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  1. I'm going to add my current account name to this list - Great Scot. It is particularly amazing in quest dialogue.
  2. This challenge is somewhat of a misnomer. You make progress on it not by actually crafting the urns, but by activating them by adding runes. You can even just buy premade urns and then spend 30 seconds adding runes to all of them to complete the challenge.
  3. Don't forget the rise of the efficienci-anados, both here and in the game in general. As the focus went from discussing fun ways to play to what the right way and the wrong way is to train, there became much less to actually do on a forum. The right way to train each skill and the right way to make money can be easily looked up on a number of different sites, so these forums have become redundant (especially when questions on various topics are routinely "answered" by giving efficiency numbers).
  4. When you randomly happen to walk by a rune rock in the course of your adventuring, how often is there ore in it, ready to be mined? In my experience, it's a small fraction of the time, well under a quarter. Its harmonized ore we're talking about. That may be what you're talking about, but it's not what this discussion is about. Harmonized ore already has its own level requirements, and is well balanced as a high-level reward. There is no reason to claim that changing the level required to mine regular rune ore should automatically also include changes in harmonized ore levels. Regular rune at 50 and harmonized rune at 95 would actually fit quite nicely with the LRC system already in place (concentrated coal at 77, concentrated gold at 80).
  5. When you randomly happen to walk by a rune rock in the course of your adventuring, how often is there ore in it, ready to be mined? In my experience, it's a small fraction of the time, well under a quarter.
  6. Its not just going to increase the players mining them. They are going to be as easily mined as something between mithril and gold, meaning the speed at which they can be mined will be greatly increased. So it's only going to take 30 seconds to get the ore instead of a full minute before you need to wait 20 minutes for it to come back? Again, I fail to see how this is going to make more than a trivial difference.
  7. Rune rocks are already mined at near maximum capacity. Rune ore production is supply-limited, not labor-limited. Because of this, drastically increasing the number of players who can try to mine them is not going to have a major effect on the amount of rune ores that are actually mined. At most, it'll be as if they added one or two more rune rocks. They can drop the mining (and even smithing) requirements to 50, and there will not be any major changes in the economy.
  8. One (partial) solution to that would be to implement a gradation-based system, where the penalties of death increase as you move more into the uber-richie crowd. Here are two ways that could be implemented: 1. Location based: Normal locations keep the current system, top tier bosses like Vorago, KK, and Araxor move to the new system, and other bosses (GWD, etc.) fall somewhere in between. This will put the risk back into bossing (where it always should have been), while not drastically changing things for players elsewhere, simply by having dynamic gravestone times. 2. Cost scaling: More or less the new system, but you get discounts on cheaper items. For example, items costing under 100k might cost only 10% of their value, while items over 5M might cost 50%, and items over 100M may cost 90%. The more expensive your equipment, the higher your percent cost.
  9. Just look at yourselves and your posts. Despite how upset everyone was when Jagex first introduced microtransactions, it seems clear that each and every one of you posting here has bought it hook, line, and sinker (literally). This is why Jagex keeps pushing more and more of these things, and why I quit.
  10. more like 8 dollars/euro's, except maybe if you live in Australia, in which everything is more expensive for reasons I don't know of. That's exactly my point, it costs 15 dollars a month at most. Would you rather have an extra $180/year or not have it?
  11. I will do more than simply leave a completely unhelpful yet condescending comment and actually answer the question, in the spirit of the whole help and advice theme here. Two guides for how exactly to get the fastest points may be found here and here. In short, Livid Farm runs on discrete time blocks, and there is a set number of points that may be earned in each time block. If you earn points at this maximum possible rate, and you can with a bit of practice, the maximum possible rate is approximately 19k points per hour. So yes, it will take a very long time to unlock the rewards.
  12. Slayer before dg sounds like a bad idea, given how chaotics are likely the best weapons you can reasonably obtain in Ironman. Divination would also benefit skills, while I don't see any benefits to doing slayer early.
  13. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but what's the most efficient order to train skills in for Ironman? It definitely seems like magic is an important skill to level up early, as well as divination. Summoning would be nice but would require training combats at the same rate. Perhaps agility too, just to save some time traveling around. Getting MTK running with a decent amount of startup cash also seems like a big priority.
  14. Maybe I'll change my mind, but I think I'm going to mostly stop playing on my main in favor of a new ironman character. Part of it is just having challenges again - when you're nearly maxed, the goals you can set just aren't as exciting. Ironman mode is finally enough of an impetus to make me start a new character and get back to those challenges.
  15. Introducing duel wielding in the first place was just a terrible mistake. It's a stupid idea, makes no physical sense (wielding two maces or two longswords simultaneously? it can't be done, at least not well), and unbalanced the game by essentially obsoleting shields. Defenders were a much better balance.
  16. Monsters obviously still need to give normal drops. To do otherwise would just be silly. The bigger question, IMO, is what to do at multiplayer bosses. Personally, I would support allowing Ironman characters to do multiplayer bosses IF they do them only with other Ironman characters. Whoever gets the drop gets the drop. While this is obviously not an ideal arrangement, to do otherwise would be to simply deny Ironman players access to endgame equipment. If an Ironman player wants drygores, they should be able to get them if they're willing to put in enough time fighting the KK. Just my two cents.
  17. So if you do familiarization this weekend at waterfiends, you get 3 x (1 + 1) = 6x charms? Sweet.
  18. The point i was trying to make is that if you have the rudder and are very organised, you can log in 3 times a day for 10 minutes and lose almost no shipping time at all. Granted, that means that every 4 days you have to be up once at a time you would normally be sleeping, but that's not the end of the world. If you didn't have the rudder, you'd have to check in 12 times a day, which is a catastrophe. Okay, that's what I thought you were saying. I agree - if you're okay being up around 3-4am regularly for your port, the rudder is a lot of help. If not, you're on a two-a-day schedule, and it doesn't matter if you have it or not.
  19. Trust me, I can send my ships out whenever I want. This is for maximum efficiency. Some people really do sleep just 4 hours a day. Some are just really organised. The fact that you might not be in either of those groups doesn't mean rudder doesn't give an advantage- it actually gives a huge advantage(your ships actually get back at the same time, not every hour because of different speed). Please tell me how I can be more organized to send more ships out with a rudder if I'm not going to be up at 3am everyday. If you only sleep 4 hours a day and can play RS the other 20, great, no judgement. But that's certainly not how most people play, and so for most people, the rudder is not very useful.
  20. The rudder upgrade should actually be a low priority upgrade for most people. But, you say, I don't hit the speed cap without it, so not getting it is wasting an hour! This is a valid argument only if you play long enough hours for it to make any difference. Here's what I mean, assuming 9 hours with rudder and 10 without, for easy calculation: 1. Log in at 9am, send off your ships! 2. Send more ships at 6pm (with rudder) or 7pm (without rudder). 3. Ships return at 3am (with rudder) or 5am (without rudder). Unless you plan to play RS at 3am, it makes no difference whether or not you have the rudder, because you'll be asleep for the two hours the rudder saves your ships.
  21. I'm very much looking forward to the darts. Maybe they cost more per shot than ascension bolts, but for all of us who don't happen to have 500M lying around for the dual crossbows, they're quite a bargain for increasing dps.
  22. Go kill things. It would be helpful if you posted your stats, but assuming you have good combat and dung, just go to frost dragons. You should be able to make at least 2M/hour there.
  23. Fishing is easy but terribly boring. So I will both answer your question and offer suggestions. 1. You need roughly 220k feathers, which will cost approximately 5M. It will take about 230 hours, or 2 months at 4 hours a day. 2. Don't aim for 99 from 60. Raise all your skills roughly equally for now. You don't want your character to be that unbalanced.
  24. Except merchants won't touch some of it with a 10 foot pole because of how bad they are. gwd shields? A single shard is almost as much as the item itself. Drygores? Yeah....no Oh come on, you're more intelligent than that. The shards don't go straight into the GE like coinshare items did. If I have warshield shards, I'll put them in the GE for 1k each. I don't care what the starting GE price is, and neither will the buyers. The GE price is completely irrelevant, and every merchant knows that. The price discrepancy is a non-issue.
  25. Tokkul-Zo to the Fight Caves, and it's just a few steps north.
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