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    I've taken ritalin a couple of times before, it's pretty effective, it just takes the "pain" of studying away and you start to feel good so studying doesn't bore you and you're just mega productive. I had a low a few days later though in which it was so hard to focus on anything at all, so I wouldn't recommend taking it unless it's for the day before the exam or you're willing to take a few of them. They're pretty unreal, you can accomplish a lot with them
  2. You say profit in your argument but this method will not profit JaGex. Their only goal now is to make RS as impossible to 100% complete without spins (ie 120 capes etc) Complete how? You mean maxed total? You are on a thread about 200m's. Agility will never die out as long as the true agiles are clicking obstacles. And if you are referring to agility being made profitable gp-wise, it shouldn't. Agility should never be profitable, unless you are a sad ass who begs for donations while training agility. wot? It's not profitable now... it would be if you got feathers like he suggested.
  3. I don't like collecting useless items. I only collect things that I can actually use. That's why I don't have stuff like Hoiday items in my bank. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't scamming against the rules? And I'm sure it was against the rules back then. I assume you were just making a joke, I will admit it was a pretty good one. Alright, I'm convinced that I was right all along that spinach rolls are useless items. I've missed this guy
  4. I think I'll buy turmoil soon, that and a yak are still first on my to do list. In the mean time I'll buy bandos/armadyl and eventually if I'm still playing save for drygores but since that will probably take forever I guess I'll get the darts. Thank you both!
  5. Say I get one T90 weapon, idk, drygore or whatever, would it be better to use it than my T80 weapons even if it's not the right attack style? Would drygores be better than chaotic cross bows for a range task? Better than a chaotic staff for a mage task?
  6. Hey pals Well I've recently returned to runescape after stopping playing a little after the kalphite king was released. What gear should I be using for slayer ect? These are my stats: I have 50m cash and maybe 15m of crap lying around I wouldn't mind spending on gear. Any gear worth grabbing? I'm also considering just saving for turmoil. Are the Player owned Ports armors worth getting? Are overloads and turmoils still essential? How much do the T90 weapons increase dps over chaotics? Is barrows still a decent enough armour for slayer? Should I try and use the weakness of every slayer monster? Edit: Atm I have duo chaotic cross bows, duo rapiers, maul and staff
  7. Hey anyone know any good shoes that would go with this kind of outfit? I've got some ?grey? vans at the moment that go well with my lighter clothing but with these darker colours it looks terrible haha. So can anyone recommend some shoes to go with this? Thanks. Edit: Nvm decided I'd get these: http://www.asos.com/ASOS/ASOS-Plimsolls-With-Contrast-Heel/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=2239463&cid=4209&Rf-800=-1,43&sh=0&pge=2&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black
  8. Congrats on the blood neck :) nice to see the new direction you're taking.
  9. Spend all your money on one item and hope it rises. Repeat till you're either poor or rich. It should be interesting.
  10. Regarding a) I would say so, because if you say "why even bother, I'm determined anyway" is to let the thought of determinism determine you. It will make you apathetic. In any way, I think that for yourself, you have to act as if you have free choice regardless of determinism being true or not. If you don't do that, your life would most likely get pretty miserable. Regarding b) it's one of the reasons I am against a vengeance-based justice system. I believe in punishment to send a message and to uphold the law, not to punish the individual who did something wrong. I don't understand what you mean by a vengeance-based justice system? Isn't the job of the law to punish those who have done wrong in an attempt to prevent not only them doing it again, but to deter others from doing the same thing? I believe that if exceptions were to be made then it'd almost encourage people to commit a crime because there's the chance that they wouldn't be punished if they could justify how hard their lives are. I don't really think the origin of why someone chose to do something is important, unless it's something like, I punched my neighbor because he killed my cat, like the person is trying to introduce their own type of revenge based justice. But if someone was beaten by their parents and they decide to let lose on a primary school when they're 59 I don't really think their childhood should affect how they're sentenced. Sure it may be responsible but his parents are probably dead and the criminal should be used as an example to stop both him and others from beating little children to death.
  11. MudRune


    How much Coke did you use to drink? Or should I- nvm... An average of 1.2L a day. WAAAAAAY more then I should be drinking in general, probably the cause to my dehydration issue too. Yeah, I'd say that's a little much... Yup. 3rd day now and I'm feeling much better now that the caffines 100% out of me. Only sad thing is I caught the flu so now I physically feel like crap, glad I dont work 'till Thursday night. Sucks about the flu. Must be awesome to not have all that caffine in you anymore. I wonder what it is that makes you so thirsty? 500ml of water is heaps, that's kind of crazy. When I was in Germany it seems everyone did nothing but drink fizzy. My host family went through ridiculous amount of fanta and sprite. As for my day: Woke up naturally for once today :D so school was amazing. I've recently installed an app called stay focused onto chrome so I can only be on facebook, youtube and things like that for an hour a day so I'm getting a lot more done, most notably sleeping.
  12. Wrong. It charges 2000 pts for every item equipped flat cost, not per item. Don't wear a full set and it costs less. 2000 is for the set. I remember when I just had the hood and the cape, i'm pretty sure it cost me 2k then.
  13. With 80 dung I'd definitely go with 2mil, at that level and dungeoneering with randoms 20k tokens will take forever and those tokens could be better spent on scrolls or a second chaotic. If the rumors I hear are true a floor around that level takes a good 40-60minutes and he'll need at least 3-4 floors for 20k tokens. But, that being said, I haven't really dung'd since the new key update, if floor times are a lot faster at that level feel free to correct me.
  14. Congrats on 50m woodcutting :) are you going to keep a tab like that for slayer?
  15. I'm looking forward to following this one. Almost been tempted to try it myself too. Best of luck! :)
  16. Oh, wow! Those are some ridiculous runecrafting gains, very nice :)
  17. I have the stats but at the moment I'm almost completely broke, I just spent my bank on a santa hat which may be a little stupid but I'll probably keep it forever and I've wanted one for a while now. Maybe once I have a little more money to buy gear and such I'll give it a shot.
  18. Did about 5 proper attempts. I think 7 in total though. The other 2 i would realize that i am either too slow, or i used a dose of something by mistake and there was chance of not getting to the final wave with enough supplies. It cost that much because at first i was being stupid and only used Blood Barrage instead of the PPS spell. I think on my last attempt i did it faster and it cost me a lot less because i made use of the PPS a lot more (i also stopped worrying about staying at full HP the whole time so i sued Ranged a lot more). Oh lame, I was considering giving the Klin a shot but that price has kind of put me off, I'm not exactly a brilliant pvm'er so I doubt I could get it first shot so I may avoid it for now.
  19. Oh, fair enough, I heard smokey's doing the same thing too. Congrats on 50m firemaking xp :)
  20. Congrats on 99 herb :) better luck next time with the Klin, I'm sure the extra levels wont hurt. Just wondering, how many attempts is 20mil worth of supplies?
  21. Okay, I just downloaded IShowU, thanks all!
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