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This is one of your best photos, I reckon. The composition is amazing. the rule of thirds works perfectly, because your scene is relatively empty. This means your focal is defined and interesting. The scene is captured beautifully, with lovely colours and great detail.




You have an eye for photos Sam, keep it up.

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That's simply stunning, LB. You've done everything right in this one :) The flare that is on the main subject itself, it just somehow looks great :)

My relaxation method involves a bottle of lotion, beautiful women, and partial nudity. Yes I get massages.



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Great picture!! That sky is STUNNING! The horizon like does look a tad crooked though. I know that the background is very hilly, but it still doesn't look quite right to me.




Keep it up! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Thanks all <3:




That's the thing with the landscape round here Tripsis - it's so bloomin' varied!




It's a piece of farming machinery, jaerkd00d. Simply put, it flings grass around. so the cut stuff can dry and not get damp and not all stick together and form sod, before they take it all and dispose of it.


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That is a great picture. Probably one of my all time favourites.


(beautiful landscape by the way)

RIP Michaelangelopolous

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I love N_odie and would never edit his posts! I love Rainy_Day too <3 And also Cowman_133. <33 Oh, and Laikrob is a going to hunt me down and kill me like a pest kangaroo if I reveal how awesome she is. I owe tripsis skittles. DarkDude feels like he's missing out. This is my siggy! - n_odie Rainy_Day MINE! - n_odie Rainy_Day And meol shouldn't feel left out. Oh, and Y_Guy is a noob awesome


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*wishes he had a camera that you could work with*




My current one is seriously [bleep]ed up.



So I've noticed this thread's regulars all follow similar trends.


RPG is constantly dealing with psycho exes.

Muggi reminds us of the joys of polygamy.

Saq is totally oblivious to how much chicks dig him.

I strike out every other week.

Kalphite wages a war against the friend zone.

Randox pretty much stays rational.

Etc, etc


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Nice picture but i think the flinger is too dark



Felix, je moeder.

Je moeder felix

Je vader, felix.

Felix, je oma.

Felix, je ongelofelijk gave pwnaze avatar B)

Felix, je moeder.


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Awesome. One of the best pieces of photography I've seen in a while.




You planning to toake photography at A-Level?

So don't let anyone tell you you're not worth the earth,

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Just let your dreams be your pilot, your imagination your fuel,

Tear up the book and write your own damn rules,

Use all that heart, hope and soul that you've got,

And the love and the rage that you feel in your gut,

And realise that the other world that you're always looking for,

Lies right here in front of us, just outside this door,

And it's up to you to go out there and paint the canvas,

After all, you were put on the earth to do this,

So shine your light so bright that all can see,

Take pride in being whoever the [bleep] you want to be.

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