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Vann's Blog - 99 WC. New PC Build!

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[hide=About Me]My name is Vann and I am 26 years old. I live in Houston, TX, USA and work as a Financial Analyst for a commercial real estate firm. I'm not that interesting. I have been playing RS since RSC toward the end of '01.[/hide]

[hide=RL Pics]Profile pic on Facebook


From my fraternities Christmas Party


Tripy Pic from xmas Party


Me with 3 of the 4 Ladies I went on Spring Break with (4 girls and 2 guys = FTW)


On to my goals. This is my blog on my progression toward a Max cape and my PvM adventures.

120 Slayer
120 Magic
120 Invention
Elite Diaries Done
90 Base
Final Boss Title (Through Reaper)
Current Stats
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Good luck, I wanted the first post, so i speed posted lol.


I like the insert here part lol.




Anyways, have fun. :thumbsup:




Oh and I pwn't shadow to first post <3:

[bleep] the law, they can eat my dick that's word to Pimp

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wow you've got more barrows & dragon drops then me! ive only had 3 barrows n no dragon, and im 102 combat, love your blog so far, im sure it will be one of the more interesting blogs on blogscape so i hope you will enjoy finaly being a member of the club BLOGSCAPE






yep. welcome to teh club. <3:

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Thanks everyone! and shotdown uhh... double post? Welcome to the club! and yes i have a million goals, but they are all centered around 5 things- 1337 total, 99 hunting, 99 firemaking, all 50+ and a Quest Cape. I just have a lot to make me feel like i achieve something when i get a skill..







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I have almost completed my range goal! im currently at avainsies trying to get 60 range and make some mooo laaaa... thx for posting everyone!







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