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  1. Not mine.. but wow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU0ezMh-aPA I feel sorry for that girl but lmao.
  2. Lets not get the hype up like last time, and we can assume it's not a magic update. If it was a new spell book she would of likely said Can you "spell" update? in quotations. It's not in quotes so i'm going to assume she means spelling as in typing. If I would have to guess, its a spell checker (which would be a decent update in its own aspects). Could also be some sort of update to the quick chat system. It's best to assume what it will likley be, rather than what we want it to be. That way we don't get disappointed ;)
  3. Some fun with using extreme pots. BGS Spec, Max Hit: Went to KQ just for giggles, and got this on the 5th kill.
  4. I'd be happy with 50k xp lamps, or 100k xp lamps even. (30 Bosses x 100k xp = 3m xp). Even 3m xp as a reward is acceptable, all things considered. I would very much rather have the above than an item. The problem with items (unless they are 100% cosmetic) is that people feel they need to get them to be the best of the best. Look at Mobilizing Armies, the rings there give very small bonuses, not ground breaking at all. Yet it has made so much an impact on the game, people play MA even though they dislike it to get the rewards. They even made clans to rush through to get the rewards. 25 hours of gameplay just for a ring that boosts +4. Cosmetic rewards is good, but do we really need anything other than the imp? The imp shows off your number of Champions killed, what more do you need than that? How would a cape be any more flashy than a banner holder? I do however agree with you 100% on the engraving part. After completing all the champions, having your name engraved on a statue inside the hall which everyone can see would be more than eternal glory to any player. So things that should change/stay the same: 1) More Champions 2) XP Lamps for each champion killed. (Around 20-100k xp) 3) Player Engraved Statue at the hall of champions where everyone can see you beat them all. 4) Level generated Champions. Depending on the Champion they may be 50% to 400% your combat level. 5) Imp follows you around and can display all your champions defeated
  5. I don't mean to be the "nay-sayer", but every discussion needs a protagonist. 1) 13 million xp is WAY overpowered. Why should someone get 99 runecrafting for free, if they have already achieved 20 million xp in other stats by playing the minigame? A similar example is that, by getting 100 sets of void, I get a free 99 skill. You then have thousands of players playing the minigame instead since most people can stand combat, and nobody trains runecrafting. Boosting xp is ok, such as 50k xp lamps when you kill a champion, I'm fine with that. However, getting an instant 13m xp is just way overpowered in all aspects. EDIT sidenote in hidebox below: [hide]Assuming you ZMI all the way to 99, Runecrafting is about 40k xp an hour. 13m / 40k = 325 ingame hours for 99 Runecrafting Assuming you get an average of about 40k xp an hour (average) killing NPC's 7.5m / 40k = 187.5 Ingame hours Until the ingame hours of killing NPC's for champions far surpasses the ingame hours required to train runecrafting, you need to reconsider nobody would skill.[/hide] 2) I am against any reward to this minigame other than the ones currently given to us right now (although a 50k xp lamp upgrade is ok). The reason why this is, is because by adding a valuable untradeable reward, or giant lump of xp, people start to play the game for the rewards and not the minigame. Before you say: "Most will play the game because they like it", I will say: "Look at Mobilizing Armies". Since people will be playing the game only for the rewards, it hurts everyone. I assume you want this reward because you are a current champion of champion, and want a reason for you to go and get the other scrolls. But you have to consider, if you made a reward everyone would want, everyone would work to get it. Then what are you left with, everyone else has the same reward as you, and your goal is no longer unique. Champions challenge is ok the way it is now. The lack of rewards means only the people who want the thrill of the task will do it. Adding untradeables/xp simply means people will do a minigame they don't enjoy to get an item they want. I don't know about you, but I would rather have a minigame in which everyone playing enjoys it, rather than a large number of people playing it who hate it, just to get the reward at the end.
  6. Even with inflation there are still mountains and valleys in the GE prices. Other factors such as merchating clans and updates also have a impact on item prices. For this example, many people thought this week would be a large boss type monster (based on the twitter hint). People bought out a large number of boss related items (Z spears, SGS, ect..) in hopes they would either profit from selling them or use them for bosses. This week's update was different than expected and resulted in a number of people dumping all the items they bought to use for this purpose. It's only a temporary crash, a valley in the GE price. It will rebound. Inflation will never stop until more is done about 76king.
  7. From the Postbag: And the Response: I also remember during the release of summoning, information was released that the image on the cracked stone was the "life rune". The Life rune was supposed to be used to summon creatures when summoning was an expansion on the magic skill. The development of the skill changed from that as we can see today. The cracked rock is simply an eye candy of what used to be a concept in the game, but is all but gone now.
  8. Don't forget that "New Items" doesn't necessarily come from a Boss / NPC. Not that long ago, a additional update to slayer was promised with new slayer items. So this could also be a potential meaning for that line. It could also be another "skill re-balance". Also, we have the remaining updates from the CE Postbag: [hide][/hide] Slayer Update Fairy Tale III Barbarian Assault Update Elemental Shop III Soul Wars Update Of course it could be none of those, but some of them may be worth considering as possible updates. Fairy Tale P3 could fit into most of the categories, but its to difficult to say for sure. Either way it sounds like something with a lot of content.
  9. To keep a long story short, the (old) BH was removed, and PvP worlds were put into its place. BH was later re-added as a PvP world knockoff with "target" rules similar to the old BH was. Drops are now randomly generated with a mixture of items your opponent lost, and generated items. The rate at which you recieve drops all runs of something called "Earning Potential", also called EP for short. Read the Tipit PVP guide for more info on how it works. As for why prices are so expensive, some of the randomly generated items when a player dies are called "icons" or "statues". These can be sold for RAW cash, totaling up to a massive 5M GP for one item. These items can be sold to a shop and bring in massive ammounts of GP into the economy. This over time has slowly raised the cost of items. AGS for example is now at a whopping 100M+! And is still rising each day.
  10. I agree and like that. But really unless we always click "Items kept on death" everytime we pick up a drop then we will have unfair times where we loose items we weren't supposed to loose. Seriously i am all for losing items on death but it's really unfair that even when my friend planned his equipment he lost his Armadyl chest (When planned he would keep it) because of a Rune platebody which he and i did not know would protect over Armadyl. Bad thing is...it was his second time losing Armadyl items at Bandos. But last time has nothing to do with this topic, just saying. EDIT: Just imagine this situation You plan your equipment after 10 minutes, and your satisfied. You have used cheap items so that you get to use Armadyl plate because it is good to use for ranging and you will keep it with the equipment you have fixed. Then you go to Bandos. You realize that dieing can happen as it's your first time to solo. So you go knowing you can die, but what you know is you will keep your Armadyl plate so your releived. Even though you will loose over 600K+ if you die it's okey if you keep your valued items. So you kill boss, and you are caught off guard when he respawns again. You think "Darn i died" when you get hit 54, but you also accept it. But then your surprised and shocked, Rune platebody (50K) is kept over Armadyl plate (20M). That's exactly what happened to my friend and it's really unfair. Unfair Maybe. I dont mean to flame or rant, but it is his fault for not doing the research on the value of his Armadyl Plate beforehand. There are many websites, ie. Tipit, that show you the alch value price of the item. You can even offer the price in a general store to see the low alch price (wildy gen store for high alch price). When he picked up the rune platebody he should have known that the value of the rune plate was more to begin with. Him not knowing that is a fault of him not doing his research. Sorry but its just that simple. Thats HIS fault for assuming just because something is valuable to players that its valuable to the game. He could of had many other options to not lose the Arma. Imp Boxes, High alching the plate, putting the plate in a famliar. All of these options would have saved his Armadyl. But he didnt think, he just assumed someone else was right and went with it, and thats his fault. He learned his lesson and so did you. The system is not flawed at all, its just your lack of desire to understand and research the system before you take part in it. Dont just say this protects over this. You need to KNOW what the alch values are for items. Not necessarly down to the GP, but a general idea of what is more valauble to the game. If you get an item you know is high in alch value, you need to understand what your risking to the game has changed. I know the arma plate alchs for around 30k. If I get a drop that I know is around that price, Im either going to bank it somehow, or alch it. Look at boss tables before hand. See what items you KNOW are more alch value that the items are risking. This is so you know what to pick up and what not to. Its not hard, it takes 5 minutes to do. You didn't do that and you payed the price for it.
  11. That's not true at all. Like said a few posts up, The reason some armor items are so expensive is because things protect over them. Barrows helms are so expensive because you lose them. Making it so you keep the helm instead of other peices only means the helm would fall price, and the peice lost would rise. Lets say the Helm fell in price, and the Legs rose. The legs would then keep over the helm, so helms would go up and keep over the legs ect. ect. It would be a never ending cycle. In the long run it wouldn't make things cheaper, it would just make them all equally expensive. As for the cost system, in all honesty is a simple Risk vs Reward system. If you want better preformance you might be having to risk some items in order to get that preformance. Theres plenty of alternate options for equipment without large sacrafice in stats. Example: Rune Gloves vs Barrows Gloves. Whats worth more to you, -3 in stats, or -15m in items?
  12. This is essentially the #1 priority of all the PvP updates. Icons need to be change in some form or another. If Icons are changed, other changes may fall into place easier. Odly enough, there are 17 artifacts, and 17 PvP armor items. Sooo... Why not replace icons with PvP items? Every Ancient Statue is turned into a Vesta Longsword, and instead of icons being sold, PvP armor can be sold for GP. How does that fix the inflation problem? Let me explain. Example: Vesta's Longsword ( 5,000,000 PvP Exchange Price) Statius's warhammer ( 1,000,000 PvP Exchange Price) Vesta's Chainbody ( 750,000 PvP Exchange Price) Vesta's Spear ( 500,000 PvP Exchange Price) Vesta's Plateskirt ( 400,000 PvP Exchange Price) Statius's Platebody ( 300,000 PvP Exchange Price) Statius's Platelegs ( 250,000 PvP Exchange Price) Statius's Full Helm ( 200,000 PvP Exchange Price) Zuriel's Robe Top ( 150,000 PvP Exchange Price) Zuriel's Robe Bottom ( 100,000 PvP Exchange Price) Zuriel's Staff ( 75,000 PvP Exchange Price) Morrigan's Leather Body ( 50,000 PvP Exchange Price) Morrigan's Chaps ( 40,000 PvP Exchange Price) Zuriel's Hood ( 30,000 PvP Exchange Price) Morrigan's Coif ( 20,000 PvP Exchange Price) Morrigan's Javelin ( 10,000 PvP Exchange Price) Morrigan's Throwing Axe ( 5,000 PvP Exchange Price) All of the above items would replace their respective icons as drops. Corrupt versions and Brawlers would still be "bonus" drops are they are now. So how would this fix inflation? Well.. look at the drops. If a player received a Vesta's Longsword instead of a Ancient Statue, why would the player sell the Longsword to the game for 5m, if they could easily sell the item to another player for 7, 8, 10M+. This would mean that the majority of drops would simply be trading GP around from player to player, rather than actually "creating" new GP. This would fix 3 problems. 1) Very little PvP drops would add to GP inflation. It doesn't really drain any money out of the economy, but it doesn't add any more in. 2) With a increase in some PvP items being dropped, some prices would fall. The sell back prices insure the items would not drop below a certain point, or players would be able to make more profit selling to the game. (A Vesta Longsword would ALWAYS be worth more than 5M GP). This is not a major issue however, as leading to point 3, and the fact we already have icons injecting GP into the game right now anyways. So 30% of the drops injecting GP into the game is not a major issue, especially considering the only items that might dip below the resale price are the lower cost ones. 3) Price drops in some PvP items would mean some players might actually start using them more in a PvP setting. Good Pkers might even be able to support their own armor by the drops they get. This will not be the case for everyone however, and skillers will still be in quite a high demand as PvP items degrade after a short time. 4) Yes I said 3 problems, this one isn't a problem fix more than a bonus feature. With the cost of PvP items down due to their increase drop rates, PKers would actually be SUPPLIERS for the first time. Pkers will be supplying boss hunters and some skillers with PvP equipment they might want to use against bosses/NPC's. This would keep prices balanced.
  13. In regard to bot control, yes. In regard to improving the quality of the game, no. 1) Says who? With a comment like that you write as if you speak for the community and say "most people hated this update". If "most people" hated this update, why are "most people" still around? Speak for yourself but I dont see any reduction in game quality from 2005 to now. Ya, we get updates in trade restrictions, wildereness removal, ect.. But those that felt the changes were stupid, left. Those that didnt care, stayed. Or are you one of those that felt it was stupid but stayed anyways simply to troll those who enjoy aspects of they game you dont like? 2) Jagex is a real world company. Bungie is a real world company. They make games. Jagex, nor Bungie, nor Blizzard, nor EA is going to take a 100% profit reduction in their game to allow a portion of their players to have some aspects available. However much you might enjoy it, at the end of the day they are still a game manufacturer and you are still a customer. If you and 50,000 people are unhappy with the product, and the manufactuer dosent agree with you, they dont HAVE to change their product. Runescape used to have a daily player population of under 10,000. Now days if far above that, so as you can see they are doing just fine with the product they have now. If you go by the rule, those who speak out dont like the updates and and those who dont complain are fine with the updates, there are far more people who dont complain than those that do. By that, I can assume that "most people" are fine with how the game is and that the game quality hasn't been reduced. Your opinion is fine, If you feel the game quality has been reduced. But do not make the mistake of speaking for everyone and say "everyone wants the game returned to the way it was". To me the game has lost no glamor from now to where it was 4 or 5 years ago. PS. Regarding your title, Asking Jagex to give up against RWT is like asking a rank 30 Football team to just give up against a rank 1 Football team during halftime. The point of a football game is to try to play your hardest, win or lose. The same aspect is with Jagex, they might lose their fight against RWT, but that dosent mean they shoulnd't keep trying their hardest to play their best against them.
  14. This particular mechanic is why Barb Assulat Fails and Stealing creation does not. Players should be able to freely switch between skilling and combat. Thats the wondeful thing about runescape, your not stuck being "just a skiller" or "just a warrior" if you dont want to be. So assiging classes would be a no-no, as it really "forces" people to pick a class they might not like if not enough people sign up for that class at the start of the game.
  15. You could even take this a step farther into the RuneScape atmosphere, and make it as the "creeps" die, they turn into skillable objects for resouces, and drop items. For example like the living caverns, when a "rock" creep dies it turns into a mud deposit, which skillers can then mine for materials to rebuild and upgrade certain defenses. This would ensure that skillers depend on combat for killing the creeps, but the combat depend on the skillers to repair/upgrade defenses. You of couse have creeps that can only be killed by magic, or range, or melee, and even some skillers have to kill to keep it somewhat balanced among who is killing what. There would of couse have to be basic materials around to start with, but the majority of materials should be generated by the creeps, keeping in the Runescape-monsters-drop-useful-stuff state of mind.
  16. ...For your sake, I hope that was a bad joke. Actually, it was a pretty amusing joke. Meh, to each his own then. I don't find "jokes" about bodily harm amusing, and I'm not entirely sure he meant it as a joke to begin with. :unsure: I don't think the joke was focused on the bodily harm aspect, but rather that he is so stupid he can trip over a wireless mouse. (which doesn't have a cord to trip over) It depends how you get rich. If someone was using this "pyramid scheme" type merchanting in the real economy, he would likely get some jail time. Price Manipulation IS illegal in the real world, just not in the game world.
  17. Im not really sure what the guy above you was trying to state stormrage. But technically speaking, CS still "creates" GP. The only difference is over the long term it also "removes" more GP than it created in the first place, however the removal is not always instant, so in that case you have to account that it can still create GP. Quick Example: Jagex states AGS special is changed to 55%. At this point, everyone would be dumping AGS making the item unsellable, even on minimum for most players. A duo team goes up and gets a Armadyl hilt split for 50m each. Now the Hilt is stuck on the GE for medium price, as the price is falling and nobody is buying. The price contiues to fall until the AGS rebounds at 80m. Now a player buys the hilt that was created in GE for medium for 80m GP. At this point we can say since the item was purchased from 80m GP from GE and 100m was crated to players many weeks ago, that the game actually produced 20m gold. While this is a rare occasion, it certainly can happen, uhshally just on smaller scales. But you cant rule CS out completly as a GP maker as it does have the potential to make GP inflate. That being said, a simple solution still would be to replace Icon drops in PvP with items of some sort. Item drops do not produce infaltion as you have descibed before.
  18. You forgot to add the Duel Tounaments Rework as well:
  19. As stated above, making untradeable items worth millions would not fix the problem, only make it worse. From a end point of view, the only way to effectivly drain money without increasing the demand for 76king is to add small money sinks EVERYONE will use. This way it pulls out just as much GP as your armor idea, however the ammount of money per player is very small, so it does not encouage more 76king. The best way to put up something like this is a "Kingdom" type application, available to F2P and P2P, which gives items back for GP spent that nobody wants to collect. By doing this you take money out, and save people from doing tasks nobody enjoys. If you put it at.. lets say 25k a day, and 300k users use the application every day, thats 7.5 BILLION GP drained everyday. EDIT: Actually Credit Cards are cash, just a "borrowed" form, and not a physical form of it. At the end of the day you still owe your credit card Cash for the money you spent. Debit card simply use the "cash" you have stored in your bank account. Its just a virtural transaction. You can pay for a Party Hat in items, but you cant buy that new computer with a credit card your paying off with Peanut Butter Sandwiches. So your still using cash, just a different form of it.
  20. Then the solution is for Jagex to maybe reduce their power slightly in PvP only, and then for people to get 95 herblore. Of course it might be unfair that these people have an advantage, but if people didn't have advantages over other people... then what is the point of the game at all? I'm glad people are liking the article :) :^_^: Not trying to jump on the 'you're a low level so you don't know it' wagon, but have you ever done high level Pvp? I have onehitted many people, which gets even easier with these pots. Now if you use barrage(46) to ags(80), you have a chance of 10% to hit 99 hp ir higher. Considered my previous success rate was somewhere near 8%(chance to onehit somewhere near 1/320, that IS overpowered. I don't know much about high level PvP, you're right. But from the figures there, it seems like there is a deeper problem than these potions. If anything other than what we have now will make PvP overpowered then we have real issues in introducing anything high level that might effect PvP, since if things get more powerful, it's going to just get silly. So I'd say there's a greater issue at hand with PvP balancing, rather than the potions themselves. Your right, the imbalance is not just the potions themselves. Items such as the AGS and Claws have had to much KO potential from the beginning. Those are the items that need to be changed, but instead of changing them to be less potent, they just increased their KO potential with these potions. Im not saying the potions in PVP is a bad thing, I'm saying At the current moment PvP stands in terms of hit potential, these potions in PvP ARE A VERY BAD THING. Until PvP is rebalanced, all these do is make a already bad problem worse. Once its rebalanced, sure, allow them all you want. But as long as players can one hit 20-45-45 or higher with a ice blitz/darkbow combo with extreme range/magic potions, there is an issue. I already know a pure friend of mine (Taco Limey) who has hit 100 damage for one attack cycle in pvp without piety and super sets. What do you think would happen in high level PvP if these potions were added for someone like that? If Potions are here to increase our damage potential, there should also be potions to decease the damage dealt as well, not just reduce accuracy.
  21. I don't think any skill is designed to be "grinded". But some skills, like herblore, almost require a "grind" or you won't achieve xp at all in a reasonable amount of time. If I tried to only farm and use the kingdom for all my herbs to 99, it would take me almost 2 YEARS or longer to gather all the herbs I needed! If I'm training herblore to use these new potions, I don't see waiting 6 months before I can even touch them as a logical concept. I'm all for personal effort, but there's a difference between personal effort for a skill, and forcing players to provide for themselves. If I would rather do barrows for 2 hours to pay 400 each for eye of newts, and let someone else collect them for hours at 10gp each, I should have that option. I respect that some players like to provide for themselves for goals. That fine, but you should also respect my decision if I chose to do something else for money and "buy" a skill. It's all about what I found a more enjoyable use of my time, and that's different for each person. So you cant say one way of getting a 99 is more "effort" than any other. I see someone with 99 attack and say "Nice attack level.". I don't care how they got there, if they PC'ed, or if they trained on chickens to 99. How they got there is their own personal goal and only matters to THEM, not me or anyone else.
  22. I think Jagex needs to take suit in what other games have started to do. In that PvP drops should be a supplier for PvP. We have already seen certain items like abyssal whips, dark bows, barrows armor, ect.. as being problems as drops. But who says drops NEED to be armor previously in the game, as demonstrated with PvP armor. A simple solution is to remove statues, and replace them with new armor and weapons. Instead of getting an ancient statue, you get 5m in PvP armor and equipment. I'm talking about tons of new armor and weapons for all PvP levels. Level 1-90 defense equipment. This would 1) Allow Pkers to use own equipment they produce, but equipment made by skillers will not be totally useless as it does not degrade. So someone useing PvP armor would not be able to do so long-term boss hunting, they would need to rely on skillers equipment for that. 2) Removes all inflation caused by PvP as no GP is being introduced into the game. 3) Keeps PvP inside PVP, and even produce for some skillers. Some people who like to solo bosses such as Bandos can get their hands on some PvP equipment if they so chose, and take the risk of degrading equipment for better preformance. This way not only are the skillers providers for PvP'ers, but Pvpers are suppliers for some skillers.
  23. Not Specifically Related to High level items. But it appears Jagex have taken their first step in de-manipulation of certain items. The question is how often will Jagex now intervene and say an item is "to expensive" before they reset the price. This is just one item today that has been manually changed. http://itemdb-rs.runescape.com/Eye_of_newt/viewitem.ws?obj=221 Eye Of Newt: 95gp 100gp 100gp (Today: -182gp [-64.5%]
  24. Are you really serious... Ofcourse, if gay is censored because it 'centers around the discussion of sex', why shouldn't 'straight'? .. Because "straight" actually has a use besides describing sexuality.. Such as.. you can say, "After I farm this patch im going to teleport straight to Fally". Its primary use as a word does not focus around "SEX". EDIT: Yes, gay can refer to a non-sexual definiation but the majority of the time it is not used that way. The term straight is used as a non-sexual term the majority of the time it is used. Thats the difference.
  25. While the addition of these new potions was a good idea, it just wasn't completly thought through imo. I think they could of gone a different route where, instead of forcing potions to be untradeable, they could of had the potions strength and boosting time dependant on your herblore level. The higher your herblore level the more powerful the potions would become, also based on your combat levels ofcourse. This would of solved the problem to begin with as everyone could access the new potions, however only the few with high enough herblore would feel their full benefits. Esentially at 1 herblore they would of worked the same as super potions, but as your herblore progressed they would boost more thus lasting longer. EDIT: Basically it would be the same relation to potions how Firemaking is to a hand cannon exploding. Its not a direct relation to combat, but it is a skill that CAN help assist your combat to be more sucessful.
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