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  1. Just enter /join #tavern Edit: personally I dislike the java client as it skips giving some vital information that makes it far more difficult to Use IRC fully and doesn't have the additional features of a standalone client
  2. I do not particularly want to get tied up into this whole debate, so I shall simply explain my position in this entire mess: Regardless of what decision we finally come to, I do not expect to leave the tavern Though I also will either way no longer GM new games. I will keep my word though and continue running An Ocean of a Problem until the game dies, however once it dies I will not take up the largely Thankless job of GMing for such an uncompromising group (I dont particularly want to have to explain the not immediately visible aspects of why I view the Tavern as such, Just take me at my word). I would continue to partake in games that I personally find interesting, though due to the recent atmosphere of the Tavern I have branched out to alternative locations to play RPGs. My personal view is that it is vital to reign in the Back room discussion as it is generally the first thing outsiders of the forum see when considering joining the Tavern, and much of the discussion that has been taking place does not make the Tavern seem to be a good place to play games, and if we get rid of the backroom as a whole whenever people wish to propose new games they will be forced to create a whole seperate thread for that purpose which will simply end up drowning the first page of the tavern in games that never actually managed to take off making it even more unappealing to outsiders.
  3. If it still hasn't changed it might indicate an issue with our CDN. Has it still not updated? Still has not been fixed. for a visual aid in telling when the issue is resolved, the 2 pictures in this post should be identical: http://forum.tip.it/topic/303716-profile-picture-not-changing/page__view__findpost__p__5066291 (one is a direct link to the file, and the other is using Query strings to bypass the outdated version in the cdn's Cache)
  4. Well, currently I have it registered to my nick group, though if it is really an issue for you all I will transfer the registration of the account over to an administrator in which case I cannot expect there to be any issues with who holds the channel ownership. (really the most I would do is grant Moderators Auto admin powers and change the discussion topic)
  5. Okay, I have registered #tavern for the time being, if Stork or any of the admins wishes to take control of the chat from me, Just ask and I will transfer ownership or grant Admin status in the channel.
  6. Actually You dont need to discuss it with an admin, nor do you need to discuss it with an IRC Op. All you need to do is put through the request with the ChanServ; Here is a link to a page with the assortment of Chanserv commands, specifically the register command which you need to do first http://www.wyldryde.org/commands/chanserv.php#register Edit: if you wish I could just configure the IRC channel as I already know how, I would just need a registered nick for Stork to grant him auto op and successor in the channel.
  7. Well, in my opinion the back room is needed to operate the Tavern reasonably, however The current form of discussion that takes place on it is counter productive. Really what the Back room needs is to have the discussion restricted to only being for polling on the concept of new games to run in the tavern so there is not a need to start up individual threads for seeing if people will play a game, as opposed to a generic Off topic thread which just descends into constant arguing. On the IRC topic, it would certainly work, especially if you register the channel so that it is configured even if everyone leaves the channel.
  8. Well, I can confirm that the profile pictures do not update anywhere except the upload picture page, but the files do get uploaded as if you add a Query String on to the Profile picture URL it displays the updated one, such as here are PoorLep's two profile pics: Current one: http://forum.uploads.cdn.tip.it/profile/photo-115529.jpg Upcoming one: http://forum.uploads.cdn.tip.it/profile/photo-115529.jpg?blah (would use my own, except I do not actually desire to change my image so I am switching it back) EDIT: Forgot to mention that deleting the picture changes it to the default image, so it doesn't actually fix the issue as the User Control panel doesn't edit the regular file at all, so the previous image remains on the site
  9. Yes, its running in a bit over an hour. Assume that we have a session unless I specifically post saying otherwise
  10. Give it a try, there's really no harm in it. If you don't like it, then you don't have to watch any more. If you do, you've discovered what many people, including me, believe is a wonderful show. Honestly, eventually you don't conciously register the art style, much like it's very easy to unconsciously accept words like 'everypony' after you hear it enough. EDIT: Oh, and I was also going to say that when Luna first used the royal 'we', I thought she was referring to her dual personality. Now, she's accepted that many people will still call her Nightmare Moon and now just rolls with it. That doesn't sound like a safe mental game to play in the long term, it's like if a bullied child who was called names started to accept that and played the role just to lessen the personal impact. It all depends on Luna's mental strength, and seeing how not being loved turned out last time... Gosh, I could ramble about this for ages. I think I'll resist. Woona fan are we? A wittle. EDIT: Ah, who am I kidding, Luna is best pony. Well Pinkie Pie is Pinkie Pie, for all we know she was running a Trollestia level plot to teach Luna that everypony can love her even if she is somewhat scary, by manipulating the entire town. I agree, Luna is now cemented in her position of being the best (Not-OC) Pony. (If only there was a way to meet Luna in person... May as well look through these old tomes of Eldrich sorceries while watching luna eclipsed a 4th time...)
  11. Thanks, I have made modifications to all of the seeds you linked to. If you can think of any other seeds that need to have the Jadinko Lair reward note mentioned just send me a message and I will add them. (I cannot actually do anything in the Jadinko Lair personally, so its hard for me to figure out what the rewards are). - wyvren2000
  12. Thanks, the item stat comparison section has been removed from the Crystal Shield entry, as it is not a simple task keeping such a list up to date with new items as they are released.
  13. Sounds pretty good, though I have to figure out what retailer to order it through, as the only one that I currently have an account with is steam and they have the worse preorder pack in my opinion.
  14. I understand why you did that (I think the events of certain people proved that point correct) and accept it (though this will ensure some extra paranoia), though I think it would have been a bad idea not to bring the god damned diplomancer (that reminds me, if someone fails the willsave for charm person, will they know that I tried to enspell them?) to a social situation. Okay, I assuming you meant to ask what would happen if someone makes the will save for charm person: If the target makes the saving throw they would feel a hostile force and/or tingling which would make it obvious that something is amiss, however they would be unable to determine exactly what caused it (end of official written rules, start of GM personal view) however I would say that the target would be allowed to immediately make a spellcraft check to identify the spell even if they had previously failed for the same spell, and regardless it would be rather easy for the target to tell that you were casting some form of spell on them, unless you can prevent them from detecting the verbal and somatic components of the spell. Also I guess I can look into making the map more of a square grid.
  15. Before I would allow content like that I would like to know the Character concept so I can tell if there is a simpler approach to making the character work. Additionally one thing that I did not think I would have to say, but what I am hearing second hand makes me think a warning is needed: One of the Fastest ways to get me to boot a player from a game is if they attempt to kill other players or destroy vital party property out of character, and I will not Authorize characters designed in such a way that it would be in character to kill other players and destroy vital party property without a fairly high level of actual provocation. The only more efficient way to get kicked out is to disregard my decisions or straight up lie to me as a GM.
  16. Yes, you always have to login with the original username as the login system doesn't pay attention to display names. Overall the Recovery system is a hit or miss affair with not entirely clear requirements of what it takes to get the account recovered.
  17. It is possible to change the Username that is displayed for Runescape accounts now, however it is not actually possible to change the username that is used to log in to the account as far as I know. I am pretty sure that there is no way to figure out what username the account is currently using as it is to some degree an extra security measure to not associate login names with display names. really the only way I can think of to tell if the account is still around would be to try the account recovery system and see if it has recovery questions set.
  18. For the most part he can play what he wants within reason following the general rules for what content is allowed, as I will find some way to fit the character in. Also just because it makes sense for a character to join the party you still take the level penalty because it is intended to get the players to make up their mind about what to play. Dont worry about the penalty as you should be fully caught up in terms of level by the time the party reaches 8th level.
  19. One thing to note is that your character will be a level 5 character as opposed to the party's level 6, as my new character and Character rebuild deadline was 2 weeks ago and at this point its a fair bit more difficult for me to come up with a reason for your character suddenly joining the group.
  20. Yeah, next session is in a bit over 24 hours from now so just some reminders: Level up your characters to level 6 if you have not already done so. Think of questions you would like to ask Kiara Tropic, as next session will begin with deciding what to do about her offer. Your characters will have either a week or 2 weeks to do anything time based, depending on the groups final decision with the captain.
  21. Arguably we could do both, though if it turns out she is a witch or whatever it might then we too late to actually get rid of her...And a magic user, on a ship that smacks of magic, neither of which we understand in any great detail, seems far far far too hazardous in my opinion. In purely metagaming terms: There seems a strong leaning towards us keeping the ship, getting the woman onboard and she becomes our major quest giver and font of general knowledge, who possible gets us into trouble from time to time. Ok then loot: +1 Chainmail [1030] +1 Battleaxe (Glowing) [2310] +1 Shield [1159] 3 Flasks of Divine Favour [50ea] 1 Potion of Bulls Strength [300] (Owned by Ross) Boots of Winterlands [2,500] Feather Token(Anchor) [50] (Owned by Ross) 5 GP Just so you know, I have no interest in everyone getting 'their fair share'. The loot we get is collected up, people who want items can take them, everything else is stored until useful, or we decide to trade it in for cash. If you are replacing an old item (Armour, weapon, ect) then that goes in the chest. Cash is divided whenever we reach a port on an equal basis, after ship running costs (Food, water, cannons, ect) are deducted. As an aside to Wyvern, can you post or send me an overview of the ship? I would like to actually design my room, if nothing else =P Okay, First thing is some additional things I didn't get to saying in the session: 1)The Harbormaster stopped by and delivered a net total of 10,500gp as your advance payment from the crown following the deduction of titling and port fees. (this is for the entire party, not per person) 2)You have all reached Level 6 Okay, the Current damages to the Soaring Rose: internal Structual damage (500gp) Secondary mast knocked off entirely and the main mast has largely been stripped (1000gp) Stearing Severed (500gp for juryrigged repairs by un-experienced Shipwrights) Hull damage (1000gp for repairs with availible materials) Yeah, You met Kiara Tropic, a Half elf who appears to be in her mid 40s (do note that Half elves do not reach middle age until 60 some years of age). Roughly 5' tall, she certainly looks the part of being a ship captain, dressed in somewhat above average quality Sailor's garb and a tan that shows she spends alot of time working outdoors(presumably on the deck of a ship), however the most noticeable thing about her is the intricate set of pale blue Tattoos that you can see on almost every where her skin is exposed. If anyone desires you may ask her more questions as you would have a lengthy discussion on her offer. The Soaring Rose (stats are following getting repairs availible at this point and are not entirely final) - Atraille class vessel +4 on Profession Sailor Speed of 15 x wind 80' by 20' (10' tall with an additional 10' draft) 20 crew members required, all are expected to actually work though it can be done otherwise Maximum cargo is 150 Tons, but speeds are reduced after 75 tons The on board weapons and Launch were destroyed during combat. (weapons may be replaced with Ballistas or Light catapults up to a max of 2 total [you do not exactly have access to cannons currently]. Launch may be replaced for 500gp or you can just buy canoes) Anyone who wishes to may make knowledge History and/or Profession Sailor checks for more information on Atrailles may do so.
  22. Is that from Jagex because of new membership stuff? 'cause I was previously subbed for 2 years straight and I feel kinda ripped off. Its been going on for several years, specifically ever since they raised the membership prices. The way it works is that the price for membership drops if you have subscribed for atleast a year and do not allow your membership to lapse for more than 14 days. Though from what I have heard you have to cancel your membership and start a new one in order for the price changes to actually take effect. (I haven't had to deal with it as I was grandfathered into the loyalty discount and haven't had more than a 2 week lapse in membership)
  23. [spoiler=length]length public long length()Returns the length of the file denoted by this abstract pathname. The return value is unspecified if this pathname denotes a directory. Returns: The length, in bytes, of the file denoted by this abstract pathname, or 0L if the file does not exist. Some operating systems may return 0L for pathnames denoting system-dependent entities such as devices or pipes. [spoiler=getTotalSpace]getTotalSpace public long getTotalSpace()Returns the size of the partition named by this abstract pathname. Returns: The size, in bytes, of the partition or 0L if this abstract pathname does not name a partition You Probably want to use length because from what I can tell getTotalSpace is for checking information on Drives (and possibly folders) Contained disk space.
  24. Well, In terms of reducing the price you can always get the Loyalty discount after a year of subscribing , not sure what it would be on Australian Credit card payments (I assume that is what you mean otherwise you are comparing apples to oranges) as on Us credit cards its something like 17% off
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