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Have the wannabe mods accused you yet?


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so many people are pathetic and think that reports = mod status. But, as long as they are good reports, that's great.








Well, I can't really blame the people for thinking that, since Jagex has this written on their homepage:








We keep track of potential Player Moderators through a variety of methods.








We review their behaviour in the forums, the number and quality of abuse reports sent in, how useful and friendly they have been to other players and any messages sent in to us from other players about their behaviour in the game.








It's only a factor in Jagex' decision obviously, but a sure way to attract Jagex' attention.

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they are so annoying, but also biased








when i was fishing to 99 at guild me and many others I talked to did not talk for hours on end cept in pm.








I was lvl 80/90 odd some of my friends were like lvl 10 skillers.








All the wanna-be mods alwasy turned and were like omg "lvl 10 is a macro report him"








I was alwasy like how is a lvl 10 not speaking while fishing different from me not talking?








They were always like "You can't be a macro your level is to high"








I always then pointed out I'd talked to these 'macroers'








then I got accused of multi-logging or macroing myself


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No I haven't been accused by mod wannabes. That's most likely due to the fact that I was a f2p, and in f2p people aren't as "mod wannabe" as p2pers. Many f2pers don't even know what a player moderator is, they think that they are Jagex and that you have to work for Jagex to become one.

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not to be bragging or something but before I became a mod, I didn't care about being one, I didn't care if this player is a mod, or what do mods do. Yes, I knew what mods could do and if I spotted one I'd go on with my business.








Still, I'm just wondering how many power-hungry players really want to be a mod. It's just interesting that they are the Umbridge of Runescape. Any small offence may result to "evidence" against your account. Trust me, they want to feel special so they can show off their mod status to their friends.








In my case I try not to speak a lot because of the idiot questions and because there are people who hate mods for no reason, I try to speak in high-level guilds or so on.








I heard one story about a rouge mod that muted everybody he/she/it could. I didn't say anything about it until now but I think he/she/it must have been one of the wanna-be mods.








P.S Forum mods have harder jobs than p mods, rofl.



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