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  1. Closest free Software to Photoshop that I know of is GIMP 2
  2. Well, I personally dont discuss the show here much as being a runescape fansite its naturally not a very popular place to discuss MLP, so I personally go to other more dedicated sites if I really have something important to contribute to a discussion about the show, but really I dont discuss the show beyond figuring out how to properly take advantage of the setting for the purpose of playing RPGs. (and no I cannot link you to it at this time, as the Game logs are still being processed by the GM) Really the Second season is great so far with most of the Episodes being of excelent quality, including what I would consider my favorite episode Luna Eclipsed.
  3. I almost certainly will not get time to actually read the character class, as I am busy until Friday at the Earliest and then I still have to plan the dungeon and make a chase deck for Sunday's session, So I will tenetively say go ahead and just take it and as long as it doesn't end up being broken or crazy annoying for me to deal with I wont make you change the character. Note, The Next session is on Sunday, as I am not busy with the Savage Worlds game this week. (Friday doesn't work for me as I would have literally 2 hours to plan the entire Session)
  4. Not an Expert on Apple products, so I can only give you what I found in a quick websearch: Apple Support- Resolving iOS update and restore error (Use this first) Apple Support- iTunes restore error(14)
  5. Well not sure if you consider this incompatibility or loss of service, on this Dell Laptop: Problem - Installing reasonably up to date graphics drivers from the GPU manufacturer rendered the Ethernet drivers inoperable Solution- Rollbacked the GPU driver to re-enable Ethernet drivers. Problem- Installed iTunes, Rendering the standard windows png viewer inaccessable due to quicktime (rendering the viewing of standalone PNGs from the internet unusable) Solution - Researched the known issue and disabled Quicktime access to File type settings and manually repaired the incorrectly altered Registry values, following every update of quicktime, until Apple fixed the issue finally. Didn't experience it personally, but I had to help a friend who had the issue: Problem - Owner installed an outdated version of Adobe Photoshop (CS3), disabling all internet connectivity post reset. Solution - Researched issue and discovered a known issue with the included version of Apple Bonjour, forcing manual removal of the on-link Default Gateway (, and requiring installation of iTunes (which bundled with up to date versions of Bonjour) Microsoft Support page for said issue
  6. Does anyone Who voted for Friday have issues with me running this week's session on Friday at 3:00PM my timezone? Retech, you can make a new character if you please though it would have its progress towards catching up be reset, as your character should not die if you play them in a reasonable manner. I will be nice and say the main batch of the party can level up, as the point I intended for you to level up at is at the rate things are going 4-5 sessions away.
  7. Okay, the Official 'Attendence' Policy (I shouldn't need to make a rule about this as it should be common sense, but apparently I do): I understand that some people are late, and sometimes real life events get in the way, that is fine and I will make every effort to see you are in the action as soon as possible and won't be draconic by forcing you to make checks when you aren't even in the session. The trade off is that during that time you won't participate in the game in a meaningful way. On the other hand, camping(see exception below), or flitting in and out, won't be tolerated. This is a game, and as such people are expected to play the game, not play the hero when it suits them. Camping Exception- Chat logging reasons While I would very much like to not have people camping in the session channel, I do understand that you may desire to be able to catch up on the events of the session when you are able to and for some reason you cant just ask for a chat log from me, so I will allow for camping in the game if you follow these simple rules: 1: Change your Nick to Watching|[YourNick] or some very similar variation (Having them start with W keeps them seperate on the list of people in the channel from all characters) 2: Do not Start Discussing the game, offering advice, or having side conversations of any sort. 3: Do not expect to be added to Combat or social encounters immediately after leaving 'Watching mode' 4: Do not immediately leave the session or re-enter watching mode after being told your character is not in the combat, unless I tell you that the combat will be the end of the session. There will be no tolerance for breaking these rules, and violations will generally result in suspensions from the Game. As Always I can provide you with a chatlog of game sessions if you ask me for one. PS. If anyone wants this clarified I can explain why I am adding these rules.
  8. I wasn't sure so if I already told you to level up then keep it and in that case I will be bumping up everyone else leveling to the end of today's session. (If I say you should level up during the course of a session, that is far more likely an accurate statement than when I am writing in this thread, so if the 2 conflict just remind me what I said during the session.) Yes, all of the US Changed, mostly I was posting a reminder for the non US players who changed over last week
  9. Yeah, my parent's didn't have any objections with me taking it after reminding them about my roommate from last year complaining about me having no decorations whatsoever (the entire setup for the poster only cost $30 including buying the poster from someone and having it shipped from Comic Con so its not like it was crazy expensive). Really people only really cared about my MLP decorations for about 3 days after I moved in, and since then no one has commented on it at all.
  10. Did you try the Mane Styling guide, as it could help you fix Fluttershy's hair(and make it look more accurate while you are at it)? Bad Mane Days by Scaramouche-Fandango on deviantART Personally I am far more of a fan of the molded toys then the brushables. And i guess I may as well post a picture of the upper half of my desk which has almost all of the MLP merchandise I have purchased on it (have a fashion styling Rarity or something like that sitting in my closet at home I never opened because I got it free), sorry about the horrid web cam quality of it There are tons of amazing pictures that people have made of MLP out there, which is why I have a... 15GB ...Folder of just MLP images that I have downloaded sitting on my external harddrive.
  11. Okay, just a reminder that the session is tommorow at 1PM Central Standard Time, not daylight time (for reference, my alarm clock which I already changed over reads ~ 10:06 PM) Also as a question came up and people are bound to ask it again, here are the specifics of the Leveling system I am using: The Default Party level increases roughly every 4th session, which may be delayed a session if there is a major plot point coming up in the immediate future. Anyone at a Level lower than the Default Party level increases a level every 3rd session until they catch up with the default level up schedule (they will gain 4 levels while the default level will increase by 3 levels) Sessions where no major events occur MAY count as 0 sessions (dont just waste time before a boss battle in hopes of leveling up, as you wont), and some major plot sessions may count as 2 sessions. The tenetive schedule is that Retech will level up to 6 next session, and after the Following session the rest of the party will level up to 7 the following session or part way through the session following that session (there is a plot event Coinciding with leveling up so if it takes you longer than 1 session to deal with it I will have you level up the characters, but use the un leveled version until the proper point in the session)
  12. Well, The main reason they are taking delays between episodes is that the Episodes are still in production and you cannot really go about showing episodes that are not finished (there is a gap between finishing production and saying its actually going to show on X date, which you cannot really speed up) Yeah this morning's episode was great (Not quite as great as Luna Eclipsed, but then nothing can compare with anything that has Luna in it). Was fairly interesting how for the majority of the episode it made me hate Rarity more and more, until the end when it finally made me like Rarity even more.
  13. A Dell documentation page (may not be for that specific model, but it seems like the error notice is the same for them all) Based on it failing to boot, I would guess that the Hard-drive has actually failed (could in theory be an issue with the Boot records or a very corrupted operating system) so your best bet is contacting Dell Support as they would have the full documentation for what causes the warning how to try fixing it.
  14. Well, in terms of the Main 6 characters showing up, only Twilight Sparkle has been in every single episode so far. A helpful set of tables for discussions like these: Friendship is Magic Wiki - Character Apperances table For those not wanting to read the table, here is a summary for the Main 6: Twilight Sparkle: Been in every episode released up to this point Applejack: Was not in Stare Master Rarity: Not in Call of the Cutie, Feeling Pinkie Keen, and Luna Eclipsed. Fluttershy: Not in Look Before You Sleep, Call of the Cutie, and Show stoppers. Rainbow Dash: Not in Look Before You Sleep and Stare Master. Pinkie Pie: Not in Look Before you sleep, Stare Master, and The Show Stoppers
  15. Well, anyways just recieved news that it will be starting on the 13th, so this next session will work fine at the old time.
  16. Most likely yes. D10 says 8. Well so far it seems we have a conflict between Retech and Grim and the possible replacement slots... Well there is always the Backup option of the same old timeslot on weeks when I am not busy with my other activity
  17. Okay, just a heads up that I have added a poll asking for when people would be able to switch times to, as something has come up with routine scheduling during the regular time slot on every other week. If you really want I could keep the regular time slot and just run sessions ~every other weekend starting a week from sunday, so if you want that just post asking for it.
  18. Well one thing that would be helpful to know is how you have the computers hooked up to the printer and what error message it is giving. Assuming that you have the two computers hooked up by WiFi, I would suggest trying to use the printer through the USB connection (generally requires a USB A-B cable) and see if the printer is at all functional, or if its just the WiFi that is acting up. Note I am assuming that you actually bothered to followed the standard checking to make sure your Printer wireless settings match the Access Point's settings, and went through the networking troubleshooting booklet.
  19. I have banned Resistance from participating in An Ocean of a Problem until such a time that he submits a character 2 levels below the party level (presently a level 4 character, due to the party level being 6) and private messages me a paraphrased version of the first post of this thread to ensure he understands the rules under which this game is run. This ban is a result of a severe violation of the trust I put in the players with character creation which was followed by a completely inappropriate attempt to pass the blame to me. I would prefer to keep things civil here and therefore would prefer not discussing the specifics on this thread (resistance, if you want more of an explanation private message me, but I will tell you ahead of time it will be a rant), but what is important for the other players is I am extending a one time offer that if your characters are using any unapproved third party or custom content, you may request permission to use it or may swap it out for allowed rules without repercussion if you tell me that you are doing so. EDIT: I would like to add, that the ban is specifically due to the inappropriate attempt to pass the blame to me, The violation of trust in character creation would have only resulted in a forced creation of a new character otherwise.
  20. Well, the Secretary is the core manager of the guild, as all orders from the other positions end up going across the Secretary's desk, along with any indirect information on the situation, so the Secretary has the ability to modify any indirect orders given by the other positions and is able to control what information gets to them in order to decide what orders to give. So as a whole the Secretary has the ability to directly manipulate every single aspect of the guild that is not being micromanaged directly by a powerful position, and is able to manipulate the other people in powerful positions. Additionally the Secretary can fairly easily embezzle large amounts of funds from the guild.
  21. Because Secretary is by far the most powerful position above or on par with the Guildmaster to a talented player. (not being Sarcastic)
  22. 1 Hour until the session (just a reminder for those of you who had Daylight Savings switch, since I dont switch until next week
  23. Mather, You can hardly call what the backroom is a Community thread with the frequency that people totally ignore each other or end up flaming each other for trivial reasons. If you truely want to continue the so called 'Community' you can always find 5 others and Just ask for a private forum section for you to keep things similar to how they are here, its just that these 'community' activities end up getting in the way of the intended purpose of the Falador Tavern which is one of the reasons we have a grand total of 1 actual game currently running on a consistant basis. I am fine with shutting down the backroom and making a new thread, as it is Consistant with my proposed idea that A totally general off topic thread is counter productive but there needs to be a non specific thread for game concepts to be made on and to recieve feedback from potential players.
  24. Well, I think they classify Cryptic clue fests as Holiday events, rather than quests, So I would personally guess that it is not a CCF. Also if anyone has questions about why specific questions were asked, feel free to ask.
  25. Just... no. Haha, yeah I'll admit that wasn't my favorite episode, I just wanted an image to show how much Twilight Sparkle is my #1 pony :^_^: On that episode though, I'm pretty sure we've now seen every one of the Mane Cast have a mental breakdown: Applejack in Applebuck Season, Rarity in Suited for Success, Rainbow Dash in Sonic Rainboom, Pinkie Pie in Party of One, Fluttershy in Best Night Ever, and finally Twilight in Lesson Zero (And a little bit in Swarm of the Century). Yeah, it seems to be a running theme in the show that there are always situations that can drive the ponies off the deep end and make them act fairly crazy. Personally I think they had Twilight be a bit too creepy while acting crazy in Lesson Zero, but then Twilight is the one common character up to this point in the show so it is to be somewhat expected. --- And in character for the holiday weekend--- Ha! It seems like those foolish bearers of the Elements of Harmony have begun to start paying the price for Banishing me, and putting an end to my glorious eternal night. It is only a matter of time until they realise that they cannot hope to keep me banished forever and allow me to come and fix all the problems their foolish Princess Celestia cannot bring herself to resolve. Muhahahaha!
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