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Corr vs Mod Mat K


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Mod mat K recently contacted me in-game to arrange an enjoyable miniwar, hoping he could prove that the power of jagex could defeat the organisation of Corruption.




Due to the technical challenges of fighting a jagex moderator (you cannot attack them :shock: ) we had to use some quite unique rules for this fight. Instead of directly fighting him, he would summon a succession of Summoning Familiars to fight on his behalf.




We agreed on the following rules

    [*:3c3kl3ho]P2P PvP worlds
    [*:3c3kl3ho]Location - Draynor Jail (multicombat area between the fences)
    [*:3c3kl3ho]Summoning allowed
    [*:3c3kl3ho]No returning
    [*:3c3kl3ho]Last side standing wins - either Corruption or Mod Mat K's 28 steel titans.




Just before our event, we held our monthly raffle amongst corr members. Tickets were awarded for staying to the end of fights, and being amongst our best binders. The number was drawn with a number generator and Hitmanx50 won an xbox 360! Congrats :twss:






Unsure of what to expect, we went into the fight looking forward to seeing how it went. Mod mat K suddenly appeared inside the Jail cell, safe from attack, when he teleport outside the building and started attacking us with Steel Titan scrolls and also using ice/miasmic barrages on our familiars, causing quite a lot of confusion.


We quickly re-organised ourselves and began piling his titans. They were quite hard to see as they would disappear under our own characters and familiars but we developed a strategy of running away from him between kills to make them visible then charging again.




After around 20 minutes of fighting (and a few stray 1-item barragers that slipped through our AC's net) we had cleared all of Mod Mat K's familiars and we were victorious.




Corruption starting: 156


Mod Mat K starting: 84










Corruption ending: 156 - zero casualties


Mod Mat K ending: 0






It was very fun to be the first clan ever to war jagex, let alone win! Videos will be up soon, and Mod Mat is also going to be posting a recap of the fight on the Jagex Facebook page.



Proud Leader of the Corruption Clan. PM me to set up a fight or for any queries relating to my clan.

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tbh the new rs regem is so much cooler more player/jagex connection :P pwning jagex mods ftw :) i love u corr <3:


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Well it would be unfair if some of corr died and lost stuff, cos mat being a jmod couldnt die and lose stuff...well he could, but he'd just create some again xD.




So i guess grats corr haha






kudos to mat's stratagie too lol xD.

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Haha that sounds awesome, grats on the win I guess. :lol:


(Jagex fanboys, the bunch!! :o *runs*)

You're accusing me of bigotry, how ironic. It's a nice attempt at argument, but your responses are facile and asinine, if not diatribe. Who's arrogant now?

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