote, I knew I had to have it. Being number #115 there made it all the more special. However, I look at these new capes and don't feel much. Do they have particle effects like the dungeoneering one? I think if they made them have new emotes, then I might feel motivated, but I'm not sure. 9 years of this game will turn you into a casual gamer that can't be assed to grind much.
  11. Doesn't look immersive like the other games. Would have rather seen a Skyrim multiplayer game mode like was done with Mass Effect 3..
  12. Obviously the first question one has to ask is, "How would this even work?" Jagex's answer is, "This is an ambitious vision, and we don't have all the details worked out yet." My answer is it won't. They can't balance the content for one system let alone two. Frankly, these polls are nothing more than an attempt at saving face by not admitting that EOC wasn't liked by the majority and it's obviously cost them. I say stop screwing around this isn't going to work and my as well roll it back. I find EOC to have fluidity problems at times. On WOW I'm not bothered as much by lag and can manage 20 buttons. ON runescape, at times I can't even figure out what my dude is doing because the animation has desync'ed. Also, the system responds poorly to button spam and the inability to cancel certain thresholds just takes the character right out of my hands. I don't ever feel out of control in WOW even when I have to deal with lag. I miss the old runescape where you could be precise in your actions and the game had a complexity of it's own for those that bothered to learn timing pots, food, prayers, and gear switches. I find old school to be a distorted version of what we once had and I think keeping EOC on as dead weight only drags the game down.
  13. Don't even bother. It will be 2015 or 16 before they release it because everybody needs to see where Mr. Spock comes from.
  14. Go cheap on the gear and spend bucks on a ahrim's wand and book. Dual wielding magic is much more fluid than 2 handed (no cooldown gaps).
  15. Tell us how you really feel. Christmas has finally come to Crap-ville, sweet turds for all. Level 90 weapons no thank you. Mr. Spock in a green Santa's Little Helper Outfit strolling around a village made of Christmas Tree ornaments, FANTASTIC! Elf-town, Crap-ville, it doesn't really matter what you call it since it's obviously going to be the Mecca of creativity that makes or breaks Runescape. All from the ass-end of Gielinor. Amazing...
  16. These polls are stupid and people's choices piss me off. How the hell could you vote for the elf city when we have the most worthless skill since hunter sitting out there waiting for a new skill to use all these divine energies? Did you train divination for that oh so special free dungeoneering skill door opener? Jesus if you vote for elf land then it could be 2015 before Clownex even touches invention. Face facts nobody really cares about elfs. This isn't WOW. You see the elf city then what? I'll tell you want, it transforms into there seren god thing when threatened and that's it. Wow fantastic, you voted for another world event over a skill....
  17. Jagex has gone with a tier based system for customer service. Tier 0 Bush League: You pay $5/month. Rewards: You are insignificant and stepped on by the VIPs. Tier 1 Bronze League: You pay $10/month instead of $5/month. Rewards: A badge next to your name and bush league service. Tier 2 Wrought Iron League: You pay $10/month and you have a youtube account or twitch account to witch you contribute content that nobody watches. Rewards: Bronze league service plus an occasional thumbs up and subscription from an anonymous JMOD community rep in disguise as a gamer. Tier 3 Silver League: You pay premium and your youtube and/or twitch account is regularly watched by some people. Rewards: Kudos and cameos from Jmods with a name on your account page. You have access to customer support outside of Solomon's shop and some items returned if stolen. Tier 4 Gold League: You pay premium and your youtube and/or twitch account is popular and you have a fan base. Rewards: Silver League access to customer support and timely return of lost items. You get at least one nod on forums and maybe on the website when Mod Paul gets all crazy for his Machimishna. Your opinions are taken seriously and the ninja team works on your issues when inclined. Tier 5 Queen League: You have one of the top rated twitch and youtube channels with a lot of fanboys and jealous trolls. Rewards: You don't pay, they pay you. You even get a VIP tour of their playground. With their money and your youtube/twitch money you can even move out of mom's basement and still play all day. You get rank of Jmod for taxation purposes. Your opinions become content and the ninjas runs hits at your whim. All future updates are made available to you so you can manipulate the GE.
  18. All I see are a nice helping of un-called for bullshit. Royal crossbow can only be fixed on the G [bleep]ing E. *Middle finger salute* Good job on the virtus crap-down, Just about the bullshit Gaming EXperience. It's always great when the ninjas come out of nowhere to fix a problem that didn't exist. Gee I really made bank over the years on that bug abuse. Nice that I'll be paying millions now for upkeep on all weapons so they can sell more bonds. I'm sure we will have a "usability" update in 2015 where you can just infuse your gear directly with bonds to fix them.
  19. The first witcher has some seriously garbage controls. If you hate frustration and that feeling that you fighting the game more than the enemies then it isn't for you. I have the second one but it kept crashing on my old pc. Haven't bothered to reinstall it on my new pc.
  20. The PVP would have been better with the old system. Everything multi-way is stupid. Melee is like dog shit in eoc, so its all rangers or mages tagging people while dancing about the zone line.
  21. Meh a real snooze fest this is. There are no NPCs to fight and all I do is punch arma buildings. Way too spread out, and PVP lol the community always ruins that. 1st one was way better.
  22. Timeless island was a disappointment. It's balls hard. Can't see how anybody thinks your supposed to get good gear from that unless you already have it. However, that being said, I discovered PVP gear was damn good and easy to get. It's a huge step up from what you can get in dungeons. I made the mistake of buying some crap on the AH when I should have went straight to PVP. It's definitely what you want to do after you hit 90.
  23. So wtf is Bandos? He has 4 eyes, no nose, and a chin for half a face. I'm on team Bandos so hopefully I can figure this out. The PVP component will probably suck. I can see being teamed by 10 gold buyers with full tier 90 equipment screaming "noob L2P".
  24. They should put the price of all starting items at 1 gp and then readjust the list price after a 2 week GE sales median value and then let it roll like normal. The bickering over the starting list price is ridiculous. I'm sure our kings of mercantilism can handle that.
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