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  1. ONLY if you go daily/very often.. You will lose LS points otherwise, and CS would outweigh this if you didn't fight often.
  2. I'd put a nice little tag of $250.00 (USD of course!).. Paypal please. Any offers? :) Help me buy my new Fender Stratocaster: Player's Deluxe - Gold Edition! Heh..
  3. Abbysal whip for weapon. Barrows armor (any melee brother, full torags offers the best) for defensive armor. Rune defender for shield.
  4. I am sorry for my mistake oh lord of grammar. You were correct with your grammar.. They're new = They are new.. I think he was pointing out the fact that you answered the question yourself. But on topic, just keep until price rises a little.. No junk required, and junk methods aren't efficient or benefical in any way..
  5. My guesses are either 'Lost City' or 'Shilo Village'. Both have the same answers. Recoils, Brews, and a high level friend for assistance. Oh, and safespots obviously.
  6. You can buy 70 Prayer for around ~3M and finish it off at a guilded alter in a matter of hours. Just to put that option into perspective. Piety and blessing are more useful in any combat (specifically melee [piety]), whereas a Bunyip can only cover times when you need small amounts of healing.
  7. Who can confirm that 3rd Age Range legs are a drop? :-# I don't think Jagex intended 3rd Age to be anything but a Treasure Trail reward.. Much like how hilts/godswords can only be obtained from the God Wars dungeon..
  8. Use the bars you get to make Adamant knives..? Try that possibly? Don't really think it's worth it though, I think accepting the slower xp with Rune c'bow + Broad bolts, and using the profit on Chins would just be more efficient.
  9. Joe is probably right on (opinion wise, following the vast majority of opinions, since you are asking for one) with Bandos Chest+Tasset, Frem Isle helm (Prayer and Strength) or Dragon full for defense, and Dragon boots (Bandos +1 Prayer isn't comparable to +4 Strength). Looks pretty cool too. Dragon plate isn't really worth it, without the +4 Strength.
  10. Yep. I haven't had a drop of 1M+ in MONTHs (almost a year), and while I have seen plenty of LS drops (not belonging to me) of 10-20M+, I haven't played enough to get my LS points to a decent number.. Boss hunt/ use LS daily for a week, and I think you'll get some results.
  11. Knives, darts, arrowheads, or platebodies are your best bet. Try selling each in quantities of 100 and see how they work for yourself.
  12. I believe it was stated.. All Visage dropping dragons have the same drop rate? Not quite sure, but I know I've heard this.
  13. These, and javelins as said before should be made.. With special attacks! Somewhat similar to a Dragon arrow possibly? That would be neat. :)
  14. I can't help but laugh at that.. You spend all the time maxing out the skill, and don't even remember where you started it in the first place.. Congrats anyways. And right as you enter the Taverly, the master is slightly north. Above the Witches house.
  15. Too lazy to bank hides and bones.. But you'll do clues which will probably (most likely get you less than profit from them). Blue dragons probably drop a clue every 3 full inventories full of hides+bones (with a terrorbird full too). Just save yourself the #-o and try them. Plus, safespots are better for ranging, and they're easier to use.
  16. If only Tip.It gave black marks.. This thread would be infested. :roll: 1. Use Quick Chat worlds. 2. Join a Clan to your needs 3. Refrain and count to 10 (seconds [Mississippi ;)]) if you ignore options #1 and #2.
  17. Yeah, you'll be sitting pretty at 90 defense. If you wear Zamorak chaps, you can swap out for Barrows gloves, which will give you a better attack bonus and defense bonus, over vambraces. They aren't that[i/] expensive either.
  18. Regular dragonhide legs? After 10 minutes, you become unaggressive anyways, and don't need an Armadyl symbol. Just swap out your amulet for a better one after that 10 minutes (assuming you're using a Pendant of Armadyl as your symbol [which is free after 'Temple of Ikov']). Good luck on your KC.
  19. My brother doeess play RS, and does pop in on 'Forsakenmage' CC, but I don't think you are him.. Sorry to say. ;) Slayer will be a very good option for you after you have 70 Attack and a Whip. Although, my original post gives you an idea of where I think you should start, from where you are right now. Slayer will be trained much more smoothly from 70+ all Melee's, and with a whip, than if you were to start right now.
  20. The first order of business if you are looking to train 'combat' in general.. Train your attack! At 70, you will be able to weild the most efficient overall training weapon in the game- the Abbysal whip. Seeing as you may not have the funds to buy it.. You should probably train those 5 required levels at a profitable monster. As suggested, Green dragons are a great balance of profit and experience, and should fund you enough for the 1.4 million coins required. There are plenty of guides which explain on how to kill them, and what is required.. Just search through the Archive of Wisdom subsection for one. This is a decent one. viewtopic.php?f=180&t=731302 Good luck in your training, and feel free to ask other questions if you don't like my advice.
  21. Strongest melee. At 85+ defense, I can wear Torag's legs+ Chest, Rune defender, Whip, and Slayer helmet, and still stay topped off (or close to with a Bunyip) HP for the entire task. Bring a few (2) Super defense' too, as it will help how much they hit. No need for a strong defensive shield unless you have really low defense. A rune defender will help you kill them faster, and gives a necessary amount of defense.
  22. Falador 3 shield anyone? What do you think about the Jagex release of this?
  23. XP rates have been cut since sometime in RS2. Points per ship vary, from 2,3 and 4 (low-high level ships) point per game. Not much else.. Charms for summoning have been added, but thats rather minor.
  24. Even at 92, it depends on what kind of efficiency you're looking for. If you want to get XP faster, save time, obviously- Red chinchompas. For slower XP at a fraction of the cost, surprise surprise- Regular (grey) chinchompas. It all is a matter of if you have the money to spend, or if you want to spend more time ranging. 'Time and/or money?' Is what you should really be asking yourself.
  25. He's right. You're cannon will only hit 0's. It could help them to stay aggressive towards you, but that's quite a waste. Just tough it out. I went from Mithril -> Rune in less than 50 kills. Just keep going, and stay calm. And don't ever forget to show her your defender right after you get it.. You'll only be wasting more time.
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