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  1. But I can't use piety with void set :(
  2. For Monkey Guards: I can't tell if void is better than a str-prayer set because piety drains way too fast on void and much slower on the str-prayer sets. Also, is Saradomin Sword better than a Korasi and some other type of offensive shield combo? *I know, I'm still getting the Ard Cape 3, and I can't afford a fury.
  3. After three failures, each time the Queen was almost dead, let's just risk it. Those two defilers on the left killed me right after my victory though. :wall:
  4. Too bad with this is that in picture one, your eyes are screwed. No one can keep up posture two for very long. And that chair in picture three doesn't exist.
  5. I also suggest going to the new Taverly, since the distance there is shorter than Yanille/Remmington and people are starting to realize it.
  6. Any good drops yet? I left in like the first 10 minutes. That witch really liked me way too much. I ran out of food before I had drank two doses of potions. >.>
  7. Agility 71-78 Magic 75-80 (30% still there) Agility: 1,629,200 - 814,445 = 814755 814755/2 = 407,377.5 Not exactly 10,000 x 71. Magic: 387823.5 For 2/3 of the gloves, and I was closer to level 76. Conclusion: Experience obviously goes up the higher leveled you are. However, it seems to be a geometric progression rather than an exponential one. (If you assume boots and gloves use the same formula) I mean, roughly, you're looking at 400k-1.2mil:70-93? Err, no numbers to back this up, but whatever.
  8. Meh. I haven't found prayer to be useful in f2p on anything other than my range tank.
  9. You guys do realize he can't get the salve right....? Don't get 43 prayer, waste of combat levels in f2p. Really, you should just kill stuff that you want, there isn't really a predetermined "major xp" spot for f2p pures in p2p. The allure of p2p for pures is the added weapons, money, and un-crowded training. You could kill chaos druids, giants in abundance, crawlers to afk, etc. Buy yourself a Brine, get some castlewars armor if you want, higher leveled d-hide, and go at it.
  10. Might I interject that there is always the option of the Dungeoneering Ring which offers infinite teleports near a bank, or (I believe) cheaper and better alternative teleport called the games necklace which drops you off right on the bank.
  11. http://www.scape-xp.com/runescape-high-alchemy.html Hides Members items<1000gp Market PriceUpdates prices
  12. I recently did 70-75 with sapphire bracelets, the only problem is the 1k limit on buying cut sapphires. Anyways, use this chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdEhyZmY0QVRwUFhUV1R6VmdVQTJKS1E The battlestaff thing Ambler said is a good idea too.
  13. Don't you just hate when something is on the edge of your brain. Anyways, I think lamps are unbankable, so you can go dungeoneering for a little and walk out of the no-random zone for a few. I know some quest items, I'll just have to remember...
  14. Sucks even worse when you missclick the giant circle. They leave you this tiny little box in the top right to frantically click out of.
  15. Their algorithm is messed up, it seems to find a different starting point of "xp" when you take too long of a break. It also seems to update rather slowly and in jumps, meaning it isn't very useful for gauging xp-over-time either. It might just round up by quarters, although I highly doubt it. The fact that you can't tell what it is just shows how useless it is. Just ignore it.
  16. Bad911


    ^This. Or you can be a dumb as hell person and go all coal-fish on your kingdom. Nothing wrong with fish.
  17. Yes, dragon slayer is worth it, although I'm not entirely sure you can do it without going over 40 defence seeing as you would have a lot of requirements for the quest itself. Magic hits harder than ranged I guess, but ranged hits faster and is a lot more consistent. Magic level even gives people resistance to magic attacks without even having to wear anything. The only case where magic would trump anything would be against someone in full rune. Which, doesn't happen until higher levels and then you're still going to die because melee will tear you apart if you have no armor. Fire blast just doesn't cut it, it's a level 59 spell that eats 400+gp a cast.
  18. You can keep it at 1 prayer, having prayer without defence is pointless unless you're using prayer stat boosts for maxed K.Os. Hybrid is the same thing as pure, just use the combat calculator. Magic is useless in F2p. Range is good and attack/strength is a must for K.Os. Range Tanks however, don't need attack/strength, but you need a lot of work and prayer for eagle eye. 50-99-1 99-99-40 99-99-45 Just use the combat calculator.
  19. Err, on the unlikely chance you have access to the Legend's Guild, you could always come kill Shadow Warriors with me. Highly inefficient, but they do drop quite a bit of charms (Crimsons the most) and you don't need food there. There is also a bank right above the hunting spot.
  20. @Hedgehog - Oh, you meant it quite literally....X_x I can't do the quest ;_;
  21. Ask questions. Live life. Have fun. You do realize this is H&A right?
  22. Okay. You can use Overloads in Dg?
  23. @Ginziro - Thank you. @Swedishboy5 - I never said I didn't like any minigames? Could you be specific. What is "try out a d and d or two"? @Laikrob - I'm getting owned :(. I don't feel fun at all. @Quyneax - Ok. I go try. @x1strife - That sounds fun, but my stats suck. @Will_H - Are you in cahoots with Laikrob? Can someone recommend something specific. Is Shades of Morton any useful? I remember I liked burning them. (I'm just looking at the minigames list) Is the Circus any fun? Court cases? I quit before these came out. I'm gonna go mine some Shooting Stars for now.
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