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  1. Can someone tell me, out of curiosity, how the bug was done, AFTER it is fixed?
  2. Very good and interesting guide. I did Haunted mine yesterday, and to be honest, at level 87 he was pretty easy with protect from range. Did use maybe one dose of prayer pot, not sure about that anymore. The point is however, that he gets away everytime after you hit him. So you want to make sure to kill him in as less as possible hits, and speed of the weapon doesn't matter anymore, because you have one hit everytime. Well, one time I was lucky to get 2 hits before he got away. So you want to maximize your damage output. Important is to first use your dds specials. That has highdamage because of the double hit, AND it poisons. After that, you want to get a highdamaging weapon. Whip has high damage, but most of all, high speed, and thats not what you want. So take a greataxe or a barrelchest anchor instead. If you don't have these, a whip would still be best. Just wear full rune or granite for high range protection, and take some food. I was a bit careless, and took only 10 monks and no tele, but I managed to survive easily. Ate only 4/5 of them. BTW; I could use some tips on barrelchest myself. ;)
  3. I doubt that someone already has a maxed shield. However, hitting 50 doesn't seem unreasonable.
  4. Pretty cool update. :D I love the bits and pieces, and the new shield seriously owns. :D
  5. Around a month ago qeltar made a VERY good post about the ROW, about when the increase was 20% for rare drops, you still had a big change of noticing nothing. I'll search it for you.
  6. The saved time might be worth it, tho. 10m extra investment isn't much when you compare it to what people use on red chinchompas for example. That is also true, but more important is that you can train range with it by buying the DB, kill like you desire, and sell the bow again. So if you handle it that way, it doesn't matter how much it cost. Except if you don't own enough money for the initial price ofcourse. And this also can't be done untill the prices are stabilized. Well, it can, but it will cost you.
  7. ;) But a really nice list, thanks. :) And the implings give good drops, which surprises me a bit.
  8. The shopprice is 48k, just like an whip. So it protect over most items, and thus can be pked with.
  9. they wont fall under whip prices, ever no 90 slayer is going to kill beasts if abyssals have better drops and make more money. That is only true if the droprate is the same. But I'm not a 90 slayer, so I can't say anything about the droprate. I believe Hohto however about the droprate, so I think that they won't fall under whipprices.
  10. Gratz on dark bow. After how many kills you got it?
  11. Wow, they have awesome rewards. :| I thought that with a dragon impling, you would get somewhere between 1 and 5 arrows. But if you get 144, that makes up for the implings being rare. Kudos to Jagex!
  12. Wow, it seems much better then I expected. :)
  13. I agree that RSbashing is quite hot, and mostly done by childs because their friends do so. Liek z0mg t3h gr4vikz suxz0rs. But I know quite some people who dislike RS with a passing, because of its extreme grinding. And RS is quite much the worst MMORPG when it comes to grinding. Maybe some Asian unknown MMORPG is even worse, but not a really big wellknown one. And they got a valid point on that one.
  14. You do realise girlfriends are like friends (in a brief, brief, undirect sort of way)...unless you got no friends, which I highly doubt, it makes you seem you ignore your friends but not your girlfriend...? Better to be with both instead of one. The reason you don't have a girlfriend isn't because of RuneScape, but of yourself. Ethier A) You don't love anyone, so you shouldn't even think of having a girlfriend because they're your girlfriend because you love them not because you want to improve you soical stauts. B) You're too nervous or can't interact the one you love. Which is still nothing to do with RuneScape, and if you are I wish you luck. Woah, thats pretty much the truth. Really, getting a gf just because you want a gf is pretty stupid and nerdy. To be honest, I'm really happy I do not have a gf, but know on the other hand I have a really good relation with some girl I really like (but not love, and the same goes for her), and that that relationship is better then some people have with their gf. And like you said, a gf for your social status sucks. Sorry that was a bit offtopic, but just wanted to say that. ;) Anyway, I liked the article on runehead from adam007 about addiction, and also the reply on that article from Duke Freedom, who basically said that most of the people here who say they have an addiction, really have a habit with some downsides, but no real dangerous parts, like alcoholaddicion has for example.
  15. You're totally right on that one.
  16. so I don't have an opnion about this update yet. How on earth could you say then that a goodquest or a fun would be better? Seeing the opinionbased words good and fun, you'd almost start to think that you had an opinion there.
  17. Ehhh, didn't we got something between a minigame and a quest with the Varrock museum update? What are you talking about?
  18. I'd want to be famous, so I could quit, and upset all the people who adore me.
  19. Two reasons for you: First, you are still not reading the pollquestion right. They ask the MAIN reason why you would go to an area. Not surprisingly, not much people go to an area to stand there and look at the grafics, and do nothing. Most normal people go to an area because they is something to do there. And that's what is in that poll. Some people go to somewhere because of skills, other because of shops, or quests, etc. But that doesn't exclude the fact that all those people doesn't value grafics! I know for sure that most of them enjoy being somewhere more if the grafics are better. But that wasn't simply the question in the poll. Second: Jagex is updating all the grafics in the F2P area for all those new people who come into the game. Those new people have to make a verdict what they think about the grafics (and lots of other stuff about the game) before they make a verdict, and decide whether they are gonna continue playing, or quit. And because the first impression is important, the F2P area's get updated first. Why they haven't done Lumbrigde yet, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure that is an update we will see someday.
  20. Ltje


    Your a bit unlucky, thats all. 240 goblins for a clue is still not that much anyway.
  21. Too bad you can't tortue that dog.
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