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  1. The whole championscroll thing could be cool if the droprates were much better. Now its totally pointless. Well, it would be pointless anyway, but if the droprates were a bit normal, it would be fun. No it just isn't.
  2. Ehhh? How would allowing RWIT reduce macroing? I could only see it increasing. I know that on the day Jagex officially allows RWIT, I'd sell my santa and get some bots. As well as some of my friends would. I'm quitted anyway, so if I can make a bit of money with it, why not? I've said this in the orginal article of Duke, and his response was that it is possible now already. And yes, I know that. But I believe that Jagex is quite good at banning RWIT, and not so good at banning macroes. Proxy's FTW anyway. But actually, I'm a quite honest player normally, so I think that they only should allow RWIT if they can make it MUCH harder to macro. To prevent players like me to start macroing. For all the people interested: This is the article he is talking about. If Ltje is correct in that The Editor spent half of this article elaborating his response to the RuneHead article - it is usually good practice to reference or link to it so readers can read both arguments. Example: I agree. And I don't know for certain if it was a response to that article. But seeing the reaction, and the topic of the times, I think it was a pretty accurate guess. :P
  3. 1. No, not at all. 2. Yes ofcourse. I've had fun playing, so I'm happy I came across. 3. RL>VR for the full 100%.
  4. Really good article. For all the people interested: This is the article he is talking about.
  5. Wrestling. And yes, that would be boring. But hey, it's a combat style that we don't already have.
  6. And so did I, but prediction wasn't really hard whatsoever.
  7. I like that description of muggihplar. :) OT: Thehate for sure. He is the only one who is maxed out ÃÆÃâÃâánd still post quite much here.
  8. The Archievement Diary (TAD) seems logical for Varrock. But: It seems a bit unlikely to me that they'll do another AD so short after the first one ever was released. Waiting another month is normally better, so TAD can settle down a bit, and Jagex can get some data about it, and what the people do think about it. So TAD now already is pretty unlikely. Second point: why would they update Varrock now if they are gonna change again in another month or two with a new AD? So that's why I do think its not a new AD.
  9. No. Like Qeltar said, in the end the ROW (and the same goes for the rabbit foot), can improve your change by 20%, but infact you can end up with less rare drops/bird nests. So basically you got unlucky. Even though you have quite a lot of data, Qeltar showed us that even when you have over 10times that data, you can still end up unlucky.
  10. Really good read, and really agree with you. Allthough I was a lone ranger (retired now), I'd like to see a quest that requires teamwork, and not only one other person to give you an item. (Hero's quest and Shield of Arrav anyone? )
  11. It's a direct quote so if wikipedia spelled it "synthetic" it's synthetic. Congratulations on making a total fool out of yourself in just 1 sentence. You pretty much maked my day actually, so thanks for that. :lol:
  12. About what you say in your private chat there: I think that 97 is his max melee hit. Just like Ahrim, it gives 11 as his max hit, while his spells can hit much higher. So either or both his ranged and magic attack could hit 99.
  13. It won't work because during the casting time where you were switching spellbooks, if you use tb first the rcer would have ran to the mage; if you use barrage first, the rcer would have tele. Won't work sorry. You don't have to say sorry for that, I'm quite happy for all the RC'ers. :)
  14. Yeah, I know. But some people didn't believe that. But hey, they'll probably won't believe a screenshot either then. Sorry for bringing this topic up. ;)
  15. So theoretically you could now first teleblock and then icebarrage a RCer. Scary.
  16. I'm really interested if the chicken has a max hit for 0 or 1. Lot's of people have claimed you can't get killed by a chicken, others claim they have been killed by a chicken. So finally we can get a good conclusion. :)
  17. I Jagex for making a 85 combat requirement. And I'm looking forward to the rants about the requirement. :mrgreen:
  18. Not all of us. :wink: For the record Let's just say i'm "old" Off topic. how average is the old runescape player? Depends on your point of view. For an average 14year old an old player doesn't feel like average at all. But when you are old yourself, you don't really feel like a very unusual player. And you probably aren't one either. Oh, I'm 17, just for you'r info.
  19. Average would be around 14/15 I guess. With the average age of F2Pers a bit lower then P2P. There are quite some people who are 20+, but they are harder to find, because they tend to be a bit silent in public chat.
  20. It would be the best if Jagex balanced the wilderniss for highlevel f2pers a bit more. Mage is too weak on the higher levels. That seems the most important for Jagex to me, as P2P uses the F2P wilderniss as well.
  21. Eh, I'm pretty sure most of the people saying they're "not going to be on the computer and instead spend the whole day on the beach" will probably average... I dunno, 8 hours a day of Runescape? 9? Just admit you're going to play more, or don't post [for 97% of people]. When I played, summer was nothing but two to three DK trips a day- i.e. A LOT of Runescape. You're not making yourself look cooler by making such blatantly mendacious statements :| . Luckely I'm not the only one who thought that.
  22. Don't worry, they have complained about that as well. But I agree with your point anyway. :)
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