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Tip.It Times - 14th July 2013


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Time for a new release of the: >>>Tip.It Times!<<<






Remember, YOU can write an article for the Tip.It Times! You can apply to write full time, or just submit a "one-off" guest article any time you want! Our editors will work with you to ensure that your article is ready for publication. All guest articles can be submitted to @tripsis or any other Editorial Panel member. For more information, including details on how to apply full time, read this forum thread: http://forum.tip.it/topic/209138-how-to-write-for-the-tipit-times/


I'd like to remind people of the rules pertaining to Times threads:


[hide=Read these rules before posting in this thread]

Rampant flame wars have taken control of virtually every week's times discussion topics. The following guidelines must be followed when posting on this topic. Posts that ignore these guidelines will be removed.


1. You are invited and welcome to express like or dislike on articles and a particular author's writing style. It is not acceptable, however, to flame or personally insult an author. Posts that aren't anything but an attack will be removed from the topic.


2. Spelling and grammar errors can be reported to tripsis by PMing her and they will be fixed promptly. It is not necessary to post them on the discussion topic.


3. Off topic posts that do not discuss the content of that week's articles will be removed. This is not the place to discuss the direction of the times, how much you love or hate the times, etc. Off topic posts will be removed.


By keeping within these guidelines, Times discussion topics will mean more for the Panel and Administration than just a place for flame wars. Flame wars do not provide any useful feedback to the Times, which is mainly what we're aiming for with these topics: feedback.


This policy is effective as of now, November 17, 2010. Any posts prior to the creation of this policy may or may not be removed according to the new guidelines.



[hide=Submitting Crossword Puzzles]If you want to submit your own crossword puzzle, it's quite simple.


Simply provide a word list (about 10-20 words) with their corresponding clues. Then, message @The Floating Pen with the word list and it will eventually be published in the Tip.it Times![/hide]


When replying please make sure to clarify the article you are replying to! Thanks!


If you spot any typos or mistakes in an article then please PM them to @tripsis. :)


Enjoy the articles!

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First off the Comp (T) is suppose to take along time to get, and at least jagex give a good reason for the CW games now instead of the old one. (Also no one is forcing anyone to get it anyways, and most people don't even want it.) Also the clans/FCs owning certain things (minigames and bosses) is the fault of the community and something jagex cant really fix. Warbands has always been controlled by a few fcs anyways (in fact the new updates [nerfs] to warbands lower their power). As for Vorago, the goal was to make an unsoloable boss and they did that. You don't need to pay 100m for a kill or a rank in the big fcs for Vorago, you just need strong friends or clanmates.


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i liked both articles and the crossword. yay me and yay you guys




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But then I paused for a moment and remembered the time I had told him I had come to kill everyone in the castle.

I remember being able to just cut to the chase and kill Hans :P


Gave me a chance to reflect on the friends made and lost as the years have worn on - growing up, even on RS, isn't all that it's cracked up to be.


Had fun with the crossword as usual!


In real life MMO you don't get 99 smithing by making endless bronze daggers.

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One thing I thought was nice was that the community or at least the high level community did well with vorago. A person on the High level forums set up a fc and a list for getting the death-blow on vorago. The highest one on the list still alive when it came time to deal the final hit was the one that got the maul. Made it relatively easy to get my trim back and they didn't charge a thing.


I wouldn't mind them spreading out the requirements for trim more though, I do find it weird that some minigames have rather huge requirements and others have next to none.

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R.I.P. The olde nite. A legend is gone but not forgotten.


a Faction Related Item Sink for Rune Labs. https://[LikelyScam]/m=player-proposal/a=13/c=VcG-Ir5Ijno/view-idea?idea=19



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^Agreed, I really like the fun writing style. Was very annoyed with the trade limit. Anyhow I don't mind being part of the progress, change is inevitable.


@Capescape: yes it's a hard knock life, I guess we're easier to milk through this sort of gameplay. I thought the direction they were headed after Sof was very clear, did you expect anything else?


801 days left for ten year cape ;D

Sway all day, Butterfly flaps all the way!  tumblr_inline_mp4i2qAGS11qz4rgp.gif

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@Arceus, "From the Desk of RuneScape's New(b)est Veteran":

A fictional account that is more critique and commentary than pure storytelling? I like it. Nice change of pace.


@Dracae, "Capescape":

instead of inventing self-cleaning toilets (kudos for the ones who get that reference)


I'm a spoilsport, but not a total spoilsport:


The reference is from qeltar's "Don't Resent My Toilet" article



Kudos, please! :twss:

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Bingo, Kudos well deserved.

I found the comparison made in that article so to the point that it stuck in my mind.


Darthddict: We are clearly never going to agree, but one point I dont dispute is that a Tcomp cape should take a long time to get. Most peopel that I know who have it or are close have played many 100s of days during 5 to 7 years of Runescape.

However, you can also overdo it.. and in the case of Castlewars Jagex clearly has, especially since many other minigames and such are not treated equally. Instead of 'fixing' castlewars they could have spread it out over more different and, to me, equaly important parts of this game.


As far as paying for a kill at Vorago: ofcourse you don't HAVE to do that, but it is telling that these ammounts got asked and paid!

Since I do not have screenshots of this, you will have to believe me on my blue eyes.. lol..

Same goes for paying for ranks in clanchats who dominate a certain part of RS, not all do it, but it happens and is not even the worst.. a wile ago I came across a pk-ing clan who demanded the members gave there passwords and pincodes to the warleaders. This clan then had members with better personal skills use strong accounts of members who were not online. I am sure this is an exception, but a telling one on how far some are willing to go.


I will trow in an other controversial statement: groups made for a specific goal, like doing Dungonerering, or Warbands, or Vorago should not use clanchats, they should use friendschats. Not only do the FC's have more functionality , like lootshare, but moreover id being in multiple FC's allowed and using multiple cc's impossible.



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