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Skillcapes - The second stage


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Operating the cape to get the "real" agility cape - a cape that lowers 20 kilo weight! Operate it again to get it back to first stage.


Why? Agility cape will be worn for another reason other than the looks.



Operating the cape transforms the cape into angel wings (decorative).


Why? People who love decorative items will now have another one - angel wings (many Runescape video editors would love to have that)! Prayer have gotten many updates, so should not be something useful.



Operating the cape transforms it into a cooking hat (special) - where you burn 20% less.


Why? This will make Cooking once again a good thing. People will burn less, making people fish and cook like old days.



Operating skillcape along having a Dragon hatchet will transform both items into a hatchet similar to one Woodcutting master is using. The axe has 5% of chopping 5 logs.


Why? Maybe make Woodcutting a bit more profitable?



Using skillcape with Ava's accumaltor gives you a quiver with arrows in it. This bag will gives back 80% (+5%) of your arrows shot.


I haven't thought this through, so please don't bash me, but just tell me what of the ideas are good and what is not, and why. I would love Cooking cape getting the second stage that i mentioned, that would be awesome.

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Agility: Seems good, an extra bonus to the people who have somehow gotten that 99.

Prayer: Maybe instead of just decorations, when worn you could get the +2 prayer points bonus at any altar instead of just the monastery?

Cooking: The likelihood of burning something at 99 cooking is quite low. Not sure what you could replace that bonus with though.

Woodcutting: I'm sure this would have some effect or another on the economy, but I am certainly no expert. My guess: D hatchets go up, logs go down.

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For cooking you could make it so that you have a chance of cooking an untradeable version of the fish that heals an extra 15% or something. It would kinda be like extremes in a sense, but not quite the same. I also like what ragmar said about prayer, I think that would work very nicely.

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Good idea, seeing as some capes give slight advatage with the +1 level and some cape's boosts give no usefull things.

How about quest cape giving little boost to the qp's and give a little more time in tears of guthix? :P


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I like the general concept of skill capes providing some sort of benefit when worn, but I don't believe that these benefits should be anything more than nice little conveniences, nor should they be purely aesthetic (as per your prayer cape idea). The agility cape providing weight reduction is a good example of a little convenience that isn't game breaking, but is nice to have. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but that's the gist of my opinion on the subject.

To put it bluntly, [bleep] off.

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So... you get a quiver? :unsure:

Yes, which gives back 80% more ammo.

So, 155%? ;) Just kidding, I knew what you meant.


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I support the Agility idea, LTH_Dev_Ranges' Ranged idea, and Ragmar's Prayer idea.

My personal ideas:

Woodcutting- Increases chances of getting nests while woodcutting

Mining- Increases chances of getting gems while mining

Farming- Increased yields from crops

Slayer- Slightly increases boost from Slayer Helmet. Maybe a 17% boost instead of a 15% boost?


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i definitely want skillcapes to have more of a practical use, their skill bonuses aren't anything stellar. some of your suggestions are good but after gettting 99 in a skill, which is hard enough, i want something i can use for a long time to come, not just decorative purposes, which is main reason skillcapes are worn currently.


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Prayer=you can fly to anywhere in RuneScape or at least any cities. Epic win!


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construction= new portal for your house and some type of new butler

The once was a mexican called pepsi,

Or maybe it's just he had Hep C,

He was a pretty cool bro,

Bros generally are you know,

He hailed from the land of 'taters,

He was known to hate many-a-hater,

He likes a girl named Lacey,

His thoughts about her are kind of racy,

And also his dad likes to [rooster].

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