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  1. The added comment makes it indeed a kinda funny post. Seriously, you're making a fool of yourself with that comment. Ofcourse it can happen that you dont agree with some rant, but that gives you no reason to behave like this. The original auther comes with some valid points. If you dont agree with that, go back to that topic on RSOF and counterargument him with good reason. And spelling.
  2. Barbarian assault had one just like it. And so did Tarn's Lair. If there comes a godsword, I expect it to be a bit more powerful as Dharock's axe, just as slow and twohanded, and a better special. So just the barrelchest anchor, except more powerful. Which result in some weapon that very rarely will be used.
  3. Ehhm, ever thought of the possability of the new skill coming out in a later month where we dont got the BTS from yet? Allthough 'Brutal' sounds a bit weird as a skill name.
  4. 1. No. 2. No. 3. Yes. If some rich person can afford it to lend partyhats to random persons, then I'm really questioning how he got rich on a fair way in the first place. And because it probably wont be on an honest way, I wont mind at all. I would really mind anyway. 4. Depends on how I know his password. If he tells me his password, or shouts it in public chat, I'd log in and take his stuff. If I know his password because I know he probably has the name of his gf as pass, and I know the name of his gf, no, then not. For me that is equal to hacking. 5. Ofcourse. 6. I'd ask if he's sure. If yes, then why not? 7. Yes, unless the person is on my friendslist or has proven to me he is a nice person.
  5. [hide=quotechain] Stakers get banned because a great deal of them multi-log. They either give good equipment/money to the staker, or the staker account gives winnings to the main. Your a moron.. Lmao First of all, multi-logging is not a perm-ban. Second of all, they get banned for Real-Life trading from selling their winnings. Use common sense. Yep, everyone who doesnt agree with you is a moron. Good point your making here. :) Where did I say he was a moron because he doesn't agree with me? Multi-Logging is NOT perm-ban, and I'd say 90% of wealthy Stakers who are banned are banned for real-life trading via selling their winnings for real life currency, and you know what? My statistics are probably close to right. [/hide] My point was, that there was no need to laugh at him and call him a moron just because your statistics were a bit more right then his are. He makes a point with the multilogging, although you validly say that doesnt get you a permban. And yes, the frase "doesnt agree with you" should have been replaced by "doesnt have the perfect statistics like you". My bad. Sorry.
  6. Stakers get banned because a great deal of them multi-log. They either give good equipment/money to the staker, or the staker account gives winnings to the main. Your a moron.. Lmao First of all, multi-logging is not a perm-ban. Second of all, they get banned for Real-Life trading from selling their winnings. Use common sense. Yep, everyone who doesnt agree with you is a moron. Good point your making here. :)
  7. Imagine a CW event on world 9 now. :lol:
  8. Gosh, it ended up again in people showing off there names. Anyway, it kinda surprises me that there are so much names WITH numbers. If you look to other MMO's, sometimes numbers are forbidden in names. That simply makes someone think for just 1 minute for a name. Most of them are wise and choose a fantasystyled name. You are playing a fantasygame after all. (And no, by fantasystyled I don't mean things like Leeeegolaas or Aragonzzz, or X Gandalf X) And that seems to work. People on RS somehow lack the ability to think a second about there username, and just add numbers. Allthough it has an advantage. People with 'good' names are most of the time much nicer and mature people. That can help you. And no, this does not mean that people with numbers cant be mature and nice. I know.
  9. Jagex did a good job and used excisting worlds for the themed worlds. Thats pretty cool. And I'm impressed by the variety of new styles for clothing and such, didnt expected that much. Nice.:)
  10. Price, and my pc couln't handle it. For both the times have changed, so I'm moving to LOTRO. Quests were the only thing I really enjoyed btw in RS. Too bad I didn't complete my questcape goal. RS is pretty sure the best MMORGP when it comes to quest orginality. And difficulty other then higher monsterlevels. *cough* MEP2 *cough*.
  11. I'll really do my best and try to join the fun. Really looking forward to it. And sad to see you go really. People like you gave TIF that bit extra.
  12. Perm muted means that you are not allowed to use that chat options in RS to talk to someone. Seems quite obvious to me then that you arent able to use the clan chat either. If you were able to use it, a perm mute would be quite useless as you could still talk to anyone. So why would you be muted then in the first place?
  13. Awesome update. A lot of kudos to Jagex. I really like that there are more textlines in the chatbox now. That will come in handy. :)
  14. Meh, he gives the example of the dragonfire shield. But IÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâôm pretty sure that the dragonfire uses that kind of code. Because that needs to store every time you absorb dragonfire somewhere. And I wouldnÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâôt be surprised if the dragonfire shield didnt stack. Dunno however about that, because I donÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâôt own 2 dragonfire shields. : (actually, I own none.)
  15. 220/246 QP. DonÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâôt think IÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâôll make it though. Only the quests where I donÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâôt meet the requirement are left. So like MEP1 and 2, Lunar and dream mentor, Grim tales, etc.
  16. 52 slayer here, so no big story's. Best would be a rune scimitar and dragon shield left half of fire giants task. Most surprising would be brine rats, a small task of only 70 of them got me 100 lobs and 60 sharks (both raw). Not much money wise, but I didn't expected anything worth cash at all, but that turned out otherwise.
  17. I like it. :) Really good rewards. Although I only have finished the easy, and didn't even bother to claim it. But when I can take use of it, I will. But I have done all the easy ones, 10 med ones, and 2 hard ones without going for it one purpose. They all 'just happened' when I did something else. So that makes it much more fun, at least to me. :)
  18. Worst: None that are really bad, just some that I didnt exceptionally liked. Not that I hated them. Best: Don't have a real best one either. Some that I really liked though were: Dragon slayer: I was sooo proud when I slayed Elvarg. Eyes of Glouphrie: Dunno why, don't even remember exactly the whole quest, except that I really liked it. Underground Pass: Just because it was a good, and hard quest. Enjoyed it. Swan Song: The sacastic, or just plain stupid comments you make are pretty funny. My Arm's big adventure: Funny Jagex humour King's Ransom: Good quest, doable without a guide, fun, and good reward. Dwarven storyline quests: Funny and interesting storyline. Fremmenik storyline: Trails was a fun quest, and Isles was quite difficult, which I liked. (Except that I died on Isles. Defeated the boss, and thought I could run back. I was wrong. Ah well, I had fun.) Dorgeshuun storyline: Interesting storyline, and its fun to walk around when Zanik follows you. Hmm, thats quite a lit. Ah well, I just like questing I guess. :P
  19. Thanks Phelps, I guess its in a name, but your list really helps. :) Did it on 2nd try, now with list. Used full Guthan. Didnt need food for the first 6 guys. Only 1 shark for the 7th. And about 10 for Lancelot. I'm only 91 combat with 73 attack/strength/defense and 74 hitpoints. So with the right preparations it's not that hard. Oh, I also used 1 super set and 1 super restore (took 2 with me). Also used a ring of recoil. Helps a bit, but a berserker would be better. When using full Guthan, you don't need to take other weapons, because it has all attack styles you need. I had also a DDS, whip, Dbaxe and rune kite with me. My specs with the DDS were only zer0's, so that didnt really help. Didnt even use the other ones.
  20. I agree with the people saying that Jagex can add new stuff. Remember the museum? They told us that they found a new island north on the river, and that we can go there sometime, but not yet. That is very likely to include a high level update, which can make up for a hard task.
  21. u need 40 ranged for a cannon leveling range with genie lamps? 40 range will level up your combat. ;-) Anyway, pretty good if you can do it at lvl 3. Kudos for that. :)
  22. Ltje


    Woah. Now aquashock and Toast have left for the last few pages, I finally found the normal TIFcommunity back. Those 2 are probably the most ignorant people I've seen this day. THE FOLLOWING SUGGESTION IS FOR WHEN 2 WEEKS OR MORE ARE PASSED AND W99 IS STILL FULL! So IF we need to change, we obviously dont want to go to 27 just because some people said. The best seems to me to set up a massive forum poll for all worlds, and then a second poll with the 5 winning worlds who arent too crowded. And then choose a new one. But I hope it isn't needed. I 99. And we still can wait a week or 2. (I'm moving to 98 for the time being btw. Closest related to 99. ;) )
  23. If your doing the second option of clicking in the map itself, I guess it wouldn't hurt to add a list at the bottom as well. But a list alone is fine anyway.
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