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  1. Soul Split the whole way. I didn't see any effect of protection prayers reducing his attacks accuracy or strength, so healing is much more important.
  2. This is a first start of a new (or linking) quest line. We don't know for sure what faction nomad is, so all may be explained in due time. He sounds like he is a true nomad and neither Zamorkian nor Zarosian. As for why the generators were broken, typically water and electricity don't go to well together. Nobody said quest fights should ever be easy. But once you understand the boss, he isn't to hard and its easy to deflect most of the main damage. For those having trouble, I have compiled all of nomads "special abilities" in this list which should help minimize damage during the fight. Also keep in mind protection prayers do nothing, so focus your prayers on offensive abilities such as piety. If you have soul split/curses use them. [hide] Beginning Talk Sequence Attack 1 = Basic Attacks (He can hit up to 30) Attack 2 = Mine Field. He will drop mines around you. At this time RUN from him toward the entrance you came in. DO NOT step on the mines or you will take 40 damage. You have about 10-15 seconds to run from him. Go to the 2nd farthest pillar on the side of the room from him and hide behind it. Attack 3 = He uses his magic attack that hits 75. If you are hiding behind the 2nd to last (or last) pillar from him (hide on the wall side of the pillar away from him) you will not take ANY damage. He will then run up to you and tell you to stop hiding. Attack 4 = Engage him or he will go to the center and heal. Continue fighting until he teleports away. He will make 3 copies of himself. Watch the copies attacks, and the one that attacks last is the real nomad. Attack the nomad that attacks you last and the copies will vanish. Continue to kill him. Attack 5 = Ice barrage. He will freeze you in the center of the room. At this point heal to maximum HP. You MUST be at full (or higher) health or you will die. He hits your maximum HP level -1. So if your normal HP level is 90, and your currently 85 hp, he will hit 89 hp and kill you. After he hits you in attack 5, there is a 10 second pause and the cycle will repeat over again starting at attack 1. Once you get him down to 1/4 HP, he will heal himself to half health. Continue Fighting. Once you get him to 1/4 HP after he heals, he will use a new attack (and not the attacks listed above). Attack 6 = Rapid Spin. He will spin his wand at throwing knife speed and can hit up to 20. Watch your hitpoints, and eat as needed. Finish him off... or so you think... and enjoy the remaining cutscene. [/hide]
  3. Your rounding the wrong way. Soul split is one 1 hp per 4 damage dealt (which is 1/4 of the damage dealt rounded down to the nearest whole number). If the remainder is 1-3 then the remainder is ignored. Source: So if you hit a 50, its 50/4 = 12.5 Rounded to 12. (50-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4=2. 2 remainder is ignored) If you hit a 49, its 49/4 = 12.25 Rounded to 12. (49-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4=1. 1 remainder is ignored) Both hits would heal the same. But either way Bruno's hit was still glitched somehow.
  4. I have that same problem all the time. When I hit with ZS at corp, ss doesn't stay consistent, even though HP exp changes by the same amount. Either a glitch or Jagex can't do maths. I don't get it SS is supposed to heal 1 HP per 4 hits done to an opponent, but I've never had it come out exactly equal to that. Sometimes I'll hit 50+, but barely heal 10 with SS on, when I should've healed well over 10HP. It's weird. Looking at the pic, he hit 57 and went from 21 to 49 hp due to soul split. That's +28 Hp. 25% (1/4) of 57 is 14 (Runescape rounds down on everything except summoning calculations). So somehow he healed double (14*2=28) the normal he should of healed. A bug most likley. Unspam: Barrows <3
  5. What about? Soul Wars? (There was actually 2 mini games in 2009) Log-out Timer Increase? Magic Update? Route Finding Update? Run Energy Update? Most of these are used on almost a daily basis, yet you didn't include them on your list? Do you even remember what it was like playing with a 90 second log-out timer? 2009 was a great year for content, just not new content. MHL is going to flame me in the next post saying "well fixing old content is just a filler update and a weak attempt at producing new content and in 2008 they did both". But without fixing old content all you would have is new shiney metal being fused on old corroding metal. In 2008 they did do both, but it was more focused on new content and small bug fixes instead of big behind the scenes work and smaller content. I'm paying my 5$ to remove the ad's and nothing more. Jagex needs to continue to focus on updating the core parts of the game, instead of the things people do for a day, then leave to rust. So here's hoping 2010 brings that :)
  6. Likely not, however.. It doesn't make any difference what it is; Building the biggest Lego city, the longest time eating only peanut butter sandwiches, ect.. You cannot deny that no matter what it is, doing the same activity for 700 hours requires commitment. This thread isn't here to worship the person who completed it, nor do I think they feel ashamed for doing what they have done. If she got the goal and wasn't going for the record, perhaps she simply likes the game. We don't even know what aspect of the game she mostly does. You can flame, troll, and post what criticism you want, however its not right to judge what another person deems fun. At the end of the day, there is no difference in you hanging out at the mall with your friends and her playing online with her friends. The only difference is what you perceive to be fun. I think cherry coke tastes like [cabbage], but does that make it [cabbage], and should someone be ashamed for drinking it 700 days straight? No.
  7. Regarding the First Article I think a big issue with the RP occurring inside the game itself is time constraints for players. The reason text-based Role playing is so successful is, it is very easy to post a few dialogues of text using up very little time and nobody is waiting for you. Its a turn based role play, so if you need to wait 5 minutes, or 5 hours to post your next action it hardly makes a difference. In-game role playing can be much more of a challenge when it comes to time and "live" role-playing. Imagine that you and 5 buddies have just fishing smithing at the white knight armory and have heard a distress call from South Burthrope. As you begin your march and reach North Falador, 1 of your Soldiers gets called down to dinner. He has to go. One soldier less, your battalion marches on. A few minutes into the battle, another player has to go to bed. Another needs to be AFK for a few minutes. The armies of Real Life cripple your forces more than the warriors attacking Burthrope did. This is the problem role-playing inside the game faces. Roleplaying has always been about using your imagination, so if people say lack of content is an issue, I would say they are simply not using their imagination enough. Jagex could add some "official" in-game role-playing themes to get things going, however time constraints still pose an issue. There is no theme and/or time that is convenient for everyone. That being said, I would like to say there are also different types of role-playing. I know for a fact, many people do role-play at the Rimmington House Portal on House Party Worlds. There you will often find "Fast Food Joints", "Hotels", "Fashion Parties", And more. But these role-playing houses are often quickly snuffed by lack of interest and people creating them simply to "show off their cool house". As for the more hardcore Roleplayers, you will find them on forums instead since the forums allow for much more freedom of choice. You certainly cannot be a purple-hooded orc of DOOM ingame, as you can be on the forums. Another problem is people don't know where to start. One way I would like Jagex to boost role-playing is by introducing randomly generated scenarios, only available on role-playing worlds. Players could pick a scenario, from set factions (like the white knights), and carry out their task to complete the scenario. The scenarios would not be limited as to be the same every time. Perhaps the scenario would simply be "go retrieve the stone of power and deliver it to bob". Its up to you to do decide what exactly the stone of power should be and how to go about getting it. Anyone could join the scenario with you, or you could do it yourself. A minigame like that would not tell you what to do, or how to role-play, just simply give you an idea of where to start. Perhaps your journey of finding the stone of power would bring you on paths with another group protecting the streets of varrock from evil skeletons invading from the north. A group you chose to ally with and all work together on you next scenario of saving Yanille from a evil wizard. There would be, of course, no reward for scenarios other than the rewards you give yourself.
  8. Something like the smoke spells ? Not like smoke spells, because smoke is a pathetic use of runes, and the only spells which do not have instant activation of their special attacks. The Unique special ability of magic is that all special attacks are activated instantly the first time the spell is cast. It may take up to 10+ hits for smoke to actually poison its opponent a whopping +4 poison that hits once every 30 seconds. The damage over time would need to be more like a Morrigan's Javelin. Something like a repeating low hit, so it can be stacked with future attacks. For example: Hitting 5-5-4-4-3-3-2-2-1-1 at dragon dagger speed. The total damage is only 30, however in terms of "ko" the previous attack will be hitting at the same time as your next attack allowing them to be bunched together giving mages the much needed "stacking for ko" factor. As per example in the original magic extreme potion update, magic is way to powerful when it hits at such a high static rate due to spells amazing accuracy. So raising the max hits to higher levels isnt really the solution. The solution to balancing magic is in the special effects. Melee should not be able to touch magic even for a second, and if they can then the triangle is still broken. EDIT: One thing I would like to see changed is that holding spells can be re-cast even if the opponent is currently frozen. Every time you cast entangle on an opponent, it should hold them for 15 seconds from the time it was cast regardless if he is currently frozen or not. Same concept with ice spells; Every cast should freeze for 20 seconds if it hits. That is not overpowered because magic is supposed to [cabbage] melee. I know a lot of players don't want that, because it decimates melee. But isn't melee supposed to be decimated by magic like how magic is decimated by range?
  9. A ) If they don't have any junk and don't need/know how to make any junk. Or B ) They are not aware of it's street price. It would be foolish to sell one on the GE however. At a minimum you could get an AGS for 24 hours instead of 12k. So if they sell on GE I would be guessing it is likley the case they simply don't know of the high street value.
  10. No, I was answering your question on why Armadyl had such a small following. The other tad bits of info was just stuff I was confirming / giving my viewpoint on. I was just stating perhaps Armadyl was not so poweful as maybe he did not create the staff, and the staff might reflect power differently. So he may have been weaker with the staff than Zamorak (Eg. Armadyl with the staff of Armadyl may not have had the power to destroy other gods.) was which explains why is following was so small.
  11. Its difficult to say what the staff does exactly and where it gets its power. Like we saw in the most recent quest, the staff could simply be a "magnifying glass" or sorts that just amplifies the power of the individual using it. That being the case, to one person it may be very weak, while to another it may be very strong. Perhaps in Zamorak's hands it was much more powerful than Armadyl's. We also don't know that he created the staff, simply that he possessed it. Saradomists often call things their own (Eg. The Eye of Saradomin) yet they did not actually create them. The same could be this case here. The Dragonkin did exist before Guthix entered the realm, but it is unclear if they are still in our realm all together. They may have hid in another realm when their stone was taken, and thus Guthix did not have any sight of them while he shaped the world. While we are on that topic, We also know that Guthix only shaped the world, and did not create it. However this does not mean he cannot create a world, only that he had no need to since one already existed. Guthix is definaly not an elder god though as he came through the portal just like the humans did in the meeting history quest.
  12. There are plenty of other ways they could fix it while keeping the numerous armor choices. 3 Ways I could thing of right now: 1) Cheaper/Longer Holding spells. Holding spells are the point of a mage, however due to their expensive cost/low holding time they are not as widly used as they should be. 2) Staff Improvements. Staffs should have their melee stats to 0, more mage bonus, and a hefty melee defense bonus. This way the defense bonus only benefits mages, since the staff gives no other offense other than magic. 3) Anti-melee special effect improvements. The standard spellbook (other than godspells) fails at combat due to the fact holding, damage, and stat reducers are all separate. They either need to be combined, or should be used without costing an attack cycle. Special attacks like removing melee weapons from equipment would also help balance the triangle without messing to many things up. That whipper in d'hide annoying you? Just cast it on him and remove his whip. Now he's just a d'hider in d'hide.
  13. Additional snipage bonus points for it being not on world 99, and on a 1800+ population server. :P
  14. Perhaps the grand scheme Zaros has for us is to go to the ritual to sabotage it in some way giving Zaros the Staff of Armadyl back. This would allow him to re-sit on top his old throne with the power he once had, in addition to giving Lucien the noose. It would also remove any temptation of other group members trying to ascend to godliness. One question however is, did Zaros ever have contact with the Stone of Jas? We know it was hidden on lunar isle for a time, but we have no record of what happened to it from the time the moonclan found it and when Guthix smashed it onto the ground at the fist of Guthix.
  15. Well then the game became more fun when you became P2P? This is not a discussion on what is fun and what is not fun. The statement they have made is correct. Just because I don't think Halo Combat Evolved demo is fun for more than 5 seconds doesn't change the fact it is free content. Same with Runescape. Free to play is free content. Its a free game completely separate from the members game. You dont need the members game to play. If you want it, that's one thing. But it is certainly not required. Also nowhere on there does it say "everything is free", but it does say over 15,000 hours of free game play. So your argument is not valid as nowhere on that page does it say access to all the content is free. It just says the free version of the game, is free. Nothing more, nothing less.
  16. I agree. The majority of the community tends to have that "Tiny Thom" attitude when it comes to events and holiday items. I applaud Jagex for trying to fill both the person who likes to event, and the person who does it for the reward. I think in the future they may have more success by splitting the events into two routes. 1) A quick and easy route for those who just want the item. 2) A longer, more in-depth route for those who want to play out the full story. At least that way the whiners can have their precious toys quickly without disrupting the fun loving story-line players like us. But I think both articles were right on their point about the situation.
  17. The reason Leech prayers drain more slowly than sap prayers, is that leech prays only are draining 1 skill at a time, while sap prayers drain multiple skills. Eg. Mage sap drains your opponents mage and defense levels, while Mage Leech only drains/boosts your opponents magic. If you were to use Leech Mage and Leech Defense to equal the skills drained by Sap Mage, then the two leeches would drain faster than sap mage was draining prayer.
  18. I would rather see the island turned into a instanced guild hall/island. Several other MMO's already have them. You could join a clan chat and then travel to the hall of the CC your in. There would be a meeting area, and a place where you could show off Jagex trophies for your clans. If Jagex chooses to host clan competitions more frequently this would be an excellent opportunity for them to do so.
  19. Say street price of x item is 50m and the GE price is 40m, with mints being 5m each. Using junk the buyer would trade 50m cash for x item with 10m in junk. Using mint cakes the buyer would trade 2 mints and 40m cash for x item. Interesting how the mintcakes are taking off. Could be a result of crazy RS inflation? Mints aren't really based on inflation, but instead based off imaginary demand. There is no "real" demand for mints, other than one person saying the item is valuable and another buying the item because of that. (It's like me saying that Torag's hammers are 1 million GP, and everyone suddenly trading for that price. The only reason mints have gotten as far as they have, is because there are so few of them coming into the game.) Mints are actually more like a game of hot potato. They will keep going up and bouncing around until people stop investing in them. Once that happens, the poor people who bought them will find their once "5-10m junk-adding" items were devalued to 26k.
  20. What interests me more is what happens after this quest. According to postbag #20 Highlighting the important points in bold, this war against the Daggermouth's has ended. Perhaps this quest is setting us up for our soon adventure to the frozen lands of Acheron.
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY56xTxmBh8&fmt=18 Video Link:
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY56xTxmBh8&fmt=18 Video Link:
  23. Regarding this and a few other bugs caused by the prayers, I have a feeling there will be a small tweak on how the curses work sometime in the near future. Because of the way the curse's are set up they can sometimes deal damage/special effects to targets you may not normally deal damage or drain stats from. I wont go in full detail but there is a curse bug that lets you drain stats from someone who is not your target in Fist Of Guthix (Yes its already been reported). I would assume this concept can also be replicated in Duel Tournaments as well. That and also any barrows special effect, except DH and Verac, can also activate from the deflections. I don't believe either of these were intended to be that way, so they might change the coding on how they decide what to deflect and who is being leached.
  24. The regular grave stones have the axis balanced. Regular = (+) Zaros = (X) Keep in mind just because the symbols look the same does not mean they are related. For example: The mining cart in the death tunnels by dark beasts used to have an examine of Daeyalt ore. This was simply because the Dev time re-used the model instead of wasting time to code a completely new cart model. The same case could be for the gravestones littered around the Runescape. Many of the same gravestone models may have used the generic symbol before Zaros's plotline was even put into development. The Dev teams likley just re-used the same model types so they didn't have to go about making tons and tons of new content where it wasn't important at the time. It could be related, but unless Jagex gives further hints in books/documentation I would assume that it is simply re-use of a generic model and not any particular relation to Zaros.
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