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Solo Bandos Guide


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Hi, this is my guide to soloing bandos at GWD. baconatorab6.gif




Table Of Contents


I. Requirements


II. Inventory and Equipment


III. Strategies


IV. Video


V. Drop Rates


VI. Credits


VII. Responses





I. Requirements


Attack: 85


Strength: 85


Defence: 85


Prayer: 70


Magic: 80 (For defence against Steelwill)


Summoning: 40 (52+ Suggested)


First off I recommend that you do "Eadgar's Ruse" quest because the Trollheim tele is very helpful, otherwise you are looking at a very long walk all the way around (and you would lose a spot for climbing boots).


Before your trip, if you have done "As a First Resort" Quest, I suggest you use the bandos pool, and get your killcount quickly. When you go through the pool Bandos followers will not attack you for an hour or so.


You could solo without using a familiar but I really suggest at LEAST having a bull ant. If you want to solo more than one a trip, I suggest 90 90 90.




II. Inventory & Equipment


[hide=Super Hardcore Soloing]



Should get 20-30 kills easy with this setup, for this with divines, expect 35-50 depending on whether or not you use claws or SGS (dragonstone (i) is the only thing to replace seers with, unless you don't mind another 25m risk using onyx)


GS is horrible, lasted barely 8 kills with SGS


People don't understand how easy soloing bandos is now after soul split and overloads, you'll average 20/hr, maybe 18/hr if you include banking and you should average any bandos item every 80 kills, so its like 4-5 hours for either 1m, 22m, 23m, or 26m (with a guaranteed extra 1m/hr from non bandos drops)


It's actually one of the fastest ways to make money through PVM, close if not the same as Tormented demons.


Also timing overloads is probably the most important part, if you don't time overloads expect your trips to have 30% less kills/trip


Every 15 seconds overloads give +26 in att/str/def so if you need to brew you need to brew 1 time @ 2 seconds before intervals 0, 15, 30, 45, and 2 times @ 4 seconds before the intervals, in the case you get massively spammed range attacks you use a super rest to bring it up to 99 where the intervals will bring it back to 125




[hide=Inventory with Whip & Claws + Extremes]4gkjv4.png[/hide]



[hide=Inventory for GS]7f8e94e2.png[/hide]



[hide=Inventory for Whip]077e6d3e.png[/hide]



I would say if you don't have extreme potions, use a godsword. If you have extremes/overloads I recommend using Whip + Dfs + dragon claws.


I have tested veracs and it is complete garbage soloing. It might be good in groups, but a godsword beats it by far.





So...the gear from best -> worst is



Meleeing Graar



Torag's helm > Neitizot helm > Berserker helm/Warrior Helm


Fury > Glory > Strength Amulet


Saradomin Godsword > Armadyl/Bandos Godsword/Zamorak Godsword


Whip + DFS > Rune defender > Obsidian Shield > Zamorak Book


(Godsword Setup) - Bandos Chestplate > Torag's Plate > Dharok's Plate


(Whip Setup) - Karil's Top > God D'hide Top > Black D'hide Body


Bandos Tassets > Torag's legs/Dharok's Legs > Verac's Skirt


Fire Cape > Skill Cape > God Cape


Barrows RFD gloves > Regen Bracelet > Dragon Guants (FOG)


Dragon Boots > Bandos Boots


Ring of Wealth or Onyx Ring(i) or Seers Ring(i) > Berserker Ring or Seers Ring > Ring of Life



I would suggest using an Armadyl Chestplate if you are using whip, and are maxed stats.



Ranging Graar



When you kill Graar, just do the same as if you were meleeing. Stand there and attack him. Walk under him when you need to eat, or if you want, Mage/Range pray and run north or south, hit him once and melee pray when he gets close. You can switch between piety and 15% def and 15% range. If you do not ruby spec graar and his hp is below 3/4, switch to diamond.



[hide=Inventory For Ranging Graar]b3a72b77.png[/hide]



For this I suggest having the follow stats:


Defence: 85


Magic: 85 (for defence against Steelwill)


Prayer: 70


Range: 90+


Summoning: 40



The gear from best > worst is:



Armadyl Helm > Guthan's Helm/Torag's Helm > Dharok's Helm > Verac's Helm > Neitizot > Archer


Karil's top > God d'hide top > Black D'hide top


Dharok's/Torag's platelegs > Verac's skirt > Guthan's skirt




Rune C'bow, with Diamond and Ruby (e) Bolts


Barrows Gloves > Black D'hide Vambs > Dragon Guantlets (Fog)


Dragonfireshield > Granite/Obsidian Shield > Rune Kite > Zamorak Book


Ranger boots > Snakeskin boots


ROW or Seers Ring(i) or Archers Ring(i) > Seers Ring or Archers Ring > Ring Of Life



Only use Armadyl helm if you have 95+ defense



Maging Graar


Using ice barrage/blitz at bandos is not good at all. Even in max mage bonus and 99 magic you still splash a lot. It costs too much, and it's much harder. So therefore maging bandos is inefficient.




III. What to do & Strategies



Before your trip: get your inventory all ready, tele to trollheim, drop 2 sharks, tele to edgeville using a glory in your house, load your familiar with sharks, tele back to trollheim, and pick up your sharks.



If you don't have a saradomin item, when you enter the GWD, you should use the prayer "Protect from Magic", the spiritual mages there can hit 20's. If there are only spiritual rangers/spiritual warriors on you, then use whatever pray is doing the most damage.



I suggest that you get your kill count on the low level goblins. I also suggest that you wear at least a zamorak item. I wear a zamorak cape with SGS usually. If you do not have a zamorak item, then werewolves, goraks, and vampires will all attack you.



[hide=Get your kill count here]7d51064e.png[/hide]



If you choose to not bring a zamorak item then you have to get your kc at hobgoblins.



[hide=Running from Goblins to Hobgoblins]3e39046f.png[/hide]



After you get to that spot and you have kc, check if anyone is in the world. If it's empty then pot up and run over. Run through with melee pray until you see "Bang Big Door". Left click it and run from that door, northeast with Protect from Magic, protect item, and piety on.



[hide=Running from Hobgoblins to Graar]0ef7d8c8.png[/hide]



Now, you run in with melee prayer, piety, and protect item on.


If you find that Steelwill is hitting on you a lot, then try switching between bringing Torag's Plate and Karil's top/God D'hide top.


Everytime you have to eat, or sip a prayer potion, run under Graar and eat. When you are ready, step back out and attack him.



[hide=Where to to stand while eating]adf3d0cb.png[/hide]



After you kill Graar, kill the minions in this order: Steelwill, Grim, and Strongstack. You should use the prayer Soul Split if you have access to it. You can regain massive amounts if HP from it. When Graar dies, use protect from magic and turmoil/piety, after that, use protect from range, and turmoil/piety (if you want). After Grim is dead, flick on protect from melee, if your familiar attacks Strongstack, and Strong attacks back, then run over to the altar and pray. After you pray, go back and try to finish off Strongstack before Graar respawns.



[hide=After Graar Dies]d0ed59f8.png[/hide]




For my killcount: I kill goblins, it takes me 8 minutes to fill my bird, drop my sharks, go back, and get kill count.



I usually solo Bandos in worlds with 1500 people. Most of the time I finish off the last minion before Graar spawns. I could kill two a trip with my terrorbird and roughly 90 90 90 stats with a GS. At maxed melee with extremes, whip, dragon claws, and recover special I can get a lot more.




With some skill and some luck you may be able to get a drop!


[hide=My Solo Bandos Drops]










IV. Videos







V. Drop Rates


Don't forget you can get champion scrolls from hogoblins, goblins, and ogres too.


Here are some ideas on the drop rates of the Bandos items


Bandos Hilt:1/500


Bandos Tassets: 1/300


Bandos Chestplate: 1/300


Shards: 1/200




VI. Credits


rahzaM - Posted an inventory for soloing with overloads, thanks!


Sadin_13 - he made my banner transparent






VII. Responses


[hide=Hilt Drop]solobandoshilt1id6.png[/hide]


I would like to thank toast647 for his good bandos solo guide.



<+e89456> Toast i've used your guide, I'm 86 86 84 melees, and I can easily get one kill with bgs and terrorbird



Good luck solo bandosing. :thumbup:


Come to #tip-it on Swift IRC, if you're cool

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nice guide, im doing this non stop after another 197k str exp (99)

stupid forums lost my dragon count , well atleast i know i got a d chain from a dusty!

99 Fletch, Late 06

99 Mage, late 07

99 Strength, 29th June 08

99 Hitpoints, 21st August 08

130/138 cmb

sooo close

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i noticed..wouldn't a Dragonfire sheild/whip be better then obby sheild


you might want to add that.






i verac'ed bandos before (in teams and once in solo) maybe you should add it in,because verac has pretty good accuracy.

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Pretty good, two things I'd like to add:




1) DFS > Obby shield


2) If As a First Resort is completed, using the Bandos pool will get bandos followers off you for about an hour.

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Good guide, I might try it sometime but with Armadyl I can solo four a trip and the hilt is more expensive. Is there much competition for solo worlds?




Not really, sometimes on friday/weekend there are duo/trioers in non ls worlds though.


Come to #tip-it on Swift IRC, if you're cool

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You could solo without using a familiar but I reall suggest at least having a bull ant.


You missed the 'y' from 'really'.




As for the recommended stats - don't you think that 85s are a bit low to solo, especially more than once? Do you know anyone that has those stats that can solo graardar efficiently?

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