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Which Monsters drop charms? (20 and counting!)


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besides those mentioned in the kb, has anyone found any monsters that drop decent amounts (or any?) im currently fighting abyssal demons hoping to get lucky, anyone have any luck?




Current List


Lower Levels <50


Bloodworms (from barrows)






Abyssal Guardians and Walkers


Monks of Zamorak




Medium 50-100










Skeletons (level 76+?)


Ice Warriors


Earth Warrior


Zamorak Warriors




High 100-150


Aberrant Spectres




Mummys (103+)


Black Dragons


Bronze Dragons




Very High 150+


Iron Dragons


Steel Dragons


Mithril Dragons

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Top Posters In This Topic

To get you started, here's a list of some creatures with a decent drop-rate for Summoning charms:




* Fire giants


* Ice giants


* Ogres and jogres


* Blue dragons




From kb

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Would someone like to explain what charms do? I can't check the Knowledge Base or play Runescape for about 8 hours. I am currently training 98-99 range at the Fire Giants, so if charms have a general use, it could be very, very useful. Thanks in advance. ::'




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Bloodworms in barrows drop green and probly the others. I got one green charm from them.

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On a Mith Drag trip, 7 kills got me 4 Charms every kill. Colors were BLue, Red, Green, and Gold.



4x Phat owner: Blue, Green, 2x Purple


3100+ GWD bosses soloed.

Solo GWD Drops:

5 Bandos Plates, 4 Bandos Boots, 3 Bandos Hilts, 2 Arma Helms, Arma Skirt, Arma Plate, 3 Arma Hilts, 4 Zammy Spears, Steam Staff, 15 Sara Swords, 6 Sara Hilts, 29 Shards.

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Probably most monsters in the Chaos Tunnels drop them.

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