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  1. Great to see you around Soa! 1. Titled just a bit too much for my taste, though the colors are great. 2. Too dark, I'd like to see more of the flower in focus 3. I like it. 4. Focus point is too far away I think, otherwise great. 5. My favorite. The rope flowing off the bow of the boat adds something wonderful to the shot. Looks like a wonderful place to live. :)
  2. In order of importance, from most to least: Elementary School - sets a base for a student's future. A good teacher here will instill a love for learning into all of their students. High School - when students are most at risk for dropping out and not continuing their education. Getting students to graduate is a huge challenge but absolutely necessary for their future. Middle School - bridges the gap between elementary and high school. Keep students self-confidence up and wanting to learn while they move through their early teens. College/University - although a post-secondary education is becoming more important, it is not nearly as needed as a high school diploma.
  3. Count your lucky stars you only have one semester long class to do. I have five. <_<
  4. Kaphias


    Ah congratulations Jeff, what a great car. What year is it and how much did you pay for it? Cheers. 2000, and just under $5000 NZD. I'm not sure exactly what model it is, it's not a B4 as far as I can tell, and it's New Zealand New. I haven't really seen many like it around here. Looking at prices over here for 2000 Legacys, I think you got a steal. They're anywhere from $1000-3000 more here. Subarus are great cars; I'm sure you'll enjoy it, especially if you get snow where you live.
  5. Kaphias


    Ah congratulations Jeff, what a great car. What year is it and how much did you pay for it?
  6. Absolutely. We have one at school used in design classes, it's very cool. We were able to print a working adjustable wrench (with the twisty thing) though being plastic it would be a little weak for any real use. Something to think about if 3D printers become popular is copyright issues over 3D objects. Anyone with access to a printer would be able to print off simple plastic objects such as bowls, cups, cutlery, maybe even things like squirt guns.
  7. This. I've used it on a few different forums to block some signatures that were making my computer laggy.
  8. You make it sound easy.
  9. Kaphias


    Pics or it didn't happen. I hope you guys realize it's for the jeep, not me. :P :(
  10. Kaphias


    Pics or it didn't happen.
  11. Kaphias


    That's correct. Of course it depends on how quickly you learn... a good instructor won't let a good student solo until he/she knows what they need to- no matter how many hours over the minimum it may take. My dad took my mom on flying dates. Made for some great stories...
  12. At the very least he could have taken the time to set up accounts and send you guys the usernames and passwords.
  13. Kaphias


    Yeah, taking the license plate off help a bit though. :oops: I can't stand it without the spoiler! So ugly! Go back a couple pages and you'll see my choice of favorite car (I believe it's on page 13 or 14). BMW M6 all the way. I'm a huge fan of the old M3, soo... :P
  14. Kaphias


    Haha ok that's cool with me. What about it don't you like? What kind of car(s) do you guys like?
  15. Kaphias


    I am killing myself try to find one of these: Sporty, four doors, AWD, reliable, and it looks great. Can't ask for much more, except for finding one stock for less than $18,000USD for a 2004 model. :shock:
  16. This feature does not exist in Google Docs. Try putting the formula on a locked sheet then displaying all of and only your results on an unlocked one.
  17. Kaphias


    For one of the ugliest cars ever made? No thanks. Lol, ramp up their quality... My friend's 09 chevy already broke down on the side of the road once and had to have the clutch replaced.. While my 02 Toyota has 300k+ Km, never broke down, and still has the original clutch. That a stunning sample size you have there.
  18. Kaphias


    I'd recommend against the Chevy, as 07 was just before the big three started to ramp up their quality. For anything except the very late 2000s, buy a foreign car. I hate Hondas personally, but a Civic would be a great choice. For one of the ugliest cars ever made? No thanks.
  19. Same here. First day or two it's awesome, then it's downhill until the next month...
  20. Here is the one I've been looking at: Western Digital WD Elements 1 TB USB 2.0 It also comes in other sizes from 500GB to 3TB.
  21. Yep, don't buy direct from apple. Besides that, most of the drives on their site are the supposed "mac formatted" ones, which you don't need, especially for the extra price. Look at Newegg or your UK equivalent.
  22. I'd recommend against getting a portable drive, occasionally they won't work with a laptop because they can't provide enough power. I've been looking at western digitals desktop products, seems to be the best out there. Away from my computer now, so I'll link you to a couple later.
  23. I may be half Australian, but I am most certainly not waking up at 1am to watch a wedding on TV.
  24. Do you mean the second panorama (the one with the blue bridge)? They were in much larger resolution, just the quality was so bad that I wanted to bring it down. They were taken in Southeast Alaska, the first one south of Juneau and the other two in Wrangell. The two planes were in Dusty, Washington.
  25. Panormas were taken with my iPhone, I like the first one the best, the third was just... I dunno. Shooting for quality (not composition so much) on these two, but both ended up a little under-sharpened and dark. Would it be a good idea to raise the brightness setting on my camera (Nikon S6000), or just do it all in PS?
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