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  1. Am I the only one to see that Jagex is using the tribute stone to see how many players are actively playing rs now that rs07 is out?
  2. None of them really attract me to watch except the ones that Jagex make. That TWW teaser trailer was pure gold.
  3. He means that you'd be able to gain xp on your weapons and then level them up, giving them increased stats. I'm not very fond of that idea myself.
  4. Yeah, he's talking about bringing back the special attack of weapons, but instead of special bar you use an ability on your ability bar to execute it. Or something like that. I don't know what to think of it. We already have abilities, adding special attacks again... I don't know. Although some weapons are useless now that were only used for their special attack. Like Granite Maul for example.
  5. Haha. Love it. In-case you missed it, balance strike balances your health with your enemy. So if your health percentage is higher then theirs, it hits you and heals them. If your health percentage is lower, it heals you and hits them. In this case, past full health caused Nex to heal past half. Lol! How come you end up alive at trollheim when you died at Nex? :s He survived with a little bit hp left due to rocktail's ability to heal over your max Lp Atleast I think that's how it is.
  6. Yeah, Jagex had already set their mind to it. Nothing would be able to change that.
  7. You're going to have to wait two days, like the rest of the people that has said it. In the report, only what you said is listed, so they won't be able to see what the other guys that tricked you had said. And I doubt there's an email you could send to them that would make them revert it.
  8. It's a good thing they're taking a step against gambling. But something rational like this. Auto muting for saying a sentence without a warning is a bit over the edge. Giving a big update on it in the other news section would still cause a big comotion on the whole deal. So whichever way they decided to do it. They'd still get yelled at. But as people say, it's Jagex. They can do whatever the hell they want.
  9. I'm pretty sure that getting muted on 4 different account for saying the same thing would be clear proof that it's against the rule. Like a norm. So if a policeman arrests me tomorrow under a law which doesn't exist, and the magistrate asks for evidence I've broken this law, the police say "...Well obviously the fact we've arrested him four times proves he did it!" No. I see that what I said might have been unclear. But what I mean is, he wanted proof that something he did was not right, doing it 4 times with the same result should shed atleast some light that it was wrong. Continuing to do it won't make things any better. Jagex could go and say that it's an updated rule but just been too busy with updating the page stating it.
  10. I'm pretty sure that getting muted on 4 different account for saying the same thing would be clear proof that it's against the rule. Like a norm.
  11. Perhaps Nex armour will be the first example of high level armour with increased attack and lower defence/lp boost. They never specified that new armour sets would be released. Not that I'm saying that there's not a chance. Or a offensive variation of existing armour. Defensive/offensive bronze-rune sets?
  12. Copy/pasted from Reddit: Summary of video: Momentum: will become a toggle ability, not an ultimate DW Changes: pulled up to the level of 2h (I think this was already done though) Hybrid DW: Already changed, as you can have an offhand spell. They will be working on mage abilities Magic ability: Recent update has reworked magic so that ability damage works similarly to melee/ranged skills in combat: Attack/magic/ranged will be more influential to hitchance. Potions: Stats are gonna count more (see above), meaning boosts will mean more removal of str bonuses from armor: in ~1 month we will see a new armor system: choice of pure defense or sacrificing some of the defense/armor to add to offense. Crit caps: Bosses cap at 5k, which WILL BE REMOVED Adrenaline stalling: they dont mind people doing it...In the future, they want to integrate it into the game as a feature. New abilities coming next week: 2 mage/range basics to "bolster the rotation" There's another significant update coming out in April. Next BTS: they will be looking at the art and sound behind the "The Origin of Gielinor" Wait a second. What will happen to the update made for Nex armour? Will the extra strength set bonus be removed?
  13. What do you think is more likely? Gambling in runescape and getting an urge to do it for real money. Or murdering someone in runescape and getting the urge to go out and kill someone in real life?
  14. thy could acumulate money from monster drops, working in small pvm clans Not quite the same thing because PvM is still based on monster drop and the availability for monsters. There's still the chance of drop, spawn rate and how fast the kills are made. A group of 5 gambler for example can get the entire bank of more than 100 players a day. A group of 5 doing PvM can't get the same kind of income from doing nex based on the odds of drops. Now if Nex was easier, the spawn was faster and the drop rates were better then perhaps.
  15. Vann, You got 2 days to enjoy the rest of the game instead of standing in G.E repeating the same sentence over and over again.
  16. Jagex has already said that they don't want to introduce gambing to the game because of all the potential of kids getting addicted to it. Loads of games have the problem.
  17. Kudos to Jagex, Kudos. Vann, According to Jagex it's considered "Offensive language" so it IS against a rule. It's just updated I guess.
  18. No, you have to have the ability bar up and not have any abilities bound to wasd to be able to change camera angle with them. And yes, this is a quite recent update.
  19. I believe that the reason they only had a requirement of 140 combat was because they wanted everyone to be able to do the quest. This is because Jagex is planning that every new update is based on that the events of TWW had already happened. They don't want people to be confused in future quest that relies on that you have see what happens in TWW.
  20. You really need a staff or either ahrims/virtus wand. Because every other wand has REALLY low accuracy.
  21. Didn't the other communities accuse Tip.It of cheating because of the sheer amount of users we had and refused to participate in any more wars? It'd be fun to do it again.
  22. It doesn't matter if it's legit or not, Jagex doesn't like the whole trust trade and gambling scenario. If they liked it they would have made an interface for it a long time ago. And renewed the whole game floor of Burthope castle. But since it's hasn't happened. Jagex will always try to stop people from doing easy gambling money.
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