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What made you start?


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What made you join your first clan?




Being a pure in the old wild I had a good group of friends that I always pked with. We began facing these organized groups that called themselves "clans". Well after time we got tired of getting beat by other groups even though they had less levels and less numbers. One of my "high leveled" friends told me about invisionfree so I hopped on that and got my friends to join the board. We rolled and were pretty good, but sadly, me being very young at the time and having 0 clan world experience couldn't keep us alive (we were also a very cheap clan, meleers one itemed and rangers used cheap equitment :oops: ). Our basic idea of a clan was like today's so called teams, so we never really had any official wars. Good times, good times. :P

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Me and my freind started up our own nooby one we were level 50+ (this was a long time ago) We used to do some pking as a clan and helping each other out, it grew pretty big then everyone started to quit, and that is how our clan failed.




LOl yea so that pretty much says how it was haha.

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Oreo9870, back when he was overlord of Blogscape. Back when I was stupid and thought "popular co-leader = good clan." Well hey, I can't say it turned out bad... I'm still there, moving along... and it's still a great clan. :D


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Started House Flamer in honour of my in-game friend and ally blueflame(insert numbers). He ran a small mercenary clan known as Blue Fang... we where both pretty low on combat levels- err 30 seems about right, not pures, well pure newbs for sure. We had no forum, but managed to do events, and actually had fair unit cohesion. Died in a fight with an actual clan, really we where slaughtered. We fought for the right to the Falladore Mansion (a place that no longer exists, replaced by party peets) against a clan known as Evolution. Their combat average was 70 and they had more members... yeah, it was a short fight.

Clan Moderator from December 15th 2006- August 20th 2007

Founder of: Terran Gamers, formerly known as Militos Deci

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For a start wanted a better community that the average scaper. Secondly - some fun events.


Finally wanted some people to back me up in trips to the wildy. Admittedly i chose the wrong clan for actual wildy events, but i found some good people and made a small team with other players.

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I suppose boredom and curiosity. I'd never heard of a war before I joined a clan :lol:


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hmmm in all honesty im not sure why i joined MD. I think i wanted to start pking and wanted some friends that would always be around (i was wrong they were mostly americans whilst im british +P ) TSA on the other hand was cos i was p2p now


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Joined my first clan when I was using a main account, I joined from seeing the massive wars of probably Di, Ds, and Gladz, and I just wanted to be in one huge chaotic mess. So I headed out for such a thing, and arrived there in multiple clans.

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