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  1. Lol timmyx50. Anyways, I'm not really a fan of that mini game either. A lot of work for those tokens tbh.
  2. I realized that you spelt realize, "relieze" >.>. But yeah, I noticed that as well. Sucks somewhat because you can't use them as pets for ranged characters like in World of WarCraft or other games...
  3. Heh, maybe they'll eventually give F2P some boss to use it on?
  4. Lol, I played WoW for like 30 minutes, got to Level 3, and then got bored and quit. And all I hear is complaints in WoW. How Rogues are so cheap. How Warlocks need to get nerfed. I'm not going to play a game that gets so much complaints.
  5. I would seriously see no reason for a Sailing skill.
  6. Woah, that is pretty sweet. Looking forward to new quests that will tie the storylines together :D.
  7. I did so for my lower level skills. And mainly Tears of Guthix has helped me quite a bit for Summoning and Construction >.>.
  8. Basically what everyone else has already said. RL first in most cases. And as such, you should have someone trusted to take your place in emergencies...
  9. I don't like the idea of Junk Trading to be honest. And I wouldn't trade with someone that uses it.
  10. I would say that there are elitist communities within RS...
  11. Sweet, a new times. Going to read it today :P.
  12. I still have my complaints about Castle Wars. Namely, a team with a lot of Level 40's vs. a team with a lot of Level 120's does not make for a fair, nor fun, game. And don't forget leechers too... I can rant about the problems with CW's for a while... And as I see it, there is no such thing as a Perfect Update.
  13. Mmhhh, this is a wierd question. I think they are already doing rather well at balancing everything... Maybe updating some of the older stuff might be nice though >.>.
  14. Yeah, they are pretty good, but I don't want to waste the time growing them. I rather fish Monkfish :P.
  15. I love my Quest Cape. And I like the simple comments that people say when I am wearing it too :P. Of course there are some capes I respect more, but I do respect all of them with the exception of those that bot or hire people to level up your characters -.-. And that does still happen.
  16. Worth doing for me. I'm broke XD and I enjoy doing something different for a change.
  17. I would quit if RS became Single Player. I really only play Multiplayer games now...
  18. I like the idea of lending items because I used to do that before with my friends... And this way I know they won't be stolen too by just ingame friends :P.
  19. Yeah, I don't think it would make a huge different, much like the Dragon Axe for Woodcutting...
  20. I think it will be more so but would still be critized ;/.
  21. Yup, RWT is a problem in almost all games that use trading. But it is clearly NOT good if you just allow it. My brothers played Lineage II for a while but RWT got out of hand because nothing was done about it and guess what? My brothers and a ton of people left. And Adena (Lineage II coins) fell in price as the market was getting saturated and people left because it became pointless to earn anything.
  22. Looks like someone is at least having fun with Bounty Hunter lol.
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