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Don't Skip Warped Terror Birds! (guide for slayers) FINAL


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Terror Birds seem to be one of the first things that people put on their slayer ban list. However, I'm here to show you that they are one of the better assignments!




There are a few methods to kill the terror birds. This guide was made for the bunyip method, but others have been brought to my attention and investigated. Thus, the "Guthans and Proselyte/Veracs" method is just an "add ons", and should be read AFTER reading the bunyip section.




You should read section 1 BEFORE reading section 2.


You should read BOTH sections 1 AND 2 before reading 3 or 4.




1. Bunyip - Requires 90+ defense AND 68+ summoning


2. Guthans and Proselyte/Veracs - 85+ defense


3. Cannon - 85+ defense AND EITHER 68+ summoning OR Guthans


4. Fighting Just 1 Bird - 70+ defense AND EITHER 68+ summoning OR Guthans






1. Bunyip




This section of the guide is intended for slayers who have 90+ defense and can summon bunyips. If you have less than 90 defense, you'll probably end up having to use a little food and these may take you more than one trip. One other option is that you can bring enough super defense potions to keep your defense above about 90 all the time, though that will take up some inventory space.




First off, here are the exp/hour numbers to keep you interested.




First Test




Fully focused with 99 str, att, def, hp, pry and using super attack pots whenever my attack fell below 105.




19,660 slayer exp/hour.






Second Test




Deliberately left myself attacking birds while they were invulnerable sometimes, messed up moving around a few times, and basically did what people would do if they didn't pay a lot of attention. Did not use super attack potion at all.




17,204 slayer exp/hour.




As you can see, these are some great numbers! Now for how to kill them and the loot they give.






Where and How to Kill Them




The birds are located in the Sewer Slayer Dungeon (http://tip.it/runescape/index.php?page= ... ungeon.htm for tip.it guide).




Here are two maps showing where you should go. You can get there via: Dueling Ring teleport to Cwars, hot balloon in front of Cwars, fairy ring BKP, or the spirit tree (spirit tree does not need a mithril grapple).




















In the picture below, you need to stand in BETWEEN the two red boxes. The goal here is to have only ONE terrorbird attacking you at a time. If you stand along the shore of that little tar pond, the birds will be trapped by the corners. You can then run along the shore and attack them one at a time.












If you have 2 or more birds attacking you at once, your bunyip will not be able to heal you fast enough. I cannot stress enough that you must only have 1 bird attacking you at a time.






To fight the birds, you need to always have range prayer on. Otherwise, you will be promptly killed. You want as much melee defense and prayer bonus as you can get. I recommend the following set up.












Your inventory should be very similar to the setup pictured below. I normally use about 9 prayer pots in an assignment of 160 birds and 2-3 bunyip pouches.


You can bring whatever you want to in the last 4 spots. You'll figure out what's best for you after you go once or twice.














Some tips for killing them.




-Click on the chimes just before you are about to kill the bird you are currently attacking. After you have killed the one you are currently attacking, you can basically just double click the next bird. This technique speeds things up a little bit.




-Do not wait on the terror bird to die. They have a terribly long death animation. Just get the loot after you have killed your next bird.




-Terror birds are ALWAYS AGGRESSIVE. This means you have to use the technique described earlier for the entire time you are killing them.




-Super attack potions aren't entirely necessary. Their defense is already incredibly low. I just like a little extra kick.




-Their range attack will tear you to shreds. Always, always pray range. Do not let your range prayer run out.




-An average assignment will take you between 1 and 1.25 hours when you have become proficient with this method. Larger assignments may take longer. But keep in mind, the exp is still great even though the assignment takes a long time.




-The birds are all level 81 and have an amazing 150 hit points. You cannot attack the level 143 birds at the end of the sewer after completing the Path of Glourphie quest.










Now, you want to pay off using all those prayer potions. Here is the loot from what I would call an average run. Ignore anything OUTSIDE of the red box (I brought that stuff with me)










The loot in that picture is broken down as follows:




38k in deaths


25k alch rune warhammer


32k alch rune kiteshield


16.5k in diamond bolt tips


7k in emerald bolt tips


8.5k in ruby bolt tips


20k in addy bolts


25.5k in rune bolts


63k in swamp tar


8k in raw sharks












81k - the cost of an average of 9 (4 dose) prayer potions


5.4k - 3 bunyip pouches




TOTAL - 157.1k






So you can get great slayer exp, make some decent cash, and you can do this all in one trip!










2. Guthans and Proselyte/Veracs




As I have come to realize, guthans is very effective at terror birds. They have incredibly low defense, and so guthans will heal you very often. Furthermore, guthans can be used by people of about 85+ defense, and no summoning is required.




You should also bring along proselyte plate and legs (wear your slayer mask or helmet instead of the proselyte helmet). Whenever you need to heal, use guthans. Whenever your health is above about 3/5, put on your proselyte for better prayer bonus. It has decent enough melee defense to work for some time.




The experience will be slightly slower for this method due to using guthans. However, it will not be too much less because of the terror birds' low defense.




The exact same tactics that were used in the bunyip section also apply to the guthan/proselyte method. Guthans does allow you to mess up some more than the bunyip method (like getting double teamed by tbirds), but it will cost you some exp/hour because you will have to heal yourself more often if you do mess up.




Alternatively, you may wish to use Veracs instead of proselyte. I would personally prefer this. It trades off +4 prayer for +70 more defense across the board.




An inventory for guthans should look like this. You'll want a few more prayer pots because you'll have to pray while healing in guth, which doesn't have any prayer bonus. I edited the image a little because I don't own guthans any more since I use bunyips all the time. You'll figure out what to bring in the 3 empty slots once you've done a trip or two.














3. Cannon




Using either the bunyip or guthans methods earlier described, you may find yourself wanting to cannon! You will use about 10 cannon balls for every 1 bird you have to kill.




This method brought in 24,269 slayer exp/hour.




To get to the best cannon spot, follow this map. There are other spots, but you might be attacked by 3 or more birds, or you might continuously waste cannon balls attacking tortoises. Hence, this spot that I chose is really the best one.












Your inventory should look very similar to this if you are using the bunyip method. If you use guthans, you will simply leave out the bunyip pouches and potion, and instead bring your guthans.










Your armor/weapon load out should be the same as the bunyip method mentioned previously if you are using bunyips. Likewise for Guthans.




Now listen closely. This becomes somewhat strategic.




Below these paragraphs is a setup of how to kill them. You should ALWAYS put your cannon in the same spot. This spot ensures that it is always attacking at least one of the birds. It often shoots both or double shoots one.




You should also stand next to the INSIDE of either pillar. It is your choice. If you stand on the square inside of either pillar, only 1 bird should be able to attack you at a time. If they both start to attack you, don't panic! With your cannon, you should be able to withstand them both attacking you for just a few seconds.












Tips for cannoning:




-Make SURE that you use your chimes on a bird whenever it spawns. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of cannon balls and time.


-If you think a bird is about to turn invulnerable again, go ahead and use your chimes on it again


-If you just killed 1 bird, go ahead and move from the good spot to kill the last bird. Then run back


-Reload your cannon whenever it is convenient. If you moved from the normal spot, consider reloading while you are moving around.


-Cannoning takes more attention than any other method, but it is also the fastest. To be honest, it takes almost constant attention. You can easily chat while you cannon though.








4. Fighting Just 1 Bird




The lone bird method is not recommended, but some of you might not mind taking your time or don't want any risk of dying. This method also does not require any prayer potions, which can be a money saver.




This method brought in about 12,900 slayer exp/hour.




Follow the map below to get to the lone bird. It is in its own little caged area.












Your weapon/armor load out should be geared towards having the highest possible defense. You don't need to worry about prayer bonus at all now.




Your inventory is very similar to the methods in sections 1 or 2. The inventory below is using a bunyip. If you are using guthans, just replace the bunyip pouches and summoning potion with guthans equipment.




If you'll notice, this load out has 3 (4) dose super attack potions and 4 bunyips. This is because the single bird method takes longer than any of the other methods.










Killing the single bird is pretty easy. Stand either directly next to or on top of the spawn. This way, the bird will use melee attack and it should almost never use its ranged attack. You can sit back and relax while you hack away. Just make sure that you have your chimes ready in case you take too long to kill it.




















-Thank you to feelstreem for some info on the guthan method and for several useful suggestions!


-Thank you to The Slayer's Guild (led by bigmoneyak, also known as Axe Man Jack) for keeping me on track with slayer

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Hmm, nice guide for a monster that no one wans to kill. 9/10


You've done some good research, maybe more people will be killing those birds now. I won't, however, since I only 83 defense and 63 summon :lol:

Need a new signature....perhaps...

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Why won't you use Super str pots? They greatly increases your xp/hour, for the cost of a few k. It's like saving 10 minutes/hour for a measly 10k. I wouldn't wait for my stats to fall to 105 before repotting. Have you compared the protes... (sp) top? In my opinion, the bonuses are far better than Verac's brassy.




Nice guide overall, I've been hearing that they were good for a while, and was waiting for a guide to come out. :D

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Hmm. So you can kill one in the duration of one chiming easily? I haven't done those tasks in a long time. I barely remember them.




Also, why do you have a super attack pot, but no defense or strength? Defs are as cheap as atts, and although strengths are a little expensive, the time they save is huge.




All in all, they sound better than I remember. They certainly drop better loot, if your trip was accurate. Maybe I'll blacklist different tasks instead of them.




Thanks for the guide. Very nice. :)

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Now THIS is the kind of guide I like! Too bad I hadn't found it first or I could add them to Misunderstood Monsters! =O




Thanks for this btw, my slayer task was terrorbirds and I was a bit dissapointed.


Do you hate Wyverns or Warped Terrorbirds? Think again! Misunderstood Monsters!

Want to become a Champion of Champions like I once was? Champion Scroll Guide!

Feeling Bored? List of Sidequests


Rare Drops: Dragon Sq Half : 1, Dragon Med : 2, Dragon Claws : 2, Dragon Legs : 1, Dragon Boots : 60+, Granite Legs: 8

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Hey guys....




Yeah I suppose I should consider using super str/def pots. With my setup, I have enough room. I suppose super def pots would also allow people with lower defense to be able to camp them with bunyips. The main reason I didn't beforehand is because I'm 99 all combat stats, so I didn't want people to feel as if this guide were only for very high level combats...




Inuashakent, I'll try a proselyte plate/legs next time and see how it goes. I have a feeling that it won't have enough defense, however. The main goal with this guide is to kill them all in one trip, and if they hit too much then that will not be possible.




Ryder said "So you can kill one in the duration of one chiming easily? ". Maybe I wasn't entirely clear. I meant that you should click on your chime when you have nearly killed the one you are currently hitting. That way, once you have killed the one you are currently hitting, you can simply double click on the next terrorbird. It just speeds things up a little bit.




SxqPower, thanks for that tip. I might look into cannoning these... I'll add that as an alternative or something.




Hey Erichermit, if you see this message, pm me about your guide. I've read it and I really do like it. I'd be happy to have you use most of or part of this guide in yours. I'll give you a PM anyway.




I'll edit the guide after I've been assigned another round of birds. Thanks for the feedback. Please feel free to leave more feedback. :)

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V1.1 is up now.




I added in a new map about how to get to the sewer entrance in the first place.




I've also added the guthans and proselyte/veracs method, and I will be adding cannon info once I get another assignment of birds. I've determined that you should indeed use veracs if you are using the bunyip method. Proselyte simply does not offer enough defense for only +4 more prayer. Your HP might get so low with pros that you would have to leave.




Thank you for all of the suggestions. If I don't hear anything else, I'll just update the cannon section when I can and that will probably be all.




edit: just realized I need to add an inventory screen shot to the guthans area...i'll get on that.

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nice, but heres a spot where you dont need pray or guthens if higher def, but i used a bit...and bunyip










only 1 spawn, slower xp but still gets ya through task w/o skipping...







XBL gamertag: SeismicTriangle

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Nice, although they are still rather pesky and annoying to kill, they might be worth it now.




It seems bunyip solves all 8-)

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Thanks meme79, I'll add a tid-bit about that later. I might see what exp/hour you can get there.






Lol, I never said to switch off V skirt. That is too much def. But if you look at The brassy, its I believe 20 defence for 4 prayer?




Of course you didn't. However, I still think it's a very good option. There is some personal preference there. However, if you go verac brassard/skit to proselyte plate/legs, you lose 70 defense and you gain 4 prayer. The choice is up to you, but I prefer the 70 more defense.




As always, I appreciate the input.

Runescape Name: "unbug07"


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O right, sorry.




Personal preference then. I'd imagine that people will mix and match as they see fit. :)

Runescape Name: "unbug07"


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I'm afraid I wasn't clear, I meant to ask if using the chime on them once is usually enough time to completely kill them? The vulnerability doesn't seem to last very long.

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Yes, Ryder. At least for me.




The only time that it doesn't last long enough is when I go and get loot from the last drop or mess something up. If you have lower attack, you may find yourself having to use the chimes again. But for the most part, one use is just fine if you are doing things correctly.

Runescape Name: "unbug07"


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I suppose that's what makes me not like them. I hate clicking so much for every kill, like gargoyles and desert lizards. It's quite frustrating, but still, with drops seemingly improved from when I tried them, they seem worth it. Thanks again for this guide.

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aha unbug I know you




good guide, I've always killed them at the entrance... rarely got outhit, even managed to avoid having 2 on me at once most of the time. The other spot looks great though, I'll use it on my next task.




I get there by glorying to edgeville, charging summoning, and taking the spirit tree... it's faster I think and you don't need an inv spot for the crossbow.

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Even after i found out about this spot a few weeks ago i still blacklisted them :x




Ill wait for a cannon guide untill i remove it




Nice guide though


^^Click For Monster Hunting Blog (180M+ in drops)^^

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Hey guys!




Alright, I did a BIG update with a cannon and a single bird method. I think you'll find them very useful!




This should be the final version (besides fixing a typo here and there). This includes every way I know to efficiently kill warped terror birds.




Let me know if you guys have anything else on your minds. Feedback is always good. Thanks. :)

Runescape Name: "unbug07"


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There are better spots to use then this. Warped terrorbirds can actually be worth around 35k slayer experience/hour. I'll direct you to the official Runescape forums, thread 22-23-733-55654062 "Mega Slayer Guide 2" by Zarfot, Page 10, 2nd-3rd post. Your guide is good thoug. However give this way a go now ::'

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Nice guide! I'll always hate the task despite this though, they just annoy me that much :lol: I did 2 tasks of them back to back, first 175, then 135 o_O and as soon as I get it as my task again it's going on the ban list lol :mrgreen: although I don't think i'll have to worry anymore considering I just got 99 slayer yesterday. Hmm. who knows.

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