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  1. i wanna see a terley with straight hair XD i always like it when theres hidden symbolism, im fact i do it more often that people often care to notic, but then im not telling you where, you'll have to work it out for yourself :wink:
  2. the way the VANS is done is the company logo (google them) so yeah, he cant really change it. on another note i went out to get some new shoes yestoday and i nearly got some vans but ended up getting some made by glode instead, still really cool tho =) yeah... PJB21
  3. cool, that makes sence, or atleast to me anyway =) i still havnt voted... hmm, brings me on to my next point, shall we have a time limit on this? how does untill the end of next weekend sound (7 days from now) pleanty of time to vote, while not streching pout too long =) input apreciated =) PJB21
  4. i definatly prefer the first two, they look very nice, not to keen on the bottom one, its too normal in style, and that can get boring imo. i do very much like warheads, the effect given is one that i find paticuarly cool =) they look good, and keep them up =) PJB21
  5. with the shading on the tree theres light sections between the shades, and it makes no sence. also the shading is going the wrong way, the patten should go from top to bottom, not side to side. another thing i noticed is the grass looks tiles, if it is, dont do that unless your making a mini rpg, if it isnt, try to avoid repetition. despite only being 2 tone, the water looks rather nice in my opinion, good job =) that said, try and keep clear of two tone shading, use something more like 4 tones, and make sure they are all clear theres 4 tones on the tree yet it only looks like two at first because of the differenting contrast between the colours, the middle two have high contrast so you can see them better, while the outter two dont have much contrast to the one they be sitting in. when doing shaddows make sure they all go the same way, and perspective does have an effect of shadows as well :wink: PJB21
  6. wow, awsome! i want some! my hair is currently around a foot long, extreamly curly, to the point of an afro, but im growing it so long that the weight of it will drag it down, its already starting, hmm... i really should straighten it, i can pull it all the way over my face. (been growing for about a year and a month from practicly bald) anyways... that vector is really cool =) its well shaded, nicly blended, good lines, you say you didnt trace? o0 you also say your no expert, but i beg to differ, that piece was made amazingly well, certainly compaired to what ive seen, i think you should do these more often, they look really good. PJB21
  7. i remember you :anxious: cool photo manips =) how long did it take you to make them both? and what program did you use? PJB21
  8. heh, hmm... the anatomy is terable, i mean are your arms twigs? is your head a circle? and proportion! are your arms in the middle of your torso?! shading needs improvment, for a start there is none :-w a background of several colours goes down better that a single colour, for when you really cba to draw something... why is a baseballer grabing a guy with double jointed knees? the list goes on... you have much to improve on, i hope to see a perfect photorealistic pixel on my return, got it? nah, im just joking, its rather cool, and i dont think ive seen the idea many times before, but wouldnt the guy just pk the cop? o0 PJB21
  9. woo! all we need now is a mod to add a poll, ill try and find one...
  10. your welcome to take your time getting your comp set up :roll:
  11. go for it (quote the first post to make your life easier with codes and the such) and yeah your welcome to change the rules, your running it now =) oh 1 more thing, start a new topic yourself then get that one stickied :wink: its best to just go and do it, the worst that can do it say no, but thats kinda pointless if they do... PJB21
  12. i guess now was a bad time to post this topic, it'll die for a while i recon, since i dont really have the time to update it with new stuff (people very rearly comment on old stuff as ive found oput with my pixels, then again its only to be expected) i guess this is the post where i say, im gonna be making alot less apperences around here, i have alot of school stuff on for a few months, also im finding that the forums dont quite have the 'pull' they used to. but dont worry i shall return one day in full glory, hopefuly with more experiance! this isnt a good bye, ita a 'ill still be here, just not that active' PJB21
  13. im aware its ment to be large, and yes i have seen FF characters etc. however, it looks awkward. the top of it should be touching his shoulder, not flying :XD:
  14. i was in a confused state of mind while reading it, i got the part about the stream, but didnt realise who it related to >_< and yes! you have to bring him back, i find him to be the glue holding it together =) PJB21
  15. cant you see the lion? its right there, see? : "now then children what have we learnt from this then?" "that were all blind sir" "very good, anything else?" "that PJB21 cant draw lions sir!" PJB21
  16. whisper *cloud's a moron* the shoulder piece is too large and not sitting confortably tiny left hand body-form-destroying clothes has he got tiny birds with massive beaks nesting in his hair? the sword design doesnt look that great, have a look at real swords for inspiration. dont quite get whats happening with the legs... o0 works best when sword isnt imbeded in the air >_< short legs and anatomy needs wiork (find good proportion and anatomy guides) needs improvment, but isnt too bad PJB21
  17. argh, not getting much reply from the other finalist, shall try PMing MDH since he should have it =)
  18. didnt find it as funny as some of the others, and the blond haired character wasnt as thick/childish as hes ment to be imo. other than that very good and much enjoyed, and of corse looking foward to later strips =) EDIT: opps, my mistake, the blue guy was just missing >_< bring him back! PJB21
  19. pjb21

    My First Sig

    bad quality images, bad jpeg, another lens flare, randomly placed text, monocolour background, posably resized images (hence bad quality, not that rs is decent quality...) to be honest i suggest a total re make. oh and no boarder. what program did you use? whatever it is im sure theres some good tuts out there, find some that you like the look of, theres several good ones here, just look at the top of the board for the right thread (pinned) PJB21
  20. to be honest im rather crammed for time, you are welcome to say what you want but the answer will probably be no, sorry =( PJB21
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