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  1. Meh, I made the character when I was bored and had nothing better to do. I did add notes on conditional modifiers to the sheet and made the aformentioned skill edit to that version of the sheets.
  2. more or less, after I remember to split the skills ranks between knowledge Geography and Nature, so you can deal with natural hazards better.
  3. Tengus get Tengu automatically. If you note on the character sheet you have 15 or so languages if you didn't drop the linguistics skill ranks, which cover every language of nations bordering the Inner Sea, the various forms of Common, and the general PC races. in addition to the ability to lip read in languages you know. Well in terms of characters, assuming that Earth isn't changing the skills on the character I made, Shadow Wing is able to do pretty much all important functions aboard a vessel atleast moderately well, and the most important functions he can do exceptionally well. (Sailing, Swimming, Boat repair, Climbing, Keeping watch, Surgery, Navigating, Cooking, etc.) Also he gets +6 initiative on boats or in the water (thanks to his favored terrain bonus, which also applies to several of his skills)
  4. Let me get this straight. I'm trying to buy half an item, but since I'm buying half I don't get the 50% discount that half apparently recieved by virtue of (not really) taking up a valuable slot? I mean, it's not as if I can't just activate the Mistmail and put on an Armored Coat (or wear the coat under the mail, silly as it may look...), I don't think there's even anything in the rules about wearing multiple armors... Well, the rules straight up says you cannot put on a second set of armor when you have the mistmail activated, and there are rules preventing wearing more than one set of armor (not to mention the standard sanity rule) its just listed in the magical item rules. While there are a few cases where you can technically wear more than one piece of armor, those are either dependant upon the Golden rule (A more specific rule may override a general rule, such as the armored kilt armor addition) or horribly abusing a technicality in the rules (Specifically a druid using wildshape, and wild armor, and then wearing barding. Due to rewording of the rule from D&D 3.5 to Pathfinder there is no additional gain from doing this unless you are trying to dodge the movement penalties of heavy armor and have a better enchantment on your barding for some reason, as the armor bonus no longer gets added to the natural armor [in 3.5 you could use the trick to get an absurdly high AC by wearing a ton of sets of full plate at once])
  5. Mather, to be honest if you even tried fixing your Windows Update issue you should have been able to fix it, as literally any option except the default option for downloading and installing would fix your issue. (Assuming you aren't installing updates when you don't want to restart for a long time)
  6. http://www.d20srd.org/index.htm Is the above a pathfinder rule or is it exclusively D&D3.5e? That is a pathfinder rule. When I was listing the number of spells you would know I wasn't including those bonus spells as I didn't know your bonus. Nex, Technically speaking the armor doesn't actually take damage, it just gains the broken condition until you go about repairing it (the standard method to get the broken status is if it takes damage, but another ability could just give it the condition). Also your darkness effect ability is just silly, as there are a few much less complicated ways to deal with the issue.
  7. Yeah, double checking it does give a flat +1 bonus
  8. Since its not a big deal I can write up what they do: Two Weapon Fighting - Reduces the penalty for fighting with two weapons by 2 for your primary hand and 6 for your off hand bringing it to -4 for both before accounting for the light weapon in the off-hand reducing it to a total -2 for each attack. Improved Two Weapon Fighting - The off-handed weapon provides a second bonus attack using your base attack bonus -5 Two Weapon Defence - When holding 2 weapons you gain a +1 Shield bonus to AC which increases to +2 when fighting defensively or using Total Defence(The basic +1 is already figured in the character sheet) Dodge - You get a +1 dodge bonus AC against a single opponent you specify during your turn Endurance - +4 bonus to certain saves, and the ability to sleep in medium armor without penalty Disorienting Maneuver - If you use an acrobatics check to pass through an opponent's square, you get a +2 bonus on attack rolls against them until your next turn. (+4 if you are trying to trip them) Since its a tad bit difficult to work out what Shadow Wing's full attack is: +6/+1(Bastard Sword)/+6/+1(Boarding Axe) Tactics: Shadow Wing's main form of combat focuses in granting bonuses to the party against foes with his Freebooter's Bane ability (grants himself and all his allies within 30' at the start of the ability +2 on attack rolls and damage rolls against the target of the ability until that target dies or you use the ability again, as a move action) and then providing more bonuses with the Freebooter's bond (the Freebooter and all allies within 30' are affected, increasing the attack bonus from flanking by an additional +2 if the other flanker is also under the affect of the ability, activates as a move action and lasts for 3 rounds at his current ability score) and moving into position for flanking attacks using the Disorienting Maneuver ability. If you wish to customize the character's equipment loadout, I would suggest removing the glamered enchantment from his armor to get an additional 2700gp to spend on stuff as I mostly put that enchantment in to fit my idea of the character, and you really probably want to switch out the Heavy Crossbow (Underwater) for a different weapon that can fire a bit faster than every other turn.
  9. Well, if Retech cares about the number of pages in a spellbook, you are always able to just buy more spellbooks. (rather silly as by the time you actually need them the cost is barely anything to your character) Buying additional spells for a wizard isn't actually all that super useful, as you need to prepare spells ahead of time. So before going on a huge spending spree of getting a ton of extra spells, you may want to consider buying other magical items such as pearls of power. Also to clarify, Smokesticks have a much shorter duration and a smaller area of effect than Obscuring Mist. (The former covers a 10' cube for 1 minute, the latter covers a 20' radius area for 1 minute per level[6 minutes in this case])
  10. Your the previously mentioned Wizard? For a wizard at 6th level you would have for free (you can learn a lower level spell in place of a higher level spell. EDIT: Also shouldn't have to mention this, but they would need to be off the Wizard spell list): All 0 level spells 5 First level spells 4 Second Level spells 4 Third Level spells After those Wizards are able to purchase additional spells known by way of copying scrolls into their spellbook at a cost of The Spell level squared times 10gp or 5gp for a 0 level spell(and of course the cost of a scroll to copy which is used up during the process). Technically a Wizard is also limited by the number of pages in the spellbook, with each spell taking up a number of pages equal to its spell level (or 1 page for 0 level spells) though its not uncommon for the number of pages to be ignored with GM approval as a matter of keeping the bookkeeping simple (pun intended). When preparing spells you may prepare any combination of the known spells at each level of spell slot. Concealment effects do not stack unless stated otherwise (the effects may coexist, but only the more severe of the two effects impacts the game). In that specific situation you may use the smoke stick as an optional material component for the spell, removing the obscuring Mist's weakness to fire at the cost of limiting it to a 1 minute duration.
  11. Earth, if you would like here is an example of a possible sort of build you could make with the Freebooter Ranger Archtype to get a pirate type swashbuckler character: Shadow Wing (I only made the character since I felt like it, as I cannot take part in this campaign due to scheduling issues. If you really want you could just straight up use the character)
  12. It replaces the natural bite attack so it does not inherently grant another attack, though it does force you to invoke the whole mess of rules pertaining to dealing with a combination of manufactured and natural attacks in full attacks
  13. Since I am somewhat familiar with the previously mentioned Mouthpick Weapon enchantment, I will provide some clarifications on the enchantment: +1 enchantment bonus; weapon may replace a natural bite attack(may grant additional attacks per turn based on base attack bonus depending on the circumstance) or wielded as normal; Grants Proficency in the use of the weapon when wielded in place of a bite attack; Rules are self contradictary on if they are allowed to be applied to weapons not intended for large creatures. (I would advise against allowing the ability as the rule does a terrible job at explaining the rule outside of its main context of a beholder using it, not to mention loopholes in the rules allowing silly things that were obviously not intended)
  14. Hmm... Wish I could play, though this probably conflicts with another game I am playing in. Just a bit of GMing advice, its a fairly common GMing guideline to give Aquatic races an additional level of level adjustment beyond what they would normally get if a campaign is largely naval based due to the massive advantage it grants.
  15. Hmmm... I doubt DeviousMUD even had a reporting system(and if it did I doubt it would be compatible with the current system) let alone the ability to mute players, so I am almost certain a report from 2000 being in the system is an impossibility Edit: For those unfamiliar with the history of the game here is the timeline: 1998-2000: DeviousMUD (RuneTek 1 engine) 2001-2003: RS classic (RuneTek 2 engine) 2003-2007: RS 2 (RuneTek 3 engine) 2007-2009: RS HD (RuneTek 4 engine) 2009-Present: RS HD-cross platform (RuneTek 5 engine)
  16. Would the email in question be the same email you used to register here or at another runescape fansite? Pretty much every major Runescape fansite has had their user databases compromised at some point in time, so really the only way to not have them sending the phishing emails to your registered runescape address is if the email in question has no direct connection to your runescape account besides being your recovery email
  17. Well, it all depends on the source and the amount of data you are trying to collect. The easiest way to gather the data if they exist, would be an external API made by the site for the specific purpose of gathering the data. If that fails you could use any number of different programming or scripting languages to automate the proccess of accessing and parsing the web pages and formatting the output file (Not sure what, if any programming languages you know, so I will just suggest going to google to search for how you can parse html with the programming language of your choice) If it is a somewhat small number of pieces of data, you may save time by just doing it manually.
  18. It's a phising email that has been going around, as I have gotten an almost identical email (calling me a customer instead of a player, on all other aspects its word for word identical) a week or two ago. To add to Sorator's statement about sending it off to [email protected] they prefer if you supply them with the full email header when you forward to them (instructions are in the linked runescape wiki page)
  19. Well, I just so happened to also be studying electrical circuits at the time (When you are studying a branch of Electrical engineering you tend to study electricity fairly often) and I was also telling you that you were spouting nonsense. While yes you could theoretically get infinite current, that infinite current would have no ability to perform any useful work, which is what you were trying to claim it actually did.
  20. Let me just remind you that you have in the past argued over what is possible in an electrical circuit with someone studying a branch of Electrical Engineering, disregarding quite a few obvious errors in your calculations that were pointed out and utterly refused to even consider how the entire premise violated fundamental laws of physics under the assumption that a handful of your classmates agreeing actually means something.
  21. Well, one additional image host I have heard complaints around the forum about being disallowed is upload.wikimedia.org (Wikipedia's image hosting)
  22. Nex, there was a Forum Announcement specifically warning about the removal of Avatars (its built into the IPB update, and developers have no plans of ever bringing back the split photo and avatar as it caused a bunch of issues with inconsistant coding) saying to copy the URL if you don't have the image stored elsewhere. Mather, The update was more than just a simple set of security upgrades, there were alot of other very important bug fixes such as the fact that the old version was incompatible with the browsers of around a third of all internet users. And the Image site filtering was more intended to stop people from using personally hosted images to get other user's IP addresses which is a tactic some Runescape cheaters use to DDOS other players for profit. Edit: Also If you ask nicely on the announcement topic about the forum changes MageUK has looked up people's old avatar image urls for them.
  23. Typically excess Iron. I would recommend not eating meat or other Iron containing things for a few days...Or visiting a doctor. I can say I am fairly certain that it would not be excess Iron (I have seen blood with excess iron quite a few times,it can get really dark, but not to the point of being black). If your blood is that viscous you really really should see a doctor about it, as it could be something that is really dangerous.
  24. Well, Personally I though the new ending is the best of the bunch, because while it was a terrible conclusion to the series it didn't go completely against Commander Shepard's character. Out of the Original Three the Control ending is the best of them (still terrible because it requires ignoring the whole section of the game immediately before the selection scene in order to make it seem like a plausible choice), followed by the Synthesis ending (The least character breaking of the original three), with the Destroy ending bringing up the rear (for the choice to make any sense you need to disregard a bunch of previous actions of Shepard like the whole big Rannoch section of this game).
  25. Corvus

    Is this illegal?

    Okay, to answer the original question I will tell you a very simple rule of thumb for these sorts of issues: If you need to ask if its legal, chances are its not legal or atleast its a really stupid thing to do. Not sure what the laws are where you are but in the US it would most likely be classified as Criminal Mischief of some sort.
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