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Your opinion guys (best quest)


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What do you think is the most thought out, well presented, most interesting and clever quest jagex have invented.




I'm not interested in best reward or hardest.




Just want to know what people think really.




I can't host my oppinion as I have only just come back after 1.5 years away so therefore there's a lot of quests i haven't heard about or seen.









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recipe for disaster. funny. nice rewards little something for everybody




what is not to love about this quest

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i think the monk fish quesnt was quite good.








swan song was a great quest with a bit of humour too (and the reward has to be one of the best in the whole game, monks ftw)


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Underground Pass. A guy goes crazy from voices, very difficult "boss", and I think it had a good story backing it up. I really think it was one of the most thought out quests Jagex has done.




And the Classic version was by far more creepier than the new RS2 version. I.E. the giant "blank" seriously freaked me out. (Don't want spoilers).

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Cabin Fever!! Its so fun when you get to shoot cannon balls at other pirate ships and make the cannon! And swinging across ropes! And fixin the boats leaks! Cabin Fever ftw! \'




I also quite liked Swan Song for its humour and also Recipe for Diaster for the cutscenes and the length (lol still have not completed it, still need to do Desert Treasure)

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Rum Deal and Cabin Fever. Made me laugh out loud a great deal. Sure, the plot is a bit Skee-Whiff, but if you want comedy, that'd be the two quests to go for.




For plot, obviously Recipe For Disaster. Then again, the Plague series has a nice plot.

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Well out of the quests I've done it would have to be the Forgettable Tale of A Drunken Dwarf. Visually stunning, intriguing/intertwining plot. Recepie for Distaster sounds amazing, but I haven't started it yet.

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The entire plague series. The plot os really thought out and I enjoyed it.


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