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    Eurovision !

    I'm not going to watch the actual contest, but I am going to vote for Finland.
  2. Playstation 3 is probably going to win the "war". Not because I am a fanboy, but because a disturbingly large part of Japan is. I think I'll stick to my PC.
  3. Yeah, that's really the main problem with WoW. If you cannot dedicate longer periods of time to it, you won't really be able to enjoy the better parts of it.
  4. The games cannot be compared. Runscape is about killing that 50000th Hobgoblin to reach level X, and by nature it's boring as hell, which is why people watch movies while doing it. WoW has a bit of that element aswell, but as soon as you reach level 60, it's all over. That doesn't mean the game is over, you can still progress a lot by gathering better equipment. However, you don't just enter a random house and start killing monsters, you team up with as many as 40 people to take down the most powerfull enemies. If it wasn't for the cooperation aspect, MMO's would be completely pointless. Sure, there's some cooperation in Runescape player-killing, but it's pretty limited. For this reason, Runescape can never come close to WoW in terms of enjoyability. The feeling of overcoming a very difficult obstacle with your guild/clan after weeks of planning and training is simply not comparable to finally getting that dragon helmet to drop. So if you enjoy playing WITH other players and not against them, the choice is easy. If on the other hand you are incapable of cooperation and listening to others, stick to Runescape, you'll enjoy it more. I refuse to believe anyone who has tried WoW long enough to experience the mid-game would prefer Runescape (assuming they are not anti-social solo-players). Getting a trial character to level 10 does not count, you've only just finished the tutorial by then.
  5. Pyro


    Yeah, I'm sure I'm not crouched and I am running. I even used the 3rd-person mode, and it really looks like he's walking in slowmotion :/
  6. World of Warcraft. There is no game that I've gotten nearly as many hours of great gameplay out of.
  7. I'd take a decent dictator over democracy every day. The people do a great job at having opinions, but the decisions they make are often flawed. Of course, there is no ruler which everyone, or probably even more than one hundred people, would support.
  8. If you're asking for medical advice over the internet, you might have other problems aswell.
  9. Pyro


    Excellent graphics, plot with potential, neat interface, etc. Yet I can't stand it. You're character is walking in slow-motion. I guess your speed improves over time, but that doesn't change the fact that I did not enjoy the early parts of the game, due to this one fact. I'll try it again later I guess, for now I'm not impressed.
  10. "lol, jezus didnt deserve to die lol" Shut the hell up about the Jay-guy already... I don't get it. What the heck is wrong with you people? Faith is one thing, this isn't faith, this is an obsession. Maybe it's because I just had to endure yet another lecture on how leet the holy lord is and how bad the rest of us are, but I've totally had it with fanatics. Tolerance is so overrated it's not funny. On topic: Most people didn't that died didn't deserve it, whether they died in accidents or of age.
  11. No, I would not. Stopping aids would not benefit mankind. It would increase the risk of overpopulation, which in the end would cause even more misery.
  12. What I'd like to know is how people actually get to be suprised when things like this happen, despite the fact that the country in question allows guns to be owned by practically any pleb that wants one. You don't hand out devices designed to harm/kill people and expect them to be locked away forever. People are idiots, and idiots should not be allowed to possess guns. It's as simple as that in my view, and anyone who feels otherwise has the right do so as long as he is willing to accept the risks and consequences involved. Just don't expect any suprise or pity from me.
  13. I hit the Ipod and got a free monkey.
  14. I am of the opinion that retroactive abortion of those responsible for such laws is necessary.
  15. Pyro

    Favorite TV Shows?

    I don't have favourite TV-shows for long, because I usually end up watching every episode and moving on. At this time I'm watching Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1 and Prison Break, since I ran out of Star Trek episodes to watch.
  16. Pretty poor game. The first few hours are great, especially if you like Star Wars, but it has no depth, and hence it becomes boring. The most interesting aspect is the space battles, but they aren't very interesting. You can only control a few units at once and once these are dead you can instantly call in reinforcements. This means that battles can be drawn out for ages if both sides have massive armies, and the only real tactic is to move you ships around sensibly and focus fire on the offensive targets. It's a shame because this game could have been so much better. Obviously my opinion should not be taken as fact, but I don't think that this game is worth the price. It might be in a few months when the price goes down.
  17. Fair enough, I'll simply agree to disagree then.
  18. Yes and no. Yes, I believe schools should "take advantage" of kids wanting to purchase unhealthy food by letting them do so. But no, it should not be done because of profit but because we should not decide for them what they should eat. Offering an alternative is one thing, taking steps to prevent people from being able to consume unhealthy food is another. Supporting a decision to remove unhealthy food from vending machines et cetera in schools by arguing that it can be circumvented by purchasing it outside of school is ridiculous. If the very idea of a rule is that if you want to avoid it you can it should not exist in the first place. The whole whoever-sells-junk-food-is-at-fault-thing is idiotic beyond words. People can choose what they want to eat themselves, there is no need to do it for them, even though it is necesary to offer an alternative to junkfood. Besides, the people who fail at making these choices were probably meant to be taken out by natural selection anyways. The option of self-destructiveness is essential to real freedom.
  19. Schools should be allowed to sell whatever kind of food students are willing to buy. However, obesity can indeed become a problem. The solution to this problem is, in my opinion, to serve free food for every student. This free daily meal should be healthy and produced at a very low cost. This should be funded by taxes. Yeah, providing such a service costs. However, I am absolutely convinced that it is cheaper than having to deal with the health problems that will appear if people eat junk food every day.
  20. Sounds good to me. As long as I don't have to live there, whatever makes them happy.... I do find the idea of having innocent children born into such a nest of lies repulsive however, but fortunately I don't have to care, because that's up to the parent. We actually have some communities in Sweden which are basically entirely focused around the local church and one of them was on the news a few years ag. It was pretty neat, one of the priests declared herself to be the bride of christ, another of them had two mistresses living with his family and eventually murded his wife (by proxy even, one of the brainwashed youths did it and claimed god sent her annonymous short messenges on the cellphone). Not saying it will happen to this one, but hey, who knows what happens when you group the l33t supporters of our holy lord together.
  21. I enjoy parts of it. Several classes are interesting and you do learn something from attending them, but there are too many classes which are completely pointless. No, I am not one of those people who feel maths are pointless because you aren't gonna be using the things you learn outside of school, because I find that to be ignorant. The classes I am talking about are for example the Swedish and English lessons, which I can honestly say are among the most pointless ways I've spent my time. We watch random movies and read random books. I'd like to think I do that enough in my spare time. But beyond said classes (which are mainly made pointless due to completely idiotic teachers) school is okay. I'd rather go to school than work, so I'm not complaining. I do believe college will be far more interesting however, so I'm really looking forward to it (just a few months to go :P).
  22. The problem with upgrading your computer is that if it is old as here people suspect, you will basically have to replace it all. You can't just upgrade for example the video card, because it still won't do the trick.
  23. I refuse to "base" my opinions on anything. The need to have others form a system of opinions for you is for lesser individuals. I have presented my opinions and if they happen to be the same as systems of opinions that have already been labeled, so be it. But yes, moral relativism is obviously one of few universal truths. As for your last comment, I find this new record-low level of debate amusing.
  24. That may very well be your opinion, but it isn't mine. There is no such thing as good people, there are just people who like to think of themselves as better than others. People such as you and me. As for the Hitler comment, if fits in pretty well considering a lot of people here claim to be pro-life, so I won't dismiss it as nonsense (w00t, flamebait!). Yes, that's the gist of it. I don't want the difference most Christians do.
  25. Dinging level 60 with my Shammy in WoW o/
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