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  1. It's already been taken down. For the future however tipit should have a clear, unambiguous policy should such an event occur again, and that policy should be against removing any such guides. Removal is neither legally or ethically required, and the staff should not bend to meet the demands of a (banned) disgruntled poster.
  2. an i7 wouldnt work without replacing basically your entire computer. But if you don't play games, why would you want such a high end processor? Unless you do video encoding or similar, there's no point in upgrading.
  3. I like the idea of creating a forum with no limits. I think it would help to raise the discussion quality in TIF as a whole. But moderation reform should be considered as well.
  4. das1330

    Gun Control

    Your suggested legislation reminds me of the literacy tests and grandfather clauses of racist southern voting rules of the 1930s. Attempting to circumvent the basic rights of man through the creative lawyering of definitions harms society as a whole.
  5. better to have drivers which crash once in a blue moon then drivers that don't work at all. Linux is great for IT managers running server farms due to the open source nature and simplicity of the platform, but for regular (IE desktop) users, there are really no valid reasons to run it. OP: get windows 7, it's an excellent OS designed for desktop use (and much improved from the vista days).
  6. Our government is far from wise. They care more about money than our interests, believe me. That being said, AMERICA isn't greedy, AMERICA'S GOVERNMENT is greedy. What evidence supports your assertion?
  7. das1330


    I've done some research with the doppler effect in relationship to sound. Presenting in general is a headache as to how well it can be used. Presenting is one of the best parts of doing science research. I'm flying out to London in a few weeks for a conference and i'm looking foreward to the presentation above everything else.
  8. hmmm, that's the first time I have ever seen a board with all three slots. Curious, where did you find this picture? In response to the thread though, DVI and HDMI carry the same electrical video output by design - a 2 dollar physical adapter is all that is necessary to convert between the two.
  9. you could argue that the ATF's actions here were completely proper, as the guns they released were not going to harm americans, and they were advancing justice in their jurisdiction through their own information collection program.
  10. Arizona legalized medical marijuana. A little spot in the constitution called the Supremacy Clause makes it so that Federal Law *which makes Marijuana illegal* oversees state laws which decriminalize it and allow it for medical use and due to current administration policy, those states which legalize such drugs are being allowed to go their own way.
  11. Statistical analysis of letter frequencies and patterns probably indicates that this is an actual coded message and not just random letters. While it is possible to make up such a message, it's well beyond the capabilities of all but a handful of academics and cryptanalysts.
  12. about 15 watts/hour for the average desktop..
  13. das1330

    China > America

    Yeah, we do import a lot more than we export. But we also export majorly. I don't think you grasp the concept of GDP - Gross Domestic Product. It's the world market value for all goods and services produced in a nation in a given year, either nominal (using price values for that year) or real (going by whatever year's values you want). We have the largest in the world - our GDP is roughly the same as our national debt, and, depending on who you ask, it is the largest (by some accounts second) in the world (some figures count EU exports to itself, but evened out the EU and US GDPs are close). GDP is what matters. Net exports - shucks, most of the world imports more than they export. Especially in a service-based economy. Aye, and sees is right - if you think Canada has assets backing up their colorful money, you're quite wrong. Even though an American dollar is only backed by the American government, it's still worth more than a lot of nations'. All this being said, I do think our nation is in trouble - not from competition, so much as from its own growth. We're growing too much, and not in the right ways. Agriculture is suffering more than it should be, and we are far too dependent on foreign energy resources, and nonrenewable fuels in general. In Texas, the largest power providers get huge percentages of their electricity from wind farms out here in the western part of the state, but it can be faulty, and depending so much on a resource that is not completely dependable has already blown up several times with major outages in the cities to the east. We just need to slow down and take a look at what we're doing. Then, we need to carry on. You still fail to see that the USD is getting weaker. If the Canadian government hadn't purposely done stuff to help all the companies exporting to the US by lowering the value of the CAD, Canadian money would be worth more than the USD. Currencies float and are adjusted in value by central banks based upon the particulars of the economic situation at the time. At the moment a cheap dollar is advantageous to the American economy because it makes exports cheaper and helps American business, so that's the policy the Fed has pursued. Day to day monetary prices mean little in the long run.
  14. Usually it depends on the case, as mentioned above. Unless you have a high end lian-li, thermaltake, or corsair case (plus several other high end manufacturers) which sells such faceplates directly from their website; you'll need access to a machine shop and serious technical skills. It's really not worth it unless you can buy the faceplates premade or enjoy working with CNC mills, dremels, and shopping around for the perfect paint.
  15. There's too many factors you arn't considering, namely the influence of parents, experiences during childhood or simply lacking the opportunities in the first place. It's very easy to shape a childs mind into believing they belong in the lower classes. Why do you think so many people resort to crime? Social mobility becomes worse and worse the further down from the middle class one ventures, it isn't as straight forward as 'work hard, do well'. Heck, even if you do work hard, by no means does that guarantee you will be successful, you could be educated up the ass and still find it near impossible to be accepted into a high-paying job. This isn't a cookie-cutter affair that can be applied to everyone, you can't point at a person in poverty and proclaim 'oh, you just didn't work hard enough, suck it'. Read "The Bell Curve" by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray. To put it plainly, the evidence shows unequivocally that (in the United States anyway) parental socioeconomic status means far less to later success then does a student's personal characteristics like intelligence and will to succeed. To be specific, a student whose parents are essentially homeless but who personally is intelligent and driven (say, 2sd's worth) has a 95% of going to and completing college. Work hard and you'll do well. I can say from personal experience that the old boys' network does not work like it once did. You're claiming that there's some vast conspiracy in the "ruling class" against the average joe? I refuse to believe that people are that sinister. In no way am I claiming such conspiracy. Whether you like it or not, under the current system it is entirely logical for those in power to suppress the working class (paid less more profits) and to stifle any new competition before it can arise. True innovation is the only path newcomers can take if they wish to have a chance at this pathetic game. Sure is Das Kapital in here. The ideas you suggest here were proved false almost 50 years ago now. The free market helps everyone far more then it hurts them.
  16. Banning anyone who is a member of a group from entering the country is tantamount to banning the group altogether - if one cannot be in a place, one cannot protest there so in the end you're just effectively abridging freedom of speech. As to the BNP, see here. Taking peoples' livlihoods by arbitraraly firing them for simply supporting a pollitical party effectively bans the group - such restrictions are undemocratic and again unfair.
  17. 80% You are again incorrect. In the United States Senators vote with the party in the mid to high 80% range, a number which itself is highly deceptive as a substantial minority of senate votes are procedural or non contentious. Nor is the party system in the United states based upon unified ideology, or party powers as you indicated based upon consistent voting - the current senate majority leader Harry Reid's voting record is in the bottom half of the Democrats' in following the party. The system overall is far more representative then one controlled directly by parties. Nowhere did I assert that anyone's freedom of speech should be abridged - indeed in the UK the Wesboro Baptist Church was banned while the US supreme court recently upheld their right to free speech. For examples closer to home, see your very own British National Party and the various Neo-Nazi groups of Germany.The system that exists in the United States allows crazy fringe groups to exist and complain as they please while allowing real business to conclude as normal (while those very same groups are banned or quasi-banned in the system you defend!)
  18. See, this is why I can't believe you. You got your American Pride so far up your ass, I'm surprised you haven't left these slightly-leftist forums. The voting for a representative is true, but when have they ever followed their campaign promises and personal ideologies. Vote against the party and you won't have a career afterwards. Did you follow the health care bill voting? If you had you would have realized that despite the overwhelming democratic majority in both chambers of congress, passing the bill was a massive and extraordinarily complicated undertaking.... because representatives did not vote with their parties.
  19. Er, no. Unlike Europe, in the United States people vote directly for their representatives - not parties. Individual reps can and do vote against their party line on a regular basis, so to the contrary the American system is far more democratic then elsewhere as it allows direct local control unconstrained by such divisions. As to your second point, no need exists for insane hard-left groups like socialists or a green party because Americans in general can't stand such nonsense. They exist, but they are on the crazy fringe where they belong. The system is far more efficient overall.
  20. Looks like a good idea to me. This might be the first time the UN has ever been useful.
  21. Where do you get that idea from?
  22. Even with a complete meltdown of the reactor core, there shouldn't be a problem. Modern nuclear reactors are built with a containment building that will stop major radiation leaks into the environment. The reactor situation has been blown out of proportion.
  23. This is what I'm getting at. I think it's unquestionably and ridiculously selfish to imply or directly state that it's less of a tragedy when it happens in a third world country. Quotation marks are generally used to imply pseudo, or quasi. I don't think it's fair to say what happened in Haiti was something other than a serious earthquake. Now, if that wasn't what you were implying, I apologize...but seeing as you haven't denied that I guess I'm justified in assuming that was exactly what you meant. The earthquake in Haiti caused major damage, but it was not particularly large - Haiti's lack of regulations and building codes caused the 300,000 or so deaths, not the earthquake (the northridge quake was of similar size, and even before today's very strict earthquake codes in California only 30 people died there). Further, the earthquake in Japan was some 1,000 times more powerful then the Haiti disaster.
  24. I have always enjoyed interviews. Just be pleasant and vivacious and you'll get the job.
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