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  1. Big congratulations on 91 RC! Just wondering, why herblore?
  2. Isn't it possible to kill them with magic then? I haven't hunted since a long time, but couldn't you kill them with firestrike or something? That way you don't have to run after them. Anyway, thanks for the info. :)
  3. Sorry for the late reply, but that is simply not true. I for one know for sure that my marks in English have increased since I play RS, allthough I do think that Tip.it helps more really. It is not that you learn much new words or grammar or something, it is that you trick your mind into thinking about English. If you do that day after day after day, then gives you that a serious pr̮̩̉̉ about all those other classmates of mine who only think about English when they're in class.
  4. I this topic, with all those people exeggarating (sp?) about there RL skills. :lol: It actually made my day quite much, seeing people counting themself among the best runners in the whole world just because they're the fastest in class. :mrgreen:
  5. Actually, for me it is. Why does Jagex do not another monster that is way more seen by the crowds. Like cows and such. The kalphites are a fairly 'obscure' kinda monsters, so its not that logical that they are updated.
  6. My guess is that is a minigame just like the WOMminigame. You need to deliver something, or get an item, and in return you get a bit of XP.
  7. I disagree. Cmon, how do you know for sure that they are all innocent?
  8. 6 billion? is that american, as in 6 thousand million, or european, as in 6 million million? Good question, I'd like to see an answer for that.
  9. That's nice at your level. But pretty hard at mine (even more if you consider I don't have veracs). It is called hard for a reason. Anyway, the archievements look pretty promising. And so does the varrock makeover. But I think the varrock museum involves some stupid tasks for a small amount of XP, just like the tasks you can do for the WOM. Nobody does that either.
  10. You mean that there are still people who beleave that 8 months of declining in prices is coincidence? :|
  11. Uhhh, no thanks. I guess you'll win that bet. :P
  12. It decreases your combat stats by 4 everytime you grab it. And on full worlds the wine spawns every 15 seconds, so that is a drain of 16 points in all combat stats a minute. Excluding the hitpoints thingie, because I doubt you'd be able to keep up with that drain. It could have been a good update, if the bracelets were not in the glove spot.
  13. Kudos for PSV. :) But that was one weird end of the competition. :|
  14. Woah, that was a lot of text, but I really can't agree more with you I think. :
  15. Yeah, that sounds pretty reasonable. Unlimited prayer point was too good to be true anyway. :P
  16. I haven't played WoW, so I can't compare for the full 100%. Anyway, you gave us 3 links to socalled 'immature' topics on the WoWforums. Sorry, but that is WAY more mature then the RSOF. So I do actually think, based on the information you gave us, that WoW is more mature then RS. You can't compare tip.it, because TIF is a fansite, and I know for a fact that there are fansites about WoW that are more mature then TIF. Oh, and RS takes no skill AT ALL. A 5 year old can become a lvl 126. He just need to know how to kill something (and that takes again not the tiniest bit of skill), and a lot of patience.
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