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  1. Are all of your pictures like this...?
  2. EarthySun


    I'm allergic to three things -- pollen (hay fever), birch trees and apples. Birch and apples make me break out in hives and get really, really, really itchy. D: It's not a fun feeling. I take Zyrtec, which stops the breakouts of everything but apples. It also stops the hay fever, which is nice.
  3. Please index these two pictures. :3 [hide=Earthy][/hide] [hide=Earthy again][/hide] Indexed - star_in_the_sky
  4. You have no posts, man? Wut. E>

  5. These are the ones the UK calls them, and which ones I have a problem with. 7. Flat -- Honestly, why call it a flat? Clearly, it's three-dimensional. 11. Lollies -- All sweets aren't lollipops. In my mind, "lollies" refers to one type of candy only. 12. Iceblocks/ice lollies -- This is just unnecessary. First of all, popsicles aren't remotely block-shaped, and "ice lollies" just sounds unintuitive. 16. Nappy -- I'm lost as to how this word ever developed. Diapers don't relate to naps in any way that I can imagine. 17. Torch -- I can see where the roots of this came from, obviously, but you folks out in the UK have no way to tell the difference between a good, old fashioned torch and a flashlight. Oh, and I've always wanted to know: Do people in England speak in American accents for fun? Happens all the time in America, but with English accents. Quite fun when you're being silly. :D
  6. How do you expect to efficiently unroll your toilet paper if it's in the "under" position? It's so easy when it's in the "over" position -- just pull down lightly and rip the paper off. Honestly.
  7. United States of America. My list probably isn't very enlightening. :\ Also, why do you Aussies call popicles "iceblocks"? They're not even remotely block-shaped! :shame: [hide] 1: Sweater 2: Turnabout 3: Turn signals 4: Trunk 5: Crackers 6: Mall 7: Apartment 8: Mud flap 9: Tar/asphalt 10: Elevator 11: Candy 12: Popsicles 13: Soda 14: Trash can 15: Porch 16: Diaper 17: Flashlight 18: Goalie 19: Jail 20: Tracksuit [/hide]
  8. Master's Call is dispellable now, probably because of DK's getting Death's Advance. Also, it's far superior to choose a warlock over a hunter for DK / Healer / DPS. And the best comp for hunters at the moment is Ret/MM/Disc, I believe, simply because the Ret and Disc priest carry the hunter. Both Ret and Disc are a little much at the moment, especially Ret.
  9. She did have sex with the guy willingly, though. Twice. Even if she is thirteen, and this guy is a hugeee creeper and a douchebag, it's not as if the girl is entirely innocent in the matter.
  10. We were at something like 7% Arena representation in 3v3, in S6-S8. Now we're at 1.5-3%, depending on what rating (obviously the rep gets lower the higher the rating). Back in WotLK, we could disarm, drain mana, kite, do very good burst, and actually avoid incoming damage. Nowadays, we have Focus, which is an awful, broken mechanic in itself. We cast more than casters, have an extremely slow resource regeneration (that is tied to a casted shot that's canceled from LoS or someone getting to close), and have very little mobility because Master's Call is now dispellable. Oh, and we're all at sub-5% Dodge because of a substantial Dodge nerf that we took this expansion, and no self heals -- so we have effectively the least survivability in the game. TL;DR - Hunters have crap damage and survivability, and when you face an enemy, you hope they're really, really bad.
  11. Does anyone else here play a hunter in PvP? I'm so dismayed by how they've turned out this expansion. I mean, really, couldn't we get buffed just a little? I miss the WotLK hunter style so much that I'm thinking of joining a private server. If hunters aren't fixed by 4.1, and I mean genuinely fixed, then I'm going to have to quit WoW.
  12. I don't trust Activision-Blizzard very much, considering how WoW is at the moment. Then again, maybe it'll all even out in the end. Who wants a MW3 anyway, considering how new Black Ops is?
  13. Not to be offensive or anything, but I figured gays will be sort of happy about this if we ever re-instate the draft. :lol: But I still don't think this should be military policy.
  14. Just took an online depression test, and it the results didn't look good. Took another, and both apparently think I have high/severe depression.
  15. But if you put your money in a savings account with an 0.05% annual interest, you could make $50,000 per year in interest! That'd be doubling your money in twenty years.
  16. I've always had this small skin-tag thing on my neck, but yesterday I twisted it really hard and it came off. Then it bled a tiny bit for a little while. Yeah.
  17. No one has thought of saving your money? If you have a good interest rate at the bank, your $1 million can generate you almost $50,000 a year by just sitting there. That's $1000 per week going down the drain if you decide to buy a new sportscar. :\
  18. You should've posted that in the other thread when headphones were the item ;-) . This thread is "What would you own, if you had the money" I know that headphones and earbuds aren't high on people's list, so I'll change the item when this thread idles. Hey, man, just because I'm rich doesn't mean I have to waste money. :shades:
  19. How can petite bodies be 'plump and tender'? That not only sounds creepy, but confuses me because plump makes me think of fat/chubby/overweight girls while petite makes me think of little girls. And Leah doesn't smell at all! LIES Edit: A thing that I have noticed that I find attractive in the opposite sex is a very subtle curling of the lips when they smile or talk. It's hard to describe, but it kinda makes them look like a cat (...) TAYLOR SWIFT IS TALL. AND UBER FEMININE. Pssh. Yeah, petite doesn't seem to match with curvy and plump in my head. I think on some dark haired guys a bit of stubble looks good. As long as it doesn't look creepy or dirty. I like a girl shorter than me, but not too short. "Petite" wouldn't be the way I'd describe it. First, shorter girls are less intimidating than tall girls, and second, being shorter makes their boobs look bigger. :thumbup:
  20. Personally, I think sniping isn't even worth it anymore. :\ It takes two or more well-placed bullets (aimed at upper or middle chest) to kill somebody, and that's with a bolt-action sniper. The Walter 2000 is the only semi-auto sniper (I believe), but it's even less powerful than the bolt-action snipers.
  21. My headset (gaming for computer, but they work for Xbox 360 as well) is the Microsoft Lifechat LX3050. They're honestly fantastic quality, and you should hear the bass on them. :D Great mic quality, also, with adjustable settings. Good buy, in my opinion. Who needs the best when I can get high quality for much, much cheaper?
  22. No, it's because more people are more likely to drawn attention, that and if you outran the cops, but someone in your group was caught they can easily crack under pressure and the promises of leniency. Not true, I can guarantee you most of those places put fake equipment in most of the places, and store employees can't do anything anyway. It's more about what you steal. [/hide] Hey, man, just trying to help. Like I said, I've only ever stolen one thing. :lol:
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