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  1. Finally got what I came for. Time for 95 Prayer now :thumbsup:
  2. On personal observation, Void Mage is about the same accuracy as mystic robes, if not slightly better. In terms of just magic accuracy Ahrims is much better, however the benefit of void mage is that the helms can be easily switched for increased hybriding bonuses. So if your just using mage stick with Ahrims, but if you are using more than one combat style you may want to consider using Void.
  3. Got tired of doing TD's after 2 weeks of nothing but common drops, so a friend said lets go do a KQ run for just giggles. If only she was always this profitable.
  4. This is true in a perfect scenario, but also remember not many players have the free cash to make such an investment to buy the bones they need for their levels right now. I'm one of those members on your tally working towards 95 prayer, but right now Ive exhausted all my cash i'm willing to spend on bones. Eventually ill need a few thousand bones, HOWEVER since I cannot afford them at the moment my demand does not exist on the market. There may be only 500/9000 Bones I need, yet I can only afford 50/9000, so that puts a surplus of 450 bones on the market because I cant afford the rest yet. There is only future demand for the bones, which has no impact on the current price. If there are more bones on the market than players can afford the crash will continue. The only reason the crash will stop is players will get enough cash to buy up the bones over the next few days, or merchants pick the bones back to for investment. Either of these could happen on the next update, or a week from now. Like said above the demand is not a "real demand" since players cannot all afford the full demand, so its impossible to tell where the real demand and supply balance really is.
  5. Well, tbh very few of the recent updates have been to level skills faster. In-fact its been quite the opposite. And as for slayer, a new master doesn't necessarily mean faster xp. I wouldn't say Shilo is much faster than Sumona. Different masters are more about variety than difference in speed. And an item like gives mage/range boosts to slayer certainly wouldn't make the skill any faster to a point of unbalance. Also consider reasons why they haven't filled in certain gaps yet. Suppose there's a level 95 slayer monster that fits perfectly into the eastern lands quest, 3 quests after the beginning of the series. The monster would not be released until eastern lands were complete and 2 quests before it, which could be a long time for graphics and development teams to work on a huge project such as that. Would you really want them to stop making any slayer updates until that 95 update was released a year+ from now? Like Jagex has said before, sometimes we can't see the big picture because we don't know what updates are in store for us in the future. /rant OT Im thinking this week might be FT:III, since its about the time QA should be finished with it. If not then FT should be next week for sure.
  6. @ above picture, I'll put it on hide tags so its not a spoiler to anyone who did not do the quest. [hide]Guessing from what we know, is that all gods have have the Stone of Jas at one point of time. Zaros is likley to have had the stone at some point, so if you are referencing to the icon across from the hymnal it might be the stone. But the rest is nothing important. It just shows he being sealed away by the staff of Armadyl at the top of the picture, and his revival with the 3 icons by us below.[/hide] Fun level today, both prayer and total level.
  7. This update was not really designed for the casual monster killing, nor was it designed for low-mid level players. All of the curse effects are really targeted for fighting things with high defense and offense. Both high level PvP and Boss monsters fit into this category. Your average slayer wont find much use for the curses but a Bandos team will find them lifesaving. Players hunting bosses such as Armadyl may even start requiring a player using Sap Mage, simply because its so useful for taking down bosses faster while reducing damage taken.
  8. While that is true, Dragon Bones have a unique situation in that the supply is already pushed close to it's limit. 1) Green Dragons for Example are always full except in the high wilderness where Rev's are abundant. Its very difficult to find an world that is not full in Chaos Tunnels or Eastern Wilderness. With the exeption of the new Iron/Steel's, Metal dragons are very difficult to get to. And because of this most bones collected by them are burried since its to difficult to bank them and get back. KBD is occupied on almost every world, either by slayers or lower level groups. Green Brutals are to hard to lower level players to kill on a regular basis, as with Miths. Unless some store stocks Dragon Bones (which it should) we are going to see more and more demand, and supply wont be able to keep up with it. Even if bones are 10k each the lack of dragons keeps the supply low. 2) Dragon Bones take a long time to be produced. Even at max 99'd stats and equipment, I dont kill more than 100 Green Dragons an hour. A player training prayer on a guilded alter can use up 100 Dbones in under 5 minutes. Because of this speed difference this makes much more of a lack in supply since production is way behind demand.
  9. Thats only because merchants have been manipulating dbones in expectation of this prayer updated promised to us for the end of the year. Combined with panic buyers hiking the price up further. Once the dust has settled odds are d bones are gonna crash allll the way bk down to probably under 1k for a while, then I reckon theyll stablise around 2k - 2.5k and then drift bk down to the 1.5k region as the rush of prayer trainers wears off Theres WAY to many people who want to train prayer, and WAY to many people who have extra cash lying around for that to happen. Due to inflation, and this update, D-Bones will never ever dip below 3k, likley staying above 2k even through crashes. The Herb update is only for non-PVP and that STILL has an effect on herb prices. This update IS for pvp so we are looking at something that will change prices for months if not years. The cost of piety is still having an effect on d'bones and that is a low level prayer, and was added years ago. Many people will be shooting for 90+ now and that will consume large amounts of bones keeping the supply down and demand up. Even a dump wont last long as there are frankly to many people willing to fork over money for faster levels and to much demand for them. Unless there is some drastic bone/prayer training update I dont see bones ever getting that cheap anytime within the next 12+ months.
  10. However, maintaining all of these prayers at the same time is going to put a huge drain on prayer points. I wonder if more than 1 person uses a leech or sap on the same monster the drain will stack. I spy a potential rise in prayer pots Doubtful it would stack as NPC's only target one player at a time. KQ, Bandos, and Kree all have multi-attacks but only target one player at a time. This is best seen with Bandos, he only targets one player but his range attack hits everyone. Kree & KQ work in the same way. This is why, despite their attacks hiting everyone, Kree & KQ still spin while using their multi attacks. So Im guessing the drain would only be in effect if the player being targeted had it on. So unless everyone was praying it, it might not drain at all. That also means it would not stack.
  11. 91 RC should stay as the last 100% double rune as it is now, but the article brings up a very valid point. Like the article said, as you progress farther in skills like woodcutting, the higher your level the more logs you can produce per hour. You don't suddently stop producing more logs per hour at 91 woodcutting, and the same should be said with runecrafting. The curve should be extended all the way to 99 giving triple chances for natures, and double chances for deaths, laws, and bloods. But there should be no need to add in any 100% guarentee for double/triple runes. Extending the curve to 99 should be fine in this case.
  12. Oh... I thought they were all done with FTP3... I was kinda looking forward to that, and maybe a Dragon Shortsword or something with it (seems like an appropriate opportunity) this week... Where has Curse of Arrav been hinted at as coming out soon? Aside from them confirming that there would be a quest this week... As of Nov 26'th when the diary was written, Mod Tytn said "I’ve just finished the development work on Fairy Tale 3" and "the project will go into QA for a thorough testing." Guessing that the diary was written a day or two before, and knowing from previous diaries Jagex likes to QA content for about a week, odds are FT:III will not be with us until the next week or the week after. This week will be a quest though, as stated by Mod Emilee Curse could be part of the name in the Quest, or maybe something relating to it. I'm leaning towards Elemental Workshop III (hinted in CE postbag) as the next door is Body. Body runes are used in curse spells and only curse spells. So it's a likley chance this is it. Either way we should find out tomorrow. EDIT: I can't find the exact place it was written, but I'm almost 100% sure the statement "there will be another Mahjarrat quest this year" was told to us before Curse of Arrav was released, making Curse of Arrav the quest they were refering too. I could be wrong, but I'm highly doubting this has any connection with the twitter hint.
  13. This is a big hint I think Notice he says where you can read up on this kinda of thing. Hes not telling us the items, hes telling us about a place where we can read about the items.
  14. I'm thinking its not imp beads, because one of things Jagex said they dont want to do is make tasks that involve random luck. Eg. in their Post about Elite Tasks. All of the items we have had thus far have been easy to get/easily bought. Jagex knows thousands of players are doing this at the same time, so because of that I doubt beads are part of it.
  15. Uhm.. Wouldn't the last one be a... [hide].. Hammer o.O[/hide]
  16. I have noticed them too, but didn't think much of them until recently. I am a member but I still get script errors on the main page (using Swift Kit). I also get them on tip-it too. It has to due with AD's and the version of browser your using. SwiftKit is built off very old version of Internet Explorer for its browser loading. Its much the same thing the Official Runescape Client is built off of. Because the browser is so old, newer AD's have information in them the old browsers cannot read. The AD's aren't geared to browsers that are 10+ years old. This is what causes the error. Also keep in mind not every AD will cause them either. I get the same problem when I use my Microsoft Outlook to view Tipit Forums at work. It uses a very old version of Internet explorer to view web pages within the Outlook window. Because of that I also get script errors on ads while loading and viewing some tipit forum pages. So how to fix it? Well if your using Swift Kit there really is no solution, you'll just have to live with them. But otherwise you can switch to an updated browser such as FireFox so no script errors are present.
  17. It might be silly, but its really the only way to control botters without radically changing the RSC gameplay. By making it members only, and closing the regristration date, it keeps people from botting (and RWT'ing) because those that do get caught get removed and cannot get back into the game. That way Jagex dosent get piled with fake credit cards constantly. I'm sure they have already had a fair amount so far. This is abvously an extreme approach at it, but its either that or apply the same restrictions that RS2 has in terms of trading/pking/ect.. And nobody wants that.
  18. Pause at :23 and look at the bottom right side. See anything, interesting?
  19. Fliping does not affect supply or demand, because when the flipper buys the item, they increase the demand. However, when they sell the item, they increase the supply by exactly the same trivial amount cancelling out the first transaction nearly completely. The only thing that they affect is the number of people who get a good deal on whatever item the flippers are flipping. Finally someone who gets it :-) Just to add something. Say, the price is 75m and in equilibrum, then solo merchers will buy for 74 and sell for 76, keeping the equilibrum. hmmm, okay, but: From 12am-12pm a flipper is buying 10 sgs, he sells from 12pm-12am. From 12pm-12am a flipper is buying 10 sgs, he sells from 12am-12pm. (most flippers buy 5x4h and sell 1x4h, under ideal circumstances, so the supply taken away is even bigger) So from 12am-12am 10 sgs are taken out of the market? You're imo correct that flippers don't affect the market fully, but they do increase demand in this way I think. Thus driving the price higher. Also keep in mind, most flippers [that I know] buy their items around mid/just under mid, while people buying their items from flippers buy at maximum or near max. That would mean the equilibrium does not cancel out, as the items are being bought around middle and sold for around max. This does raise the price, however not to a point where it is hurting the economy at all. Unlike merchanting clans, flippers tend to skip around a large number of items and don't just stick with one item like the clans do. Because of that, over time the price increases they do make are usually reset to their "normal" values by natural flows in the market.
  20. Jagex said a year ago around this time they wanted to pay more attention their broad player base by having events for more "commonly" recognized generic holidays. By that, it means holidays not related to religion which a large portion of their players participate in. Their majority of the US player base celebrates Thanksgiving, so they wanted to add it in.
  21. I don't think killing him would be an Elite task, but reaching wave 63 might be. While killing Jad would be an worthy diary installment, there are a number of players who have slower internet (dial up) and cannot pray switch due to lag, even if they have the mental ability to do so. I would hate for them to exclude those players, so reaching wave 63 should be a goal enough. You still have the 1-3 hours of time spent and 200k+ supply cost. And those that do reach wave 63, and have the abilities, can go on and get the firecape anyways.
  22. I was the one who said that example, and your completly right, which is what I was trying to get across, I just worded it badly I guess. The update benefits everyone up until 91, but provides no benefit to players 91+. Everyone is talking about reversing the update and how horriable it is. But thats wrong. This update is excelent, and makes the skill better, but Jagex just didnt go far enough with it. My point was instead of reversing this update and not making each level useful on your way to 91, Jagex should do the exact opposite, and make EVERY level more productive, even after 91. 45-90 should have a chance to make double nats 91 should make double nats 92-99 should have a chance to make triple nats I would rather see the skill boosted upwards than tore down to what we had before. I didn't really focus on my last post with that before, but its what I intened to get across. But your right, the cap should be removed.
  23. @Ravian I'm not disagreeing with that fact the max hit was lowered. It was good thing that it was lowered so that magic is not to dependant on potions, and leaves room for bonuses in the future. However, the only reason I stated a +10 level boost is because the potion is untradeable and cannot be used in dangerous pvp. Keep in mind too, that +10 levels is only a 9% bonus more than we have now. Thats only +2 max hit, making the new max hit 42 instead of 40. Hitting an extra 9% in PvP would be a problem, but hitting 9% more in clan wars, or against rex is not a problem. Also FYI: I used a wolpertinger and did not recieve any bonus from it. Has anyone else? Its possible these familars are not included in damage boosts, or were forgotten.
  24. 3 Points I want to make (Not all directed to anyone in particular) 1) I would like to see the Extreme Mage more like a +10 level boost, but I also don't see a problem with it where it is now. The reason I don't see any problems with it is because 92 summon is just as hard to get as 92 herblore. So on my point of view, you can either get 92 herb, or 92 summon, for the same effects. But the potions always have more benefits because: a ) You won't use a Wolp when boss hunting, as a Uni would be preferred in most cases. b ) You can't use a Wolp in some areas (such as barrows) since Familiars are banned there. c ) In pvp using a Wolp would raise your combat level 92 Heblore has none of those restrictions (except c which a normal mage pot covers) so it is abvously more valuable. So your 100m isn't wasted, as it does still give some benefit. 2) I feel like the max hit was lowered on purpose. With hits already in the 45-49's with the old potions, it left very little room for improvement on maximum hits. All spells would have to be around or below the 30 range to stop from being to powerful, and we would end up with spells like God spells, which are practically the same but small effects difference. By lowering the max hit, this gives them improvement area in perhaps prayers that increase magic max hits, or other spells which deal more damage. Either way, PvP max hits for magic was increased, while everyone else's max was decreased, so I feel like it is a fair trade-off. The only other modification would be to make extreme mage +10 levels for that 30% boost (40% with staff). Jagex has said in the past, sometimes their actions don't make much sense since we cannot see the full picture. I'm sure whatever reason their acting on, is for another thing their adding/changing down the road. 3) Whats so bad about the essence update? People keep saying its horrible, dosen't make sense, and were using examples like dealing partial damage to slayer monsters. This update is not like that at all. Think of the Runecrafting skill as Woodcutting. In Runecrafting you cant make a nature rune before level 44. In Woodcutting you cant cut a magic log until 75. This update is not changing the above statements at all. Its not letting people make things they shouldn't normally be able to make. In Woodcutting, Every level above 75 Lets you produce logs faster. (as of today) In Rune crafting, every level above 44 lets you produce more nature runes (producing them faster) If you think about it that way, It actually does make sense for this update. Its not letting you cut magic logs before level 75, or natures before 44. Its giving you higher productivity for every single level you earn, rather than getting 47 levels until you see any improvement. The way I see it it didn't kill runecrafting at all, but made it more useful. Now every level you earn matters, not just 47 levels down the road. Getting 91 is still a goal, if you want 2x consistently, but saying otherwise is like saying after 75 you should get magic logs the same speed until 99. Or catch sharks the same speed from 76 to 99.
  25. Check my stats, I'd be last person wise guy. That was merely what I thought might be "interesting". Fact is, it might work to begin with because unlike you, we dont have 99 combat skills, or the kind of money to go bursting on Bandos, so It MIGHT have been a good reward to those less fortunate. Either way It wont happen anyway so you can keep on to your lousy Bandos in cheers "Im rich, 130+ who kills all" [/sickofsmartarsplayerslately.] I don't think he is emplying that your item reward suggestion was bad for the game. I think he was saying that your reward suggestion was bad for this particular minigame, as it would make people play the minigame for all the wrong reasons. Imagine Void comming from the minigame Trouble Brewing, costing 1k POE each item. Good reward yes, but not the right reward for the minigame. I think your right in the armor idea. There should be more viable armors obtained in different ways which don't require tons of money or super high combat to get them. Heck, even though im 99 in combat stats, I still wouldn't mind many lower levels getting some better armor to obtain. It makes my gaming experience better too in many ways, even if I dont use the armor. But this is not the minigame to add ideas like that in. Just look at Castle Wars or Trouble Brewing. Some minigames dont need huge rewards to make them sucessful or wanted to be played. And just because 90% of players dont like that minigame, dosent mean it isnt sucessful either. To that 10% that do enjoy it, it is sucessful. So I like your idea, but I think its better suited in obtaining it a different way, perhaps even an easier way. EDIT Oftopic Rant: The problem with Runescape is that everything is either better, or worse. There is always some "best armor" that outshines everything. Bandos is always better than Dragon, Dragon is always better than Rune, Black d'hide is always better than Red. There needs to be some changes where armor isnt always the best of the best for everything. But that dosne't mean it should take 10,000 Hours to obtain doing a boring task. Armor needs to have different situations where its good for, and I don't mean just classes. Some melee armor should be bad in defense but reduce hits, or some should be high in defense, or some should be low in defense but high in offense, ect... Right now its just Higher level Amor = Better than everything below it. And tbh thats starting to get boring in gameplay. /rant
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