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  1. That, right there, is yet one more reason to have access to Tip.It's Mobile Version on desktop systems. Older systems won't be stressed out by the Mobile version, where they would be stressed out by the desktop version. Thanks for making a note of that. :D FWIW, many reputable commercial companies let their mobile sites load on desktop browsers. They are the sorts of firms who understand concepts like customer retention and user-friendliness. Examples: Taco Bell: http://m.tacobell.com/ Wendys: http://m.wendys.com/ TGI Fridays: http://m.tgifridays.com/ Steak n Shake: http://www.steaknshake.com/mobile/ SONIC: http://www.sonicdrivein.mobi/ Red Lobster: http://m.redlobster.com/ Pizza Hut: https://quikorder.pizzahut.com/phorders2/mobilelogin.php McDonalds: http://mobile.mcstate.com/ Office Depot: http://m.officedepot.com/m/www.officedepot.com/ Best Buy: http://m.bestbuy.com/m/b/ Staples: http://m.staples.com/mt/www.staples.com CVS Pharmacy: http://m.cvs.com/mt/www.cvs.com/CVSApp/user/home/home.jsp?un_jtt_redirect The GAP: http://m.gap.com/ WalMart: http://mobile.walmart.com/ Target: http://sites.target.com/site/en/spot/mobile.jsp which makes Tip.Its stand seem so very, very odd. There is more than one type of website you know, like if you would look at your own list you would notice that every single one of those are retail or dining websites, which for obvious reasons have very limited content on each page, when Rune tips is focused on the guides that we provide, which are not particularly compatible with mobile viewing and are created with desktop users in mind which leads to the mobile version being restricted to the Databases for technical and practical reasons. As a result the way most users navigate the site would result in a very disjointed visual appearence as the page switches between the mobile and desktop layouts. Between the inconsistent display issues and the increase of the demand on the coding staff to maintain the mobile version and the several easy ways to access the mobile site from a desktop browser, I personally do not see official support being added for accessing runetips mobile from desktop browsers. (This is my personal opinion, The staff in charge of coding the redesign could very well have another opinion)
  2. Well, in that case I would suggest trying the downloadable client from Jagex on the downloads page: http://www.runescape.com/g=runescape/downloads.ws That should be able to connect unless the issue is a firewall or connection problem, as it runs on its own built in JVM and doesn't use a browser
  3. Somewhat confused by that screenshot, as That is not the linked URL for actually playing Runescape, which atleast for me is something like ( the other one works for me though...): http://www.runescape.com/g=runescape/game.ws?j=1
  4. Well, You missed Mod Liono who presumably sits in the Mod Moltare's immediate area at the Jagex offices (on page 5), and possibly Mod Pi. Can pretty much confirm that Moltare is a brony due to his quoting of a really really annoying fan flash animation in the recruitment thread for the PONIES clan...
  5. I lost track of what levels everyone is... (nobody bothers giving me updated character sheets) so lets just say everyone is the same level at this point
  6. Just a reminder that the Session is at 1PM (US Central) Sunday (Tomorrow). In other news this is going to be the last session of An Ocean of a Problem for the year as my schedule does not work for running any weekend games until after the 1st week of 2012
  7. Yeah, the laptop is good for its price, though the fact that it is made by Dell is something that would make the think again about buying it. since I am sure you want to know examples of why I don't like Dell: Can only use Dell's drivers for the hardware (non-standard installation leads to manufacturer drivers overwriting other components), official drivers will only be updated if the issue leaves the computer unusable, the Bios has silly mistakes all the time including when they try fixing other issues(had experience with bad Bios software on 3 different models: one was unable to exit Hibernate mode, one corrupted its own MBR [master boot record] every time it was started requiring it to be repaired every 4-5 times, and one that Bricked the laptop), Not all their driver software is free to replace (for example you can only reinstall the webcam software 3 times before they start making you pay), The Driver disks do not always have drivers for all the system components, etc.
  8. I know about the entire thing of the array being intended to store the Periodic table, I only provided that sample code to point out that you were forgetting to initialize the array (I even mentioned it in the comment) since the constructor never runs if you run that class. The specific code would be very helpful to tell you what is going on, but I will tell you what I can: If mol is just a string variable, and the displayAtomicMakeUp() method is within the class calling the method, you only need to do displayAtomicMakeup(mol) If mol is an object of the Class "X", and the displayAtomicMakeUP() method is within class "X" then you simply need to use mol.displayAtomicMakeup() if mol is a string variable in this class, and displayAtomicMakeUp() is in class "X" which you have made an object out of named "object" you need to use object.displayAtomicMakeup(mol) if displayAtomicMakeUp() is in this class, and mol is a string in the object "object" which is of type "X", you need to use displayAtomicMakeUp(object.getMol()) assuming you have an accessor method named getMol() in class "X"
  9. Well, that would be your problem. Try replacing the line: private static String[] elements; With this : private static String[] elements = {"Honesty","Kindness","Laughter","Generosity","Loyalty","Magic"}; //Remember to initialize this array to something before trying to access it. Princess Luna is the best Pony. Honestly do not use this code in the final version of this program, from wyvren2000
  10. To put it simply: isDigit(char ch) returns true if the character is a digit (0-9 or an assortment of other things you shouldn't see in testing) and false if it is anything else. Okay, so the Display method is supposed to just output from the array elements since there is no real reason to not have it just access the elements array itself rather than having the main method do it. would you by any chance be happening to get the null pointer exception trying to run just that class, rather than having another class using it?
  11. Well, for your first issue you could make use of the charAt(index) method and substring method of the String class, and the isDigit(char) method of the Character class to work together a set of logic to do the seperation of the stings (I wont actually write the code for you as it is a homework assignment) Will take me a bit longer to see if I can find where your other issue is Edit: as far as I can tell, the only way I can think of to get a null pointer exception is if you are running the main method before the constructor or feeding in a null array to the display command (Comment your code, as I cannot actually tell what on earth the display method is trying to do, as I would think that you would be using the class's periodic table output rather than having one passed to it). Cant provide more help really without seeing the code that interacts with the method, and having the code be commented.
  12. Well, your main issue is that Power PC based Macs don't actually support booting from USB, though you can force it to do so through some advanced option or something like that (Again, I am just using google, so I cannot say anything on what it actually does) : boot iBook G4 from USB
  13. Well, the thing is that the Computer may not support transfering data like that, as the case only supports 2 Hard drives from what I can tell of the Documentation (Which is not very helpful) which is a problem when trying to connect 3 total hard drives (The SSD for the OS, the destination HD, and the Laptop HD) not to mention the motherboard only supporting a total of 4 SATA connections which would already be connected to the 4 SATA components installed (2 hard drives, the optical drive, and a 5.5" drive bay (the bay may support the third drive, but I cant say for certain as 5.5" bays are generally used for optical drives not HDs.)
  14. Well, Here is what google says (Dont use Macs so I can't really say anything from personal experience): Instructions for setting up usb drive to install Mac OS X Leopard Also, Leopard is the highest version of OS X that is supported by that model.
  15. As long as both computers are using the same operating system and you put the files in the right place most things should copy over properly with the exception of a few specific files that are inaccessable (you should be able to copy everything besides Low files[you don't need to copy them so don't worry] if you enable viewing hidden files and disable the protection of system files) though if you are not selective about it you will be spending a horribly long time transfering files due to the sheer number of them (copy and delete times are not just defined by total size, as the overhead really adds up copying extremely small files.) and you will be forced to reinstall software as just copying the executables over tends to make them not work anymore due to the old registery values not being transfered. As for how to actually go about transfering files, I would suggest using an external hard drive or file sharing across your home network as these are generally the easiest methods and they don't require you to dismantle and re assemble your laptop which you can probably still use to some degree. (or if you are willing to spend a really long time doing an easy to set up method of transfering, you could always use dropbox to move the files between the 2 computers you will just end up eating up your bandwidth limit if you have one and it will take a fairly long time)
  16. Well, I would suggest manually checking Acer's website to see if they have drivers for your computer, as the generic graphics card manufacturer graphics card drivers can cause really strange issues on laptops due to non standard installation in the laptop (For example, on my Dell laptop if I try using ATI's drivers for my graphics card it conflicts with my Wireless drivers)
  17. What are you talking about, I managed to do it in roughly 30 seconds of image editing work? I will give a try at adding the Santa hat, but my image editing skills aren't all that great
  18. ???... Are we talking about the same sub-forum? Looking at the most recent 2 games besides My own, it seems there has been no activity for 2 weeks on either (One due to technical issues, and the other presumably because people never posted, including one who has posted within the last 12 hours), and it is hardly the removal of the Backroom that caused the current lack of games, because as most people should be able to remember, the Tavern had roughly the same amount of game activity prior to it being removed; Bringing back the Backroom is not a magic solution to the problems that the Tavern is facing, At best bringing it back would have no difference but more likely it would just start making people get fed up and quit the Tavern like it had been doing before it was closed. You will have to jog my memory on a time when the Backroom helped people with problems that would have prevented a session, because I really cannot think of anytime that anything like this ever happened. Speaking from my personal experience with the Backroom, if anything it made me pay attention to the Tavern less, as I simply skimmed over 50% or so of the posts due to the rest being pointless arguing and conversations that should have been elsewhere that had nothing to do with the Tavern.
  19. I have to agree with this. This has to be the first time I've checked this forum in over a week, and I only did it because I noticed Earth's post when I was scrolling to T&C. At least with the back room people had a reason to come here daily. While the Back Room may have been the reason for the Tavern's "activity", this really isn't an off-topic forum, as that was the majority of the activity. It is a serious games/roleplaying forum. Yes, there isn't any real activity aside from the pathfinder game, but this is only temporary, hopefully. I personally don't see why we should allow the Back Room back for the sake of activity if that activity is going to be more negative posting. It'll do more harm than good. Even if the Tavern slows down for a while, there will always be someone to come in and spark up an idea or two. tl;dr, We don't need activity for the sake of activity if it's going to be negative activity. Well the Back Room didn't just cause its own activity, it also helped keep the actual games alive, and short of the fights that broke out over the misunderstanding of my stories and its use as a blog by Lei, the activity there can't really be described as negative. I think I'll take the effort to set up a new forum for us if there are enough people who want the community to stay and are just discouraged from posting by how we have lost a lot of activity through the loss of our off-topic thread. Also that way we can set up matches and events for games that aren't on the forum without angering the mods and admin with posts that are off from the subforum topic or against these strict forum rules we have here. I am confused what you mean, since the Tavern is running exactly the same as it always has, that the only effect of getting rid of the Back Room was an abundance of new games. If you haven't noticed, The Tavern tends to start new games in bunches because when one person posts an idea it pushes others to post ideas, its just that life tends to pop up and kill the game, with either the person running it being unable to do so or issues arrising from any of the following: too much time between actions, too high of activity requirements, too much time requirements. For example, the main reason why An Ocean of a Problem has managed to run for so long is that it is a weekly game that runs live and I am fine with people just not showing up for sessions if they are busy and am able to proceed without them being present. (Hegemony is technically a counter example as it fails these requirements, but the game itself is unsustainable for maintaining activity in the long term for other reasons I have explained before) Really the only way to get people to ever come to the Tavern to solve the issue with a small player base is if we actually start running games, which I don't see either of you(Mather and Retech) actually trying. If anyone really wants to try running more games feel free to ask me for advice, I simply cannot run more than 1 game at a time and do not intend to run another game in the future. Yes, playing RPGs with a community is generally preferable to playing it with random players all the time, however the Backroom towards its end was only destroying the last shreds of what had been the Falador Tavern community, which means restoring the Backroom would be extremely counterproductive for restoring the way the Tavern used to be. Edit: Also what exactly do you mean about the forum rules being strict? Unless you really have an issue with being told to post in the right place for getting people to play a game outside of the forums (In which case posting in the right place would get you more players, or if you refuse to play with anyone besides the small group of Taverners it would be easier to simply private message them) or being unable to post pirated content (In which case you would probably be surpised to learn that you cannot do that even on your own private webpages, what with it being illegal pretty much everywhere) I don't really see what issues the rules would present.
  20. Well, it would certainly not be the easiest choice for me to deal with, but if you actually restricted to falling back on a limited set of options and had the information handy and actually know how to run the creatures, it would be acceptable (from my experience the Majority of the delays associated with Summoning creatures is the summoner picking what they should summon and then figuring out the rules for running the creature they summoned for the first time ever.)
  21. Yeah, I plan on running the session on Sunday at 1PM, as my Savage Worlds GM had to delay the session until early next week. as opposed to the regularly scheduled sunday session.
  22. Well I can tell you that its not Adobe Flash 11.3, as the current release version of Flash is (11.2 is in Beta presently). Flash player should not make a difference in running Runescape as the game runs on Java, and I cant really make any suggestion besides checking out the Tech support section on the RSOF or trying to use the downloadable client without more information on your system (at the very least what OS you are running. Java Version, Flash version, internet browser, etc. would all be helpful)
  23. Well, I am personally in the clan PONIES ([qfc]87-88-62-63229722[/qfc]) , though there are several other clans for MLP that exist, such as Equestria (used to be an admin of the clan before transfering over to PONIES) and Bronyville. Personally I didn't expect Scootaloo to be involved in May the Best Pet Win as it would have been way too much of a fandom based joke, and it wouldn't exactly be the most age apropriate thing for the episode.
  24. The show isn't about Cheerilee though, nor is she a character worth developing. I don't see why they would spend time developing a character like that. I just didn't like the direction that the show was going in, so I gave it up. The new episode tomorrow would probably make me cry if I watched it. They are going to completely ruin her character. I would assume you are worried about them ruining Rainbow Dash's Character as opposed to Cheerilee's (I am just guessing since Cheerilee has not been associated with the next episode at all.). Well yes I can see how just reading the one sentence blurb would make one think that as it seems to be a very un-Rainbow Dash thing for her to do, but with the further information that was released (particularly the preview clip) it seems to be exactly what the RD we know and love would do given the situation.
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