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Thanks for stopping by!


About me: [hide=Runescape]I've been playing for a while. Honestly I don't really remember when I started, but I know it was sometime at the end of grade school, so at least 5 years ago. I've been a player moderator since June 16, 2007.[/hide]


[hide=Real Life]Currently, I'm a Freshman in college. In my free time (other than playing Runescape) I enjoy playing volleyball, (I played on my high school's team) listening to music, playing guitar (hero 8-) ), playing video games, chilling with friends, and traveling. I'm also a geocaching addict.[/hide]






[hide=My Quest To 99 Cooking!]Dadieseldude.png






Wine - 1

Monkfish - 13071

Plain Pizza - 9

Sweetcorn - 30

Swordfish - 240

Bass - 2

Lobsters - 19243

Cave Eel - 2

Tuna - 466

Salmon - 3570

Pike - 126

Cod - 13

Trout - 19862

Mackerel - 27

Herring - 132

Sardine - 112

Bread - 1

Shrimps - 315

Beef - 72

Rat - 22

Chicken - 82


(In order of amount of experience given)








Tuna sandwich anyone?[/hide]


[hide=My Quest To 99 Fletching!]Dadieseldude.png 4/3/09


I decided one day that I wanted to trim my cooking cape. After a few months of racing Agent 1777, he was ahead by 300k and was going to get 99 the next day. This wouldn't happen. I no-lifed the rest of the way and got 99 the night before. Great race Agent! You really kept me going!











[hide=My Quest To a Quest Cape!]questcape.png


Black Knight's Fortress

Cook's Assistant

Demon Slayer

Doric's Quest

Dragon Slayer

Ernest the Chicken

Goblin Diplomacy

Imp Catcher

The Knight's Sword

Pirate's Treasure

Prince Ali Rescue

The Restless Ghost

Romeo & Juliet

Rune Mysteries

Sheep Shearer

Shield of Arrav

Vampire Slayer

Witch's Potion

A Void Dance

All Fired Up

Animal Magnetism

Another Slice of H.A.M.

As a First Resort...

Back To My Roots

Between a Rock...

Big Chompy Bird Hunting


The Blood Pact

Blood Runs Deep


Cabin Fever

Catapult Construction

The Chosen Commander

A Christmas Warble

Clock Tower

Cold War


Curse Of Arrav

Creature of Fenkenstrain

Darkness of Hallowvale

Dealing With Scabaras

Death Plateau

Death to the Dorgeshuun

Defender of Varrock

Desert Treasure

Devious Minds

The Digsite

Do No Evil

Dream Mentor

Druidic Ritual

Dwarf Cannon

Eadgar's Ruse

Eagles' Peak

Egg-streme Management

Elemental Workshop I

Elemental Workshop II

Enakhra's Lament

Enlightened Journey

Eyes of Glouphrie

Family Crest

Fairy Tale Part I

Fairy Tale Part II

The Feud

Fight Arena

Fishing Contest

Forgettable Tale...

Foregiveness of a Chaos Dwarf

Fremennik Isles

The Fremennik Trials

Fur 'N' Seek

Fur 'N' Seek Wishlist

Garden of Tranquility

Gertrude's Cat

Ghosts Ahoy

The Giant Dwarf

Glorious Memories

The Golem

The Grand Tree

Great Brain Robbery

Grim Tales

Hand in the Sand

Haunted Mine

Hazeel Cult

Heroes Quest

Horror from the Deep

Hunt For Red Raktuber

Icthlarin's Little Helper

In Aid of the Myreque

In Search of the Myreque

Jungle Potion

Kennith's Concerns

King of the Dwarves

King's Ransom

Land of the Goblins

Legacy of Seergaze

Legends Quest

Lost City

Love Story

Making History

Meeting History

Merlin's Crystal

Missing My Mummy

Monk's Friend

Monkey Madness

Mountain Daughter

Mourning's End Part I

Mourning's End Part II

Murder Mystery

My Arm's Big Adventure

Myths of the White Lands

Nature Spirit

Nomad's Requiem

Observatory Quest

Olaf's Quest

One Small Favour

The Path of Glouphrie

Perils of Ice Mountain

Plague City

Priest in Peril

Quiet Before The Swarm

Rag And Bone Man

Rat Catchers

Pirate Pete Release

Sir Amik Varze Release

King Awowogei Release

Culinaromancer Defeated

Recruitment Drive


Rocking Out

Roving Elves

Royal Trouble

Rum Deal

Scorpion Catcher

Sea Slug Quest

Shades of Mort'ton

Shadow of the Storm

Sheep Herder

Shilo Village

Slug Menace

Smoking Kills

A Soul's Bane

Spirit of Summer

Spirits of the Elid

Summer's End

Swan Song

Swept Away

Tale of The Muspah

A Tail of Two Cats

Tears of Guthix

The Temple at Senntisten

The Tourist Trap

The Void Stares Back

Thrones of Miscellania


Tower of Life

Tree Gnome Village

Tribal Totem

Troll Romance

Troll Stronghold

Underground Pass


Waterfall Quest

Web Of Shadows

What Lies Below

While Guthix Sleeps

Witch's House

Within The Light

Wolf Whistle

Zorge Flesh Eaters[/hide]


[hide=My Quest to 99 Attack]My good friend Deadly149/Ostowedo inspired me to go for 99 attack. Over the course of a few months, I trained it exclusively through slayer and, along with getting 90 slayer the week before, I achieved my 3rd 99!





I am the 86,997th to 99 Attack.[/hide]


[hide=My Quest to 99 Hitpoints/Constitution]Through all of my slaying, it was inevitable that eventually I would attain 99 HP.





I am the 109,527th to 99 HP.[/hide]


[hide=My Quest to 99 Defence]I've always found the Defence skillcape to be one of the coolest, so for my 2nd Melee 99, I decided to go for it. After a bunch of slayer, I achieved it.





I am the 92,390th to 99 Defence[/hide]



Currently Working on: Slayer!








[hide=My Level Ups]Attack:|71||72||73||74||75||76||77||78||79||80||81||82||83||84|85|86||87||88||89||90||91||92||93||94||95||96||97||98||99|




















































[hide=Slayer Blog]

[hide=Tasks]50 Iron Dragons

131 Greater Demons

78 Iron Dragons

59 Black Dragons

145 Hellhounds

133 Fire Giants

42 Steel Dragons

147 Greater Demons

138 Fire Giants

67 Black Dragons

51 Iron Dragons

149 Black Demons

155 Greater Demons

191 Fire Giants

184 Black Demons

131 Kalphites

132 Greater Demons

165 Black Demons

162 Kalphites

56 Black Dragons

58 Iron Dragons

130 Hellhounds

71 Iron Dragons

159 Black Demons

75 Black Dragons - 25th Task

140 Hellhounds

162 Black Demons

42 Iron Dragons

73 Black Dragons

72 Iron Dragons

176 Hellhounds

41 Iron Dragons

42 Steel Dragons

186 Hellhounds

168 Greater Demons

149 Fire Giants

187 Greater Demons

189 Fire Giants

182 Kalphites

183 Kalphites

48 Iron Dragons

46 Black Dragons

59 Steel Dragons

140 Hellhounds

46 Iron Dragons

175 Kalphites

139 Fire Giants

166 Fire Giants

58 Iron Dragons

79 Iron Dragons - 50th Task

177 Trolls

126 Basilisks

145 Kalphites

156 Fire Giants

162 Bloodvelds

137 Fire Giants

48 Iron Dragons

152 Cave Horrors

159 Fire Giants

184 Basilisks

181 Trolls

169 Kurasks

174 Cave Horrors

159 Basilisks

173 Dust Devils

155 Banshees

183 Hellhounds

161 Fire Giants

55 Terror Dogs

58 Terror Dogs

171 Cave Horrors

173 Fire Giants

129 Greater Demons

145 Dust Devils

174 Bloodvelds - 75th Task

133 Aberrant Spectres

140 Fire Giants

175 Turoth

155 Dust Devils

146 Greater Demons

145 Gargoyles

121 Cave Horrors

170 Gargoyles

174 Turoth

153 Blue Dragons

122 Blue Dragons

154 Cave Crawlers

126 Kurasks

140 Cave Crawlers

129 Turoth

171 Banshees

128 Hellhounds

186 Greater Demons

147 Aberrant Spectres

144 Kurasks

147 Cave Horrors

124 Bloodvelds

122 Cave Crawlers

183 Trolls

175 Dagannoth - 100th Task

46 Scabarites

148 Aberrant Spectres

144 Kalphites

175 Dagannoth

182 Waterfiends

141 Dagannoth

42 Iron Dragons

166 Kalphites

151 Dust Devils

42 Scabarites

155 Dust Devils

62 Goraks

149 Basilisks

141 Fire Giants

147 Dagannoth

120 Fire Giants

142 Basilisks

126 Fire Giants

133 Aquanites

57 Terror Dogs

149 Turoth

147 Kurask

144 Dust Devils

56 Iron Dragons

136 Warped Tortoises - 125th Task

147 Banshees

148 Dust Devils

130 Fire Giants

136 Warped Tortoises

163 Kurask

120 Fire Giants

182 Nechryael

181 Spiritual Warriors

166 Kalphites

158 Kurask

120 Cave Horrors

170 Cave Crawlers

143 Greater Demons

130 Dust Devils

151 Hellhounds

48 Red Dragons

132 Spiritual Warriors

173 Cave Horrors

134 Spiritual Warriors

45 Iron Dragons

182 Kurask

157 Gargoyles

82 Elves

180 Dust Devils

157 Cave Crawlers - 150th Task

171 Trolls

49 Steel Dragons

170 Spiritual Warriors

183 Cave Horrors

166 Banshees

58 Terror Dogs

162 Kurask

134 Aquanites

180 Kurask

149 Black Demons

183 Basilisks

150 Spiritual Warriors

126 Dagannoth

141 Fire Giants

135 Spiritual Mages

147 Warped Tortoises

174 Aberrant Spectres

134 Kalphites

144 Hellhounds

179 Cave Horrors

168 Kalphites

194 Hellhounds

183 Dust Devils

46 Scabarites

167 Blue Dragons - 175th Task

52 Terror Dogs

157 Aquanites

150 Gargoyles

42 Terror Dogs

182 Cave Horrors

133 Fire Giants

80 Elves

146 Hellhounds

130 Trolls

39 Red Dragons

125 Trolls

128 Fire Giants

183 Spiritual Warriors

44 Scabarites

168 Greater Demons

133 Cave Crawlers

153 Cave Horrors

34 Red Dragons

133 Banshees

162 Cave Crawlers

168 Black Demons

153 Turoth

179 Abyssal Demons

125 Dust Devils

175 Kurask - 200th Task

146 Cave Horrors

184 Basilisks

147 Cave Horrors

126 Kurask

123 Kalphites

146 Aberrant Spectres

181 Spiritual Warriors

164 Aquanites

179 Basilisks

183 Aberrant Spectres

158 Waterfiends

192 Dagannoth

190 Hellhounds

190 Dust Devils

73 Scabarites

155 Waterfiends

103 Basilisks

73 Skeletal Wyverns

130 Kalphites

147 Gargoyles

180 Aberrant Spectres

133 Nechryael

193 Bloodvelds

143 Waterfiends

60 Steel Dragons

181 Spiritual Mages - 225th Task

197 Abyssal Demons

147 Spiritual Mages

164 Dust Devils

126 Aquanites

141 Dagannoth

137 Gargoyles

177 Nechryael

153 Spiritual Warriors

151 Gargoyles

122 Black Demons

134 Nechryael

159 Kalphites

165 Gargoyles

150 Aberrant Spectres

184 Dust Devils

130 Nechryael

146 Blue Dragons

93 Steel Dragons

228 Spiritual Mages

193 Living Rock Creatures

217 Dust Devils

244 Abyssal Demons

14 Mithril Dragons

207 Waterfiends

233 Abberant Spectres

216 Gargoyles - 250th Task

232 Greater Demons

242 Gargoyles

246 Bloodvelds

227 Gargoyles

175 Nechryael

141 Living Rock Creatures

218 Kalphites

203 Fire Giants

211 Kalphites

151 Greater Demons

196 Abyssal Demons

208 Gargoyles

183 Greater Demons

211 Gargoyles

235 Spiritual Mages

9 Mithril Dragons

217 Dust Devils

206 Dagannoth

206 Hellhounds

280 Tzhaar

80 Suqahs

176 Hellhounds

184 Dagannoth

231 Aberrant Spectres

211 Black Demons - 275th Task

280 Tzhaars

202 Hellhounds

240 Kalphites

215 Dagannoth

154 Spiritual Mages

138 Living Rock Creatures

214 Fire Giants

64 Terror Dogs

6 Mithril Dragons

152 Dust Devils

85 Tzhaar

227 Fire Giants

246 Bloodveld

150 Hellhounds

89 Steel Dragons

206 Spiritual Mages

239 Bloodveld

149 Hellhounds

237 Gargoyles

182 Aberrant Spectres

220 Dagannoth

89 Suqahs

188 Abyssal Demons

147 Nechryael

204 Fire Giants - 300th Task

171 Warped Tortoises

162 Aberrant Spectres

203 Warped Tortoises

166 Living Rock Creatures

165 Warped Tortoises

167 Gargoyles

63 Steel Dragons

144 Nechryael

182 Aberrant Spectres

132 Hellhounds

171 Nechryael

88 Iron Dragons

161 Greater Demons

190 Dust Devils

246 Greater Demons

160 Abbysal Demons

239 Aberrant Spectres

239 Dark Beasts

189 Gargoyles

247 Fire Giants

150 Dark Beasts

224 Waterfiends

192 Aberrant Spectres

174 Spiritual Mages

237 Warped Tortoises - 325th Task

202 Dust Devils

220 Dagannoth

85 Suqahs

177 Dark Beasts

239 Spiritual Mages

234 Gargoyles

215 Hellhounds

4 Mithril Dragons

138 Blue Dragons

202 Gargoyles

200 Dagannoth

219 Fire Giants

61 Iron Dragons

155 Abyssal Demons

193 Dagannoth

157 Abyssal Demons

242 Dark Beasts

184 Dagannoth

211 Bloodvelds

125 Jungle Strykewyrms

168 Greater Demons

185 Aberrant Spectres

90 Iron Dragons

184 Abyssal Demons - 350th Task

10 Mithril Dragons

223 Aberrant Spectres

173 Spiritual Mages

165 Abyssal Demons

190 Dust Devils

135 Blue Dragons

211 Gargoyles

168 Nechryael

94 Steel Dragons

224 Aberrant Spectres

248 Waterfiends

178 Dark Beasts

75 Suqahs

167 Spiritual Mages

280 Tzhaar

188 Waterfiends

203 Fire Giants

247 Dust Devils

249 Kalphites

213 Spiritual Mages

155 Living Rock Creatures

149 Blue Dragons

165 Dark Beasts

67 Iron Dragons

216 Spiritual Mages - 375th Task

187 Blue Dragons

97 Desert Strykewyrms

216 Abyssal Demons

153 Blue Dragons

95 Iron Dragons

181 Fire Giants

211 Warped Tortoises

67 Suqahs

237 Warped Tortoises

205 Hellhounds

248 Dust Devils

246 Dark Beasts

97 Jungle Strykewyrms

214 Spiritual Mages

94 Steel Dragons

237 Fire Giants

243 Waterfiends

178 Nechryael

112 Ice Strykewyrms

178 Kalphites

206 Waterfiends

244 Aberrant Spectres

89 Steel Dragons

228 Dagannoth

86 TzHarr - 400th Task

187 Waterfiends

214 Dust Devils

68 Iron Dragons

225 Greater Demons

183 Spiritual Mages

161 Aberrant Spectres

83 Steel Dragons

243 Greater Demons

153 Ice Strykewyrms

199 Dark Beasts

224 Bloodvelds

198 Warped Tortoises

105 TzHaar

229 Waterfiends

102 Jungle Strykewyrms

172 Gargoyles

??? Living Rock Creatures

148 Desert Strykewyrms

10 Mithril Dragons

216 Nechryael

6 Mithril Dragons

200 Waterfiends

194 Nechryael

218 Greater Demons

137 Ice Strykewyrms - 425th Task

155 Aberrant Spectres

130 Blue Dragons

171 Dark Beasts

100 Jungle Strykewyrms

233 Bloodvelds

177 Dark Beasts

159 Living Rock Creatures

52 Steel Dragons

201 Gargoyles

7? Iron Dragons

68 Terror Dogs

215 Dark Beasts

144 Living Rock Creatures

124 Ice Strykewyrms

169 Aberrant Spectres

218 Dagannoth

139 Desert Strykewyrms

225 Fire Giants

209 Dagannoth

176 Spiritual Mages

201 Gargoyles

227 Spiritual Mages

210 Greater Demons

17? Spiritual Mages

214 Fire Giants - 450th Task

165 Dark Beasts

178 Nechryael

171 Kalphites

175 Dark Beasts

222 Fire Giants

157 Abyssal Demons

103 Tzhaar - Current Task[/hide]





[hide=Drops][hide=God War Dungeon]

Bandos_boots.gif:|1| (Split)[/hide]


[hide=Dragon Drops]

Dragon_med_helm.gif:|1||2 (Split)||3||4||5||6|










Dragon_dagger.gif: [1][2][/hide]


[hide=Miscellaneous Slayer Items]

Lava_battlestaff.gif: 41


Leaf-bladed_sword.png: 10


Black_mask_10.gif: 6


Amulet_of_ranging.gif: 3


Granite_helm.gif: 8


Rune_boots.gif: 14


Granite_maul.gif: 15


Focus_sight.gif: 2






Starved_ancient_effigy.gif: 10[/hide]


[hide=Mystic Robe Items]

Mystic_hat_-Yellow-.gif: 1


Mystic_robe_top_-Yellow-.gif: 1


Mystic_robe_bottom_-Yellow-.gif: 7


Mystic_boots_-White-.gif: 1


Mystic_robe_top_-Red-.gif: 12


Mystic_gloves_-Red-.gif: 2


Mystic_robe_bottom_-Red-.gif: 12









[hide=Clue Scrolls][hide=Level 1]

Green_ele_legs.png: |1|

Blue_beret.gif: |1|[/hide]


[hide=Level 2]Adam_kiteshield_(t).gif: |1|

Black_headband.gif: |1|

Adamant_shield_(h1).gif: |1|

Adamant_cane.gif: |1|

Black_ele_shirt.png: |1|[/hide]


[hide=Level 3]D-hide_body_(g)(blue).gif: |1|

D-hide_chaps_(g)(blue).gif: |1|

D-hide_body_(t)(blue).gif: |1|

D-hide_chaps_(t)(blue).gif: |1||2|

Saradomin_chaps.png: |1|

Guthix_coif.png: |1|

Guthix_vambraces.gif: |1|

Guthix_chaps.gif: |1||2|

Zamorak_platebody.gif: |1|

Zamorak_platelegs.gif: |1|

Saradomin_platebody.gif: |1|

Saradomin_kiteshield.gif: |1|

Saradomin_platelegs.gif: |1|

Saradomin_plateskirt.gif: |1|

Rune_platebody_(t).gif: |1||2|

Rune_plateskirt_(t).gif: |1||2|

Zamorak_stole.gif: |1|

Guthix_stole.png: |1|

Rune_helm_(h1).gif: |1||2|

Rune_platebody_(h2).gif: |1|

Rune_cane.gif: |1||2||3|

Rune_kiteshield_(t).gif: |1|

Rune_shield_(h1).gif: |1|

Rune_shield_(h5).gif: |1|

Rune_kiteshield_(g).gif: |1||2|

Tan_cavalier.gif: |1||2||3|

Black_cavalier.gif: |1|

Enchanted_top.gif: |1||2||3|

Enchanted_robe.gif: |1|

Guthix_crozier.png: |1|

Top_hat.gif: |1||2|

Robin_hood_hat.gif: |1|

Willow_comp_bow.gif: |1|

Yew_comp_bow.gif: |1|[/hide]


[hide=Multiple Levels]Purple_sweets.gif: 236

Red_firelighter.gif: 74

Purple_firelighter.png: 101

Green_firelighter.gif: 117

Blue_firelighter.gif: 22

White_firelighter.gif: 47

Meerkats_pouch.gif: 6

Fetch_casket_scroll.gif: 11

Saradomin_arrows.gif: 111

Zamorak_arrows.gif: 51

Bandit_camp_teleport.gif (Bandit Camp): 11

Tai_bwo_wannai_teleport_.gif (Tai Bwo Wannai): 10

Phoenix_lair_teleport.gif (Phoenix Lair): 6

Lumber_yard_teleport.gif (Lumber yard): 7

Court_summons.gif: 3

Saradomin_page_1.gif: 10

Zamorak_page_1.gif: 12

Guthix_page_1.gif: 10

Ancient_Page_1.gif: 1[/hide][/hide]




[hide=Champion's Challenge]impchamp3.png





[hide=August 31st, 2007]Mod Tobes Farewell Party


Before the Party:




^A P-Mod with a purple Phat....^and another with a white Phat!


ummmys2.jpgdbootsad5.jpg<---Dragon Boots?


^Should I even take a guess???


Various J-Mods showed up including:modconortj6.jpgmodfranjx8.jpgmodbonneynw0.jpgmodmikeaux2.jpgmodjohnhak0.jpgmodpaulmva0.jpg




And when Mod Tobes Finally got there:






Dare I say that he was even modest:






After meeting, we all paraded throughout the Runescape world:






And we ended up at Party Pete's:




And it was also here that Mod Tobes said his good-byes and left forever.


But not before saying his last words:






Runescape lost a great person today who will never be forgotten.[/hide]




[hide=Random Pics]untitlednu8.jpg


This is from a Server Error on 6/2/07 Look at all the zeros!!







Me and Jaffar200 chillin at the Mossies






This is from another Server Error on 9/14/07.






That says enough...












Yew Autoers. Good times, good times.






Darklinglory, Bladet6 and I trying to scare off other miners.







Lol This is what I look like in my dreams! :D Thanks Grade!




Christmas Event 2007:




Talking to the Snow Imp.




My Snowman! Gotta love the Classic.

(Grade is in the Background & Etp was there also, but sadly I didn't get a pic of all of us together)




Dancing in the snow with Grade. :mrgreen:




My Warrior Snowman.




Summoning Release:








Yet another server error (1/17/08)






Ullerncup's road to 99 Cooking! lol.


Fun With Deadly:




First KBD run with Deadly. Drop: Rune Long 2/2/08
















^All at his house^








This is when He got 99 Thieving!










Easter Event 2008:









Best Party Room Drop: Feb. 28, 2009






Air Guitar Unlocked!






200M Xp Parties:








1st BGS Bought 4/18/09

























[hide=Past Signatures]derekssigzr0.jpg








My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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lol that random picture is funny, all those world with zero players =P runescape got pwned.




Pretty cool to see into the life of a mod, maybe make a section about peoples reaction that your a mod?

I get 30$ a day working at a haunted corn ma(i)ze, dressing up and scaring people crapless.
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lol that random picture is funny, all those world with zero players =P runescape got pwned.




Pretty cool to see into the life of a mod, maybe make a section about peoples reaction that your a mod?




Good idea! I'm gonna start working on that now, and thanks for stopping by!




My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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OK! I just finished the "P-modding Stories" section of my blog! I'm not exactly making a section of people reacting that I'm a mod, but I'll post some funny stories when I see them. Thanks for the idea 211cole. =D>




i also added a reports tally just for the fun of it. :D Note: NO names will be posted on this list!




My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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I owe you! I didn't have to go looky for my bloggy! <3: Thanks! But this isn't mine, so no time to chat about it here!




Interesting to see that you almost regret becoming a pmod! :shame: :P I'm sure she would've made a VERY interesting girlfriend that you wanted to squeeze on! :XD:




I'll send you a hyt if I ever catch you online! ::'




P.S. at least you respect people's privacy! Not putting names up! Thumbs up for that! No! TWO thumbs up! :thumbsup:

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I owe you! I didn't have to go looky for my bloggy! <3: Thanks! But this isn't mine, so no time to chat about it here!




Interesting to see that you almost regret becoming a pmod! :shame: :P I'm sure she would've made a VERY interesting girlfriend that you wanted to squeeze on! :XD:




I'll send you a hyt if I ever catch you online! ::'




P.S. at least you respect people's privacy! Not putting names up! Thumbs up for that! No! TWO thumbs up! :thumbsup:




Thanks for stoppiong by again! Don't get me wrong though, I love being a p-mod. Anyways, I still chuckle to myself when I think about that girl lol!




If it wasn't for the rules I have to follow as a p-mod, I would probably put their names on the list for being idiots lol, but I guess that all good things must have their limit.




Thanks for the support!






My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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:-k To be honest I dont like the way you Pmod




You are actually looking for rule breakers




Fair enough I guess but making a chart kinda seems a bit sad






I don't look for rulebreakers, I just see them a lot while I make my way from mining essence to the body alter. And as for the chart...you got me there lol! Anyways, thanks for stopping by.




good luck on your goals :thumbsup: :thumbsup: nice story too! =D>




Thanks for the encouragement!




My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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I added a great story today! We just finished, and I am still in awe at the mass turnout of p-mods for this event. Even some non-mods came to help the cause! Thanks to everyone that was there. It was truly a great thing to witness. For those who don't think that Jagex has done anything to rid Macroers from the game, YOU ARE WRONG!!!




Billions...lol....I never would have thought it possible.




Here are some individual stats from accounts that were banned:




macro1: 110k sharks


macro2: 64 million gp


macro3: 400k flax




Those are just a few. What a great day!




My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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any more updates lately?




Speaking of updates, I just got 37 Runecrafting! No big acheivement usually, but considering I have to mine it load by load because I have no space in my bank and that I only have 19 spaces open in my inventory, it took me a while. The Body Alter is a long walk away from the essence mine...




My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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Good luck :) But I don't understand how you don't have open bank space.. When your were going F2P, didn't you stock it full of every F2P item?...




That's the problem, when I knew that I was becoming f2p, I sold most of the members stuff that I knew I would be able to get again. I was still selling stuff when my members ran out (sooner than I thought it would) so I didn't collect any f2p items :( ...I also figured that I would be a member again in 1, maybe 2 months. It's been 7 months now and I'm probably not gonna become a member again untill I get back from Mexico in late October. #-o




Thanks for posting though! :D




My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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Hey congratz on all of the levels.


You're doing great :)


good job on keeping RS a fun place to play


=D> :thumbsup:






*bows* thank you.




Only 550 xp. till I'm done with Runecrafting!




My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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Woot good luck!!






Let me just ask you something.






Do you take sarcasm as a factor when you report people? Like if they joke about being Andrew Gower, you know they're kidding, but do you still report them?

I have all the 99s, and have been playing since 2001. Comped 4/30/15 

My Araxxi Kills: 459::Araxxi Drops(KC):

Araxxi Hilts: 4x Eye (14/126/149/459), Web - (100) Fang (193)

Araxxi Legs Completed: 5 ---Top (69/206/234/292/361), Middle (163/176/278/343/395), Bottom (135/256/350/359/397)
Boss Pets: Supreme - 848 KC

If you play Xbox One - Add me! GT: Urtehnoes - Currently on a Destiny binge 


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Done with Runecrafting!!










Woot good luck!!






Let me just ask you something.






Do you take sarcasm as a factor when you report people? Like if they joke about being Andrew Gower, you know they're kidding, but do you still report them?




I only report someone if they NEED to be reported. So no, in that case, I wouldn't report them. Many of my friends consider me a very laid-back mod because I usually don't report for things like offensive language unless it's really really bad, Although I have a zero-tollerance policy for macroers, and password and item scammers. Thanks for the post!






Now onto Mage...




My Bloggy


Proud to have served on Tip.it Crew

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