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    The OOC

    Meh, I really can't add much more to Iggy's post, but I'll add this, speaking as a past member: Most of us past members have either given up on cabbage or just moved on for runescape. For example, I no longer play at all, except for an hour on holiday events.The forums us past members populate are the spam forums, which i can't really understand the problem about because they aren't open to recruits anyways. Second, to the Thread starter: The people you met were most likely recruits, like duncdar. The majority of them believe they are automatically "in" the order, but few understand how long it actually takes. Most people take 6 months to get into the clan, by which time they are known as mature and caring individuals, not someone who migrates from clan to clan every 10 days. Sadly, two different things have happened: the current acolytes decided that they need to pass on the message of "you aren't IN THE ORDER YET" a bit too roughly, discouraging some possible recruits, and with the turn runescape's community has taken, these new recruits are very few and far between. But i assure you, if they stick out and seem to be worth acolyting, they will be. And to Iggy: I'm not in college, but i still think i'm atleast somewhat mature. : [offtopic/]man i haven't posted on here in almost a year...
  2. To was the Mod said: No. To almost all you said: No. You simply cannot have a multiplayer game be equal or implement the majority of the things you put in. People will still find ways to break into it. People will put time into making programs that break into the servers through much stronger third party programs they *will* develop sooner or later, people *will* create autoers that can still pass through the system, people *will* take advantage of their skills and others, and simply put, people *will* be people. We try it all the time with governments and in politics, saying people will suddenly be *equal*. Load of crap. There always has to be someone above the others. You simply can't take away things like dropping. You can't take away the quickness of trading. You can't take away almost all the things you stated. Why do f2pers really need the party hall? You don't. When I was p2p, I never bothered, it was a lot more fun to just drop stuff wherever i wanted and watch people run to pick it up. Its the simple things that will make or break this game. If you take away the things that hold it together, it will fall apart so fast you won't even notice. One day you'll suddenly notice that the total amount of players online dropped down by 50,000 from what it was at the same time the day before. P.S: If anything written above is offensive or ununderstandable, it is because I had about 3 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours. Sorry in advanced
  3. Heh, that is by far the worst sig I've done in the past 2 months. Just check my DA
  4. Voted for ThruItAll, love the effects. Soa, I know the guy who made the tutorial you used :o
  5. you needed to post before the actual contest started stating you would join.
  6. Goodbye steve. You were a great guy, sad to see you go.
  7. Go Pais and Mix! You guys can do it. Hope you level quickly, both of you. I'll log on once in a while to cheer you on!
  8. You would have to have everything perfect for that :XD: 99 str, 99 hp with 98 lost, rune boots, full dhoraks, best prayer and super strength potion, strength ammy, dark gloves, and all that cheese, and even then you'll only hit an 80, but that's Elvarg's hp. And gratz Axe man, never got to say it before.
  9. omg that would suck! Actually, at fire giants, that would be heaven. \
  10. Just stop. Stop now before you are drawn in like the rest of us.
  11. No, i'm not crazy. I'm just bored :roll:
  12. Demented, that's crazy. Great job on this tut! I'll need to talk to you about something soon. :)
  13. Tis toast! 10/10, just for the cabbies! I've seen you pk, though you've only seen me once with you. You're good, and i can give everyone a check and say everything you said is legit.
  14. Reason? RC pkers pk people that don't give them anything, while Rune pkers can score in about 350k-300k a kill, or more as many miners bring weapons and armour.
  15. Scimmy. I can hit Thrice every 2 hits a battle axe user gets, and they almost always add up higher.
  16. Terley just enhanced everything i wanted to say, so i won't really say it. Great job on the pixel so far, and amazing info terley.
  17. dusty skin ftw.... i know i gotta fix it, got any suggestions on the bg and Smeargle's outfit? I'll give you one suggestion for the background: Something orignial I can't take another dueling arena pixel...try a volcano blowing or a dragon breathing fire onto a naab in the background. And what kind of player is smudge? If he's a ranger, Black dhide, If a mage, ahrims or infinity. Whatever you want, really.
  18. ooo! This should be good! =P~ Pyromaniacs UNITE! :lol: This will take a lot of time, so take your time anyways, and put lots of detail into them. Make them even more detailed then your sig.
  19. Hmm... Well, the skin shading is really....dusty. Only word i can find to describe it. Use more contrast with less colors, or take all those colors, and use the middle ones to transfer from dark to light. Otherwise, it's really good. Just make sure you don't end the sig with a round head. =;
  20. LOL! Cut a bananna with a whip, that's some Indiana Jones junk right there. :lol: *Pictures someone cutting a bananna with a Warspear* ROFLS! Whips cut it too?! :XD: This is just weird. i can understand a dagger, and a short sword...but scimitar, longsword...WHIP and WARSPEAR? Jagex, lay off the crack :shame:
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