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  1. I've known about that for ages (as in literally I have known about that for over a year), and to be honest I am currently participating in a Ponyfinder campaign at a different site.
  2. If this is a very recent issue for you, I would assume this would be the ongoing technical difficulties that Jagex is working at getting straightened out: [qfc]25-26-138-63785320[/qfc]
  3. Putting on his breathing mask in the tunnel that was now filled with smoke and dust from the explosion, Janus promptly got to work making sure the entryway was clear for the rest of the team to get through. Being the only Griffon on the team inevitably meant that it was his job to ensure the charges on the door didn't accidentally weaken the main access shaft to the point of collapsing into a drop of more than 10,000 feet straight to the bottom for anyone without the gift of flight. when he went out into the tunnel to look he could indeed tell that there were severe cracks in the tunnel floor, but they should hold baring further damage; However suddenly from within the totally obscured insides of the vault someone began firing blindly out into the tunnel, almost hiding the clatters of a bouncing grenade from Janus's hearing. Janus barely managed to avoid the deadly shrapnel of the grenade by diving back into his cover, however the explosion of the grenade was the last straw for the floor as the floor broke into pieces beneath him dropping him into the access shaft below.
  4. Suddenly an Explosion rocked the entire Vault throwing everyone to the floor, including Fluttershy and her daydreaming neighbor. Elsewhere... "I've set the charges Boss, we can blow open this oyster whenever you are ready!" Janus said as he leapt back behind cover, bringing his furred and feathered form as far from danger as he could. These doors were almost impossible to crack open, but it was well worth the explosives and the effort for the treasures that lay inside with its long since dead occupants. *KABOOM* went the charges as the detonantor trigger was pulled, sending a wave of searing heat out of the cavern, making things very uncomfortable for Janus behind the rock.
  5. Since I am starting us off I will only do the first two sentences(So others may include characters they want to see in the rest of the paragraph): (As far as I know there is nothing that says you cannot start a story at the end of one.) p.s. While it is fairly obvious that this is intended to be an introduction to a Fantasy story, it is generic enough at this point that there are ways to get it in all sorts of different genres if you put the effort into it.
  6. Well, with the Digital one, one thing would be to attempt to add texture to the stuff, as Everything is perfectly flat with a matte finish, with the exception of the water which is almost perfectly reflective with both invisible and perfectly opaque waves. additionally, the reflections of the crystals would not be just mirrored, as you have a different effective viewing point (you would see them from an angle what would place you under the water). for the drawn picture your issue is that your background seems to just be a fade into fog rather than something to work with the image. Edit: I am not an artist even remotely, so I am very unqualified to tell you how to do this sort of stuff (besides: Working in layers and making use of transparency is extremely helpful), but there are all sorts of art tutorials around the internet if you need them.
  7. Good luck with that, making a computer is alot harder than you think it is. Also have fun making your own ISA and implementing I/O, those will be be very interesting for you.
  8. :wall: Why exactly are you debating this? between all of you, you almost certainly have less knowledge on this subject than a trained professional learned in the first hour of classes on the subject. I don't particularly think its worthwhile to debate a subject which may as well be magic for all the insights that you can provide on the subject. (aimed at the general discussion not anyone in particular)
  9. Earth, that is indeed a great remake of the classic Rainbow Factory song (though to be honest there are lots of really high quality remixes of that song). Lei: Help! I cannot think of anything to write a script about. Wyvren: Well, You shouldn't have that much difficulty in picking something out, as it is basically just normal writing with only dialogue. Owl: Unless she's actually supposed to be writing stage directions or a screenplay? Wyvern: Well of course my fine feathery friend, in those cases you just rearrange your normal writing to have the dialogue and instructions for the character together, and keep the general setting information in the scene descriptions. Owl: Yeah, its all fairly simple to transfer an idea to being a script. Though why exactly are you talking to an owl... Actually wait, How am I talking? Owls dont talk... unless this is all because of you know who?
  10. I have been waiting for information on how many points the Raiders get for their fleet as there was mention before of them getting extra I think?
  11. Well, as of 5 minutes ago the 50gp spin rewards give 50gp as a reward, and given the fact that it is 2-3AM Jagex time I do not think they put in a hot fix anytime recently.
  12. Raider Captain: Captain Ironwing of the Crimson Eagle Homeland/Allegance: Unknown Captain Ironwing is a figure shrouded in mystery, with little concrete information being gathered on him since he began his raiding career 15 years ago with a daring raid of the Spanish Lunar colony with only his current Capital Ship The Crimson Eagle. Using the fame of the raid, Captain Ironwing has attracted a fairly sizable following of Pirates to follow his lead in his raiding operations. At present no reliable visual description of Captain Ironwing due to massive inconsistances as to his appearance and occasional dellusions by agents being reported as fact, though it is likely that the Captain always wears a Red Tricorner cap based on the overwhelming inclusion in reports on him.
  13. This is the right place to post this. Thanks for the correction, it has been fixed and you have been credited. (The changes will take awhile to appear on the guide)
  14. There is a difference between off topic discussion and image spam, followed by random relationship discussions...
  15. Honestly, can we please atleast try not doing the things that ended up getting this thread closed previously, if anything it seems like some of the people in here are specifically trying to accomplish that with this nonsense.
  16. Well, for the files to retain their old filenames the recovery software would need to be able to retrieve the Filename from the file system(or from the file itself in some file systems, which seems unlikely given your previous wiping of file names during recovery), which most likely isn't going to happen as reformatting the drive is used to fix corrupted drives by overwriting the old corrupted File system. The best method to avoid having the data get corrupted again is to always properly eject the drive, and if you do not have a general idea what is causing the corruption you should replace the drive as it may be the hard drive failing.(if you are fairly sure what is causing the corruption you can just fix that instead of replacing the drive.)
  17. Thanks for the submission, The edits have been made and you have been credited.
  18. There is a known conflict between a Javascript library in the version of IPB that the forums are currently using and Internet Explorer 9's Javascript rendering which causes all of these issues, which should be resolved when a more recent version of IPB is installed; I asked MageUK and he said it will be a few weeks atleast before the update. As a temporary workaround you can make use of IE9's compatibility view (the broken page next to the url) to use the older Internet Explorer javascript rendering which allows the use of all those functions.
  19. Here you go, just had to modify the settings on selecting the white, though the edges will be a tad bit more rough now. could you do me a favor and tell me when you have the image, as I would prefer not having it sitting in my image hosting service as I have no use for it. Edit: okay, there is a little bit of a white trace around the edge, but I cannot really remove that without manually editing the image at high levels of magnification which with an image that size would take ages
  20. Well, I have personally had the best luck with a Microsoft mouse that I have been using extensively for around 5 years now with only recent issues with dust (need to get out a can of air to dust off the lightsource).
  21. Mather is already running a session of Prototype today, maybe you could run the session of Spaaaace tommorow? Unfortunately I cannot schedule another definate time to run it, and I refuse to be an irresponsible GM like he is being in waiting until the day before the session to give a 4 hour time span for the starting time for a session.(I don't read his game thread as it is definately not something I am getting involved in) There is a slim chance I may be able to arrange something on Friday or Saturday, but don't get your hopes up as it took me the better part of the week to make sure I was open at this time. EDIT: if players show up I will run it today
  22. Okay, going to start running the sample game of In Spaaace! starting in around 1-2 hours(depends on when people show up) in the IRC chat #inSpaaace . Going to grab lunch quickly so I wont respond if you try talking to me in the next half hour or so.
  23. Well, generally the manufacturer's website is the first place to look for drivers. However, unlike many other types of hardware Webcams don't do anything unless you install software that specifically makes use of it, such as skype for Video chat.(with skype handling all the camera settings involved)
  24. Edit: Also I plan on running a game of In Spaaace! on Tuesday at 1PM US Central time, all you really need to bring is a character idea (pretty much anything that would fit on a cargo spaceship is reasonable, though it would be nice if it made a tad bit of sense working in a delivery company), but knowing the rules would make things alot easier (and if I know you are attending ahead of time it becomes easier for me to plan)
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