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  1. My personal rating of the usefulness of rooms from most to least useful: Garden/Formal Garden Chapel Costume room Menagerie Portal chamber (Canifis + 2 others if you are on regular magic. Varrock, Watchtower, Camelot on Ancient magic. Varrock, Lumbridge and Canifis if you use Lunar magic mainly) Quest hall Workshop Kitchen 2x Bedroom Dungeon (Stairs) Dining room Study (eagle) Portal Chamber(pick up another 3 portals) Study (demon) Anything unlisted up until this point except the parlour Portal chamber (last portal) Parlour (The parlour has nothing unique about it, so unless you really really want a rocking chair don't waste the space) I personally use the Dungeon (Stairs) to train construction with a combination of the butler and oak doors.
  2. Well, if you are using IE 9 I am fairly sure the issue is an out of date Javascript Library the current IPB installation (as of the last time I asked) uses because it doesn't work properly in IE 9. If that is the case just enable compatibility mode and it should work properly. If you aren't using IE 9 then I have no clue.
  3. Well, its more an issue of rectifying the horrible issues issues caused by conflicts in the game systems. Like giving character options from D&D to a Savage worlds character will literally end up 1 hit killing everything (Savage worlds has a system that effectively all things have 1 point of easily renewed HP, and either 1 or 3 hp that cannot be recovered during a session by anything short of magic) and most other types of bonuses from D&D would end up increasing the odds of success for actions by 50% or more or allow for doing an additional action at no cost per turn. (Savage worlds has a taget number of 4, when D&D has 10. and Savage worlds deals with multiple actions per turn by imposing a -2 penalty to all actions for each action past the first.)
  4. Well, the issue is more of each character is going to end up with an absurd number of different statistics that all need to be leveled up, and you need to keep track of the systems for a ton of different game systems. Also Savage worlds is also the quickest to level up game I have found to date, with leveling a character taking a few seconds if you have any idea what you want to do with the character (takes at most 5 minutes if you have no clue what you want to do with the character)
  5. Well, DATI would be an absolute mess to deal with as it is not easy to covert characters between different game systems, with the only realistic transistions I would know of being D&D 3.0 to 3.5 to Pathfinder since they all use the same basic systems and content, but D&D 3e based games are notoriously slow to level up characters. 4th edition D&D would just have things get out of hand once people start leveling up as it is Extremely focused in PCs becoming noticably more powerful each level. More general game systems like Savage worlds and GURPS would not really have the desired effect as they have reletively low rates of ability increase as the game progresses within most settings. So really the most difficult part of making it work is deciding which direction to go with running it, since there is no major system that I know of that is quick to level up, not exponential power levels, and has noticable level increases. (based on the optimum playing strategy for the game I would say Paranoia would make the most sense, however I don't like the game system.)
  6. Yeah, I have to agree with the others that with that speed test you are not being DDoSed (perhaps someone is doing a really bad job trying to DoS you with a personal computer, but that is unlikely) and your reduction in connection speed is due to inevitable fluctuations in the service from your ISP(unless you have a High end Commercial internet package with a Service level agreement that mandates that you get atleast 25Mbps, but I would be fairly sure you dont have one [Any service including that would be far higher pricewise than any regular internet package on the market]) If you really insist on saying that you are being DDoSed, I would suggest the standard fix for residential users of powercycling your Gateway or modem (whatever plugs into your wall to let you get the internet) which normally will change your IP address. (this can also fix a wide variety of issues originating at your end of the line)
  7. Umm... You do realise that Steam just capitalizes the entire unit listing, as Megabytes per Siemen(electrical conductance) is an utterly useless unit measure (S is the unit symbol for Siemens, s is the unit symbol for Seconds) Its not very uncommon for Programmers to ignore the fine differences in unit labels, especially as Steam download times do not require scientific precision. Additionally nothing that tells you a connection speed is actually telling you the precise connection speed, instead its just giving a rough estimate (actually giving you precise speeds would slow your computer down, and the values would be utterly useless to a human user. For example Windows just reads which connection standard is being used and displays that rather than calculating anything). Also something you obviously don't know: the Category of the cable doesn't actually mean anything with relation to the types of Ethernet it can carry(The category of the cable just means it meets a certain set of specifications for data cables), instead you want to look at the designation of the cable (not always marked on the cables) which is generally in the form xBASE-T where x is for identifing the speed of the Ethernet standard(100BASE-T is for Fast ethernet, and 1000BASE-T is Gigabit Ethernet. The actual transmission speed practically never ends up being exactly what is specified). Atleast currently Category 5 Ethernet cables have a maximum designation of 1000BASE-T, with 10000BASE-T requiring a minimum of Category 6 cable. Unless you went out and specially purchased all of your networking equipment, your network will be operating on the Fast Ethernet standard rather than Gigabit ethernet even if the cable can handle Gigabit Ethernet (your network speed is restricted by the lowest Ethernet standard being used, which there is a fairly good chance that your gateway or router will only support Fast Ethernet unless you went out and purchased a gateway meant for commercial use)
  8. The difference between MB/s and Mb/s is more wishful thinking than anything, as its very common to mix up the two and many users don't really care enough to insist upon using the right term. Also, what sort of dodgy Ethernet cable are you using, since many modern Cat 5 cables are rated for 1000BASE-T and alot of the rest can still be used for Gigabit Ethernet(assuming the manufacturer isn't cutting costs and is only manufacturing it with 2 pairs instead of the standard 4. 1000Base-t cables are very much prefered though.)
  9. Well, it all really depends on how the obviously inaccessable technology is treated, Like while a diving tank would obviously be impossible to obtain, you can always use a tactic of making use of an overturned boat Pirates of the Carribean style to get something similar to the desired outcome while it may obviously be inferior to a more modern solution. In terms of a repeating crossbow you need to get more in depth to provide a reasonable explanation for its existance, (assuming a 900 AD setting in actual history) such as a scholar from the Far East selling you the advanced weaponry after finding himself in need of local currency to continue his journey.(this would effectively imply that its a non-replaceable item, which is generally a good way to treat such items if they are allowed)
  10. Normally wouldn't post a desktop image for a request like this, but I guess I should show my non-cluttered desktop in hopes that it inspires the people with horribly cluttered desktops to clean it up at some point. [spoiler=Large desktop image (1023x575, was 1366x768)]
  11. Okay, I don't care what I said about this before: I am no longer going to GM An Ocean of a Problem, as it has finally just reached the point that I cannot make any real justification for continuing running the game. I am sorry to the people who just recently joined/rejoined the game that the game didn't last. Really I will not go into specifics about why I finally decided to quit as good things will not come out of doing so. If anyone else would like to take over GMing An Ocean of a problem, feel free to, I am more than willing to help out a bit in such a case.
  12. Just a heads up, Next session is Sunday the 8th at 1PM US Central Time (GMT -6)
  13. I think you and I may be the only active RS players in here though. I still play, or how else would I be on the website crew. I have my account name over there <- if you really want to talk to me when I am playing
  14. Session in around 40 minute, sorry for not posting earlier as I was busy literally all day yesterday.
  15. :lol: Perhaps it would be a good idea to deal with the Paladins that are already chasing you I guess its reasonable.
  16. Yeah, assuming the party wasn't higher than level 5 when I last went and gave stuff out after you got the boat. (I honestly can't remeber what level you were all at then) Edit: okay, went back and figured it out- Martel, Caliber, and Mask get 22,000 GP (technically it should be 21400, but I will be nice) which includes a refund for the boat as so many party members joined after that point that its not quite fair counting the Soaring Rose against you. Archi and anyone else who joined at 7th level gets 9500 GP Everyone who has joined since 8th Level gets nothing as you came in at the current amount of money.
  17. Okay, came to the conclusion that since so many people have changed characters its probably easiest if everyone just gets up to the suggested amount of money for your level.
  18. Okay, finally got a chance to look at it, and Winter witch seems fine. I would prefer not using the retcon approach, but if you would prefer, I guess it would work. If you do make a new character it would be nice if you could come up with an excuse to be in the Dwarven nation of Gwendeep. going to Work out the rewards from the last adventure a bit later tonight.
  19. Okay, I am thinking of starting the game back up on January 1st at 1PM if there are enough players willing and able to play then. Also, being the transition between Episode 2 and Episode 3 now would be a good time for anyone looking to join the game to come in. So if you want to start up on Sunday, please post or let me know through some other means.
  20. My stance is still the same, Having a completely unrestricted thread for discussion will only bring back the really annoying flamewars from the old thread; while it could in theory work with restrictions to keep it atleast remotely on topic, chances are it would constantly be derailing into the exact type of discussion that lead to it being removed in the first place. So to put it simply, I do not support reviving the Backroom, though a more general discussion thread could work if there was a far more focused topic which was enforced.
  21. Besides the entire, being blatantly obvious someone is bypassing the activity monitoring. It doesn't take a computer scientist to notice the discrepency between the Activity log saying you were never on the computer, and the fact that you were obviously on the computer doing stuff.
  22. Yes, there are many different ways to bypass Activity reporting and the other parental control options on Windows, though almost all of them involve accessing an Administrator account and would be extremely obvioius to the person in control of the parental controls if they pay any attention at all. Trying to bypass the programs is definately not the right thing to do, as chances are it will end up getting your friend even more restrictions. If your friend has a valid reason to not have their activity monitored, they should just ask their parents to reduce the level of parental controls, and if they don't have a valid reason then they just have to deal with it and show their parents that they are responsible enough to have reduced parental controls. TL;DR: Having restricted access is better than no access, they should talk to their parents.
  23. Just an assortment of Chessex dice (literally just got a pound of random dice, which is pretty much the cheapest way to purchase them)
  24. Merry Belated Christmas! Only Christmas gifts that are really major that I got was a print copy of the tabletop rpg RPG Fiasco, and a pound of dice. In other news I have finished the first portion of the plan for An Ocean of a Problem: Episode III - Pardon the Miner Interuption (for those that are wondering, the first two episodes were titled The Grand Arcana Festival and The Perils of Wraith's Tomb) to the point that I cant really plan out any further without massive player derailing; Also I have begun work on preparing a game setting for another campaign I plan to run after An Ocean of a Problem ends (running it at a different site as the setting basis doesn't fit the Tavern) under a working title of All the Time in the World.
  25. Largely its a matter of Official support vs Unofficial support and ease of access. By extending official support using runetips mobile on desktop browsers, we are expected to ensure that it works properly on all major internet browsers instead of just the major mobile browsers. In terms of ease of access, the site has very inconsistent navigation when in mobile mode which makes it difficult to use the site outside of the databases, and there is the decent chance of people not figuring out how to get out of mobile mode. Its more of an issue of do we inconvience the regular users who have no desire of using mobile mode, or to inconvience the more technically literate users who are trying to get more performance out of their majorly overtaxed computer (who can easily just bypass the restriction. At the very least IE 8+ has built in support for the bypass that just requires a quick google search for a mobile browser user agent string). (My personal opinion again) but as tripsis said, the definate answer will most likely end up being decided by Peter.
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