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  1. Well... They *could*. It's just how far they are willing to go to rid the game of 76kers. Removing the ditch, or making BH back into a mini-game or sorts rather than a whole world would certiainly change things for level 1 tankers.
  2. Not my pics, but some more of the GS Specs: Bandos Zamorak Armadyl EDIT: DH axe New Smithing Animation
  3. @ ZGS Spec. I think I just wet myself And also another good thing about the combat update. It's now impossible to PJ someone during the middle of a fight as well. If your fighting and your opponent is eating constantly, you are now still locked in combat as long as you are still hitting your opponent. So basically you can only rush beforehand, or PJ after a kill. :thumbup:
  4. No way, P2P has been, and always will be the core focus of their updates, simply because by being a "member" you show Jagex you are really intrested in the game and it's content. This is not to say F2P are not intrested, but paying 5$ a month speaks louder than words in terms of commitment to a business. F2P is like going up to the Ice Creme store and standing next to the window. Maybe playing with the spoons and forks. Your crowd might attract more passers by, but your still not paying for anything, or getting much out of it. P2P is like ordering an ice creme cone. You show your real commitment to the business that you are willing to pay some of your hard earned money on their product. So this is why P2P customers are valued over F2P in most cases. Eventually. F2P get content, just at a much slower rate. F2P are getting a new skill in the upcomming months, and should be greateful for any updates at all. (P2P should also be greatful for the updates they recieve). Some, but they dont get very far, as they realize how easy it is to simply go to the store and pay a few bucks for tons of more content and amazing features. If you dont like what F2P has to offer, simply upgrade to members. That being said, Do not make the assumption that because you have an account, or pay 5$ a month, that you own and run the company. So be greaful for anything you do recieve in the form of updates. Can't really answer this, as everyone has their own focus. Some raise skills, some like to play minigames, while some just like to stand around a bank and talk to friends.
  5. Well when he was referring to "simplicity" he did not mean from a coding point of view, but from a player's rule point of view. A system where (player A) kills (player B) and gets (loot drop #1) is simplicity. A system where (player A) kills (player B) and if he has a certain amount of (product Z) and (conditions Y or X) is met, then they get (loot drop #1), but only if (R and F) are nearby and if (situation G) happens then they get teleported randomly, is just way to complex. A simliar system to the one you suggested was actually on the forums shortly after the wildreness was taken away but there were a few major flaws to a system like that. #1) Its just to complex a system and turns it into a chore just to understand the rules. #2) Players like to see drops/loot on the ground. Single item drops and drops in the form of points were a big turnoff. #3) The more rules you add, the more chances you have to make a loophole for something else. Making all those rules to make every drop profitable and such is just to complex and it's leading Jagex down the wrong path. That being said.. what do we do about it? Well like what was said before, "simplicity". Firstly, EP needs to go. Its not in the spirit of pk'ing. You come to PvP worlds to kill others, not stand around to get "points" built up to gain drops. So the whole EP system is the first thing that needs to get removed. Secondly, since EP is removed, you can now allow the protect item prayer to be used. On normal PvP worlds, the skull system works the same as the old wilderness. You protect 3 items unless you attack someone, and then skull to keep none. You may use protect item to keep one item. On Bounty hunter worlds, you are no longer assigned a target, but rather cannot use protect item and are auto skulled upon logging in. Bounty hunter worlds are simply for people who like to PvP in a high risk environment where no items are kept under any circumstances. Protect item does not work on Bounty hunter worlds. Thirdly, drops are split into 2 parts. A normal drop, and a bonus drop. The normal drop is a random 20-70% for each individual item from your opponent which was lost upon death. The 20-70% is always random and has no other factors to determine it. This is to ensure no-one can manipulate it. You kill someone, the dice rolls between 20 and 70. If it rolls a 50, each individual item has a 50% chance to be given to you. Pretty simple. The bonus drop is composed of items such as pvp armor, pvp weapons and brawlers. These items are randomly dropped for "impressive" kills. Any kill where your opponent looses 1m or more of value in items, you have a chance to be rewarded with one of these items. Because your opponent must lose 1m or more, it is not possible to farm these items. So if you make a normal kill, you might get some of your opponents items. If you make a impressive kill worth a large amount, you have an additional chance to obtain "pvp special drops". If you die, you should not be rewarded for anything. This system is simple, and keeps the concepts simple.
  6. I'm sure others can back me up on this, but according to RS lore, Zaros was "defeated" before the God Wars even began. It's even possible that Zaros being defeated let others know about the stone and started the war in the first place. We really dont know. There is no documentation on it. As for Zaros, Zamorak removed him (most likley with the use of the Stone of Jas and Staff of Armadyl) and took control/destroyed of all his forces. So any forces that Zaros once controlled are in the hands of Zamorak or long gone. Therefore, Zaros will not have his own boss in the GWD, since any of Zaros's monsters still alive are now property of Zamorak.
  7. Apparently people aren't understanding what I said here. I believe that Jagex should have stopped after PvP worlds and any problems with them should have been bug fixed...not had new content added to band-aid the problem. Jagex should live by the acronym K.I.S.S. : keep it simple stupid. True, jagex should have stayed with the pvp worlds, they wern't causing too many problems and for a short while all the bloodthirsty pkers seemed happy. But then came the constant patch after patch of random pvp "fixes" and everything started to fall apart, now prices are unstable, people are complaining about unstoppable inflation, messy updates that really don't fix anything, and extra rules that just made pvp into a joke for the 76k-ing masses. And just think, how many quests have we missed? How many new areas have been kept back? How much has been delayed because of failed attempts to fix a broken system? Agreed except I believe that PvP went downhill before the PvP "fixes". Really the ball started rolling as soon as Jagex told people what factors generated the drops. Once people got ahold of that information, they started to minipulate drops so they yielded profit. If nobody knew the formula, people would have no idea how to 26k/76k. It's like telling everyone what the Barrows Loot formula is. It's bound to have someone find a hole and exploit it. The "fixes" were just attempts to stop the ball from rolling, but all they did was slow it down, or make it faster. There was no way to stop it.
  8. EDIT: o Arrows. Anyways, Can't wait to try the quest out :
  9. What's wrong if Jagex did manually change prices? Wouldn't that fix the problems? Every day a Jagex member/members goes through each item, and changes prices manually if necessary? If the Mod assumes a Merchant clan is trying to beef up an item he/she can stop it rising or reverse it to mess up merchant clans. Basically prices adjusted manually would likley be much more accurate than a system that does it automatically now. It can even be more than a 5% change in a day, if the Jagex mod believes such a change is in order. It would be benefitial to everyone would't it?
  10. I know your model isn't really a real example but just stating it would have extreme loop holes, as would any system like it, and could be easily exploited by carrying an expensive item worth 1m and 28 other items worth 900k each. Losing 1m and transferring 25m. But I get your point, and I agree things need to have simplicity. Like you said, Jagex need to stop gearing their PvP to make everyone gain profit and make it like it was originally intended to do, with just a few simply straightforward rules. Jagex are forgetting that you don't need to make rules for PvP to force profit being made. Instead players over time will adapt their game strategies to gain profit in PvP.
  11. No, its not my account, but a friend of mine asked me to post it here for him. If you don't like rushing, I would suggest for you not to watch. Regardless. Enjoy the Carnage. : Taco Limey - BH Video 6 "Bringing Back the DDS, includes AGS, D Claws, Gmaul, Pking\Rushing #Bank-Loot"
  12. [hide=EP Quote Tower] this was all that was needed in this thread tbh \ I agree. Why isn't this the case? Imo, the best system would be: Something similar to EP, but not at all based on the time you spend in a hotspot. Your EP would go up on a basis of fighting and damage dealt to other players, as well as deaths and kill from other players (any damage/kills/deaths from NPCs do not count). Then, when you do kill someone, you can receive only as much as they were carrying, or less. The amount you receive is proportional to the EP. So the higher EP = the more likely you are to get more money. However, this reward can never go above the opponent's risked wealth. Problems solved: -You can't simply gain EP by skilling or standing around. You have to actually participate in combat. Sure you and a friend could keep attacking each other, but you can't kill each other, because then you'd get less rewards since your EP would go down. So that means you have to keep attacking each other and healing, but even then after 5 minutes anyone can PJ you. Also, since you gain EP by dying or by dealing damage, bolting and low level weapons (like bronze daggers) would not work since you do not get EP by being in combat. You have to deal damage. More damage = faster EP. So in summary: -You can only get EP by dealing damage or by dying -You can only get drops equal to, or less than, what your opponent risked. The higher EP increases your chances of getting greater rewards I think it'll work pretty well. But honestly, I don't know why they didn't add that in the first place (referring to the quote). Y wouldn't two ppl just keep killing each other to gain EP?.....u die u gain EP...u damage u gain EP...... Because when you kill someone, you lose the EP you gain. [/hide] The EP system is just to complicated. It makes PvP into a complex minigame, when it shouldn't be. You shouldn't have to wait an hour to go pking or risk get 5k in junk each kill. In all honesty I think most people would be happy with a system where you get a random 30%-70% of your opponents drops with a rare chance for a bonus drop (Random Bralwer/Random PvP item). Always random drop %, no EP or calcuations for this or that to make drops better. RWT would not be able to risk that drop %. And players would benefit the majority of the time. Its simple and to the point. Jagex need something like that. Simple and to the point.
  13. Why? The last 2 mahjarrat quests have been mega low end, so anyone who automatically assumes mahjarrat = high end epicness is pretty silly anyway It was sort of a joke, which sounded funny in my head atleast :lol: , before everyone starts busting out that it's going to be a Mahjarrat storyline they should consider that it could actually be something completely different, like the brine rats cave. Edit - And potholing in the north could also be the Mithril Dragons cave exploring it further and finding Adamant Dragons since possible artwork of them was shown lately. Ya, "Going north" could mean anything really. It doesn't have to be tied into the Mahjarrat storyline. Potholing is basically excavation, so it could be Mahjarrat, or it could be Penguin related, or Pirate Related, Total new quest line, Fremmy Related, Kudos Isle... Ect.. There are tons of possibilities for things "up north".
  14. What he's saying is: having the winner gain almost as much as the opponent lost would leave to much open space for RWT. If that happened, then we have 2 years of anti-RWT updates for nothing and back to square one. Like, if Joe Melee died and lost around 200k worth of items, and Bob Hybrid gets 150k loot out of that.. RWT Seller #1 could easily die with 200k, and Gold Buyer #1 could get 150k loot out of that. Basically the drops would have to be 50% or less, or RWT could take advantage of it. Were at a point now where we realize, PvP is either going to be like it is now, where players can farm it for GP, or a system were the majority of players break even or lose money and only the best of the best turn out rich. There's not really any grey area in between.
  15. Reading this thread.. I normally agree with Jagex and at least give them at chance to develop their ideas in hopes they will be accepted, but now its just going to far with the PvP updates. The current system with the +0 and +1 items is FINE. The whole combat mechanics are FINE. +0 and +1 favor both parties, as everyone has a world on which they can do things in their favor. Lets face it. The ONLY problem is the icons and drops. The problem is Jagex tried to make PvP into a profitable "mini-game" which PvP should have never been. Back in the old wilderness: Good Pker's make money from drops, and the bad had to skill for items to go pking with. That's the way it worked from the beginning, and that's how it SHOULD of been planned now. I believe Jagex are to focused on making PvP profitable for everyone, even if you lose. I don't want to sound rude, but in all honesty, if you suck at PvP and die 90% of the time, you shouldn't be making profit off of it. Point being, Jagex need to keep the combat "mechanics" they have now. +0 and +1 worlds are fine. Just trash the whole EP system, make all drops 25%-50%, and leave it from there. No more icons, no more inflation, no more "bumper-bowling" PvP. Most RWT wouldn't even bother to try if most of their items vanish, they could do better elsewhere. And as for the Pk'ers getting drops, If you get kills, you get some items, if you die, you lose money. They cannot honestly expect everyone to make money and there NOT to be some sort of loophole. If that was the case, everyone in the world would be rich right now. SOMEONE has to lose. But your right, Jagex need to just keep it simple. My Message to Jagex: PVP is not about making profit if you die all the time, don't try to make the system do that, or you'll always end up running off cliffs.
  16. Ummm no? He's talking about a bug that lets you gain EP risking nothing on +1 worlds. I wont go into details, as I do not endorse players to use the bug. Once Jagex becomes aware of it (it has already been reported) it will be patched.
  17. It's now happening to other worlds as well, so It does appear to be a DDos attack. If that is the case, it wont stop really until the "Hacker(s)" get bored. Whoever it is though, must be pretty advanced to have a botnet big enough take out servers of that size. It's just best to not do anything to dangerous for a little while and don't take it out on Jagex. Ya, I agree and feel sorry this is happening. The sad part is, with a DDOS Botnet, its VERY VERY difficult to find the original culprit, as they are using a network to send their attacks and not from one specific IP. So it's pretty difficult to trace. They would be jamming up the input part of the servers making you disconnect, but the output is working fine, so NPC movement and other "natural server" output would work fine, until you disconnect.
  18. It really isn't, it is very easy to do with a decent mage level. Try Damis at 37 prayer and 1 defence, I guarantee you you'll be dead. There is a safespot unless they removed it. I think it's still there, and my friend did DT on a pure with 1 prayer AND 1 defense. So it is indeed possible. Difficult, but possible. PS. All of the DT bosses have powerful melee stats, so you will be wanting to protect from melee.
  19. It dosen't. And a fair amount of people used the 4 item method. So it does cut out on some. No need to be sarcastic. I didn't say people wouldnt continue to trick. You asked how did the update make it harder, and I told you why it did. I never said it made it hard enough cause a large amount of people to stop. More anti-26k updates are planned, so dont worry.
  20. Not only the extra 50k you have to risk gaining EP, but also the extra 50k you have to lose each time you die to your partner. 5 Kills used to cost your partner 130k Now 5 Kills costs your partner 380k That and not being able to 4 item EP farm, and having to risk 75k without protection while building EP. It dosen't necessairly make it "harder" but certainly less profitable and much more tedious/dangerous.
  21. I wouldn't quite call it caving it, just restoring a part of the game which was a indirect bystandard of this change. In all honesty, its better this way as everyone (except the 26kers) can benefit. People who like their high-class pking with godswords can enjoy this (with the risk of being pjed) and people who want to enjoy raw pking at its greatests can enjoy that. One big benefit of this update is, PJ'ers are likley to move to +1 worlds, rather than on the normal BH/PvP worlds. This keeps fighting even more fair imo. It does make PvP a little more complicated, but a small sacrafice as this update really gives the majority something they wanted. EDIT: Also, the combat triangle is very funny now. Mages/Rangers have the upperhand in +0 worlds and Melee has the upper hand in +1 worlds. A intresting type of balance, but good none the less! :thumbup: EDIT2: As was stated on the other thread, people would abuse the protection item prayer to Farm EP risking esentially 0 gp. They would wear 3 expensive items and a cheap item like dragon boots, and turn prayer on when attacked to lose nothing, but able to gain EP otherwise. Auto-skulling and having protect item would only remove the 3 expensive items. They would just wear dragon boots and protect when attacked. Any sort of protection prayer like that and it will negate the whole reason they were making these changes.
  22. Just Commenting on this small part. Advanced 26k'ers often used an EP farming method known as 4-item EP building. They would equip 3 expensive items (such as Bandos Top, Bandos Bottom, DFS) and then have an item such as dragon boots. In the event they were attacked, they would simply turn on protect item prayer, and all 4 items would be saved. When they were not attacked, they would have the protect item prayer off and would be risking the value of the dragon boots, thus building potential risking essentially 0 value. Now this type of EP building is not possible, and if you want to build EP, you HAVE to risk 75k in one form or another. So to answer your question. Yes, protect item removal does stop this type of 26king from occurring, but if you read Mod Bennie's post (QFC posted a few posts ago) you will see this was only one of the many factors leading to the removal of the protection prayer.
  23. I can't really say all Guys are really at fault for this, because some types of Girls are just as much fault for it happening. If someone says to me, you sound like a guy, prove your a girl! I typically just leave or ignore them. My REAL friends won't care what sex I am, as it dosent matter since we are all here to have fun. I'm not here to get into a relationship with a guy, if I wanted that I'd go to a bar or something. If someone makes such a big deal about it, then they clearly arn't intrested in my friendship in the first place. I think girls who go out of their way to "prove" they are girls are just as bad however. You don't have to prove anything. And if they kick you for it, they were not the friends you wanted in the first place. What im trying to say is, if you specifically go out of your way to say what sex you are (male or female), then your just trolling for someone to ask you the question. Just play the game for playing the game, and forget about everyone who thinks otherwise.
  24. As was stated a few posts above.. Ignoring the whole 26/76k issue. Melee has a distinctive advantage in PvP worlds in the fact that the primary cost of their equipment (The weapon) could be saved upon death. In NO other combat class does this occur. Ranger Dies? You lose most of your equipment in bolts which you can't protect. Mager Dies? You lose most of your equipment in runes which you can't protect. Meleer dies? You lose very little in armor and protect your expensive weapon. Now everyone loses everything equally. I fail to see what people's problem is over the whole issue of risking items. Now Meleers have to use cheaper (less powerful) weapons which brings the combat triangle back into balance on PvP/BH worlds. So explain to me why its an issue you can't protect item's now?
  25. BGS is a "multi-use godsword" of sorts, and really is something that stays pretty consistant in price, PvP or not. While it will drop, I wouldnt count on it dropping as extreme as the AGS/claws will. This is mainly due to the fact people dont buy it for its speical, but buy it because its the cheapest God Sword.
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